Volume 2 Chapter 96: Meeting Kriss Under The Moon

By the side of Vigna Lake, at the Duchess Bellina’s personal apartment building “Pure White Paradise”, Bella saw Kriss beside the second-floor observation balcony. Kriss was wearing a set of silver swordsmen light armor. The body armor and her hair color were surprisingly complementary. Although it was around nine pm, the moon was already out.

Bella had felt that the other world’s moon was somewhat bigger than the earth’s moon. The moonlight dispersed at the balcony had dragged out Bella and Kriss’ shadow. This scene was very beautiful and it gave out a feeling of meeting a beauty under the moonlight. Kriss had turned her head, her big purple eyes had a look that Bella could not easily decipher. Bella felt that this was the appearance of being shy.
“You looked for me, Kriss! What is it?”
“Bella… We are friends right!”
“Of course, what is the problem? Is there anybody bullying you, please don’t be nervous!”
Suddenly Kriss’ eyesight vigilantly looked beyond Bella’s back, Bella turned her body around and saw Lolita with an innocent face. This loli with dark eye circles belonged to the darkness attribute; she was holding a piece of snack at her side of the mouth and was gnawing it. Although she had looked harmless to both humans and animals, the problem was that she had an area that made people who were not familiar with her feel fear.
In contrast to the moonlight, Bella and Kriss’ shadows were clear and visible; only Lolita’s shadow can’t be seen. If Bella had not known her real identity, she reckoned that she would be on guard like Kriss.
“Kriss, please do not be nervous. She is Lolita, my Wyvern mount. You also know that I am a Demon King so there should be no surprise if I have a slightly weird mount!”
“So that’s it, that scared me. Bella, I am not able to see through your mount’s strength….”
As Kriss trusted Bella, she loosened her guard. Lolita then continued to be the character in the background and she silently stood to the side to watch Bella and Kriss. Bella’s explanation was too fast, moreover, when she had turned her head to look at Lolita, Kriss’ eyes changed slightly before turning back to normal. Her inner personality was nearly forced out by Lolita.
In a place not so far away, there were a few dragon race experts hidden in the dark. They were the guards of the dragon king. Dragon King Guards were direct subordinates of the various race’s dragon king, their strength among the ranking of the dragon race was ranked slightly in front. If there wasn’t any important matter, the Dragon King Guards would not appear on this world.
The Dragon King Guards stared nervously at Lolita. They had already been following when Bella brought Luce away from the Holy Dragon Valley. From the way they could silently infiltrate Olsylvia Academy, it could be seen that these few dragon race experts’ strengths were not to be doubted.
“Leader, Princess Laceman’s presence last appeared at the side of the girl named Bella. How about we go to her dormitory to search?”
“You, this fool, did you not see that loli is the Evil Dragon Empress Lolita! Oh my God, a terrible evil being had been let loose. All of you continue to monitor while we quickly report to the various dragon kings. Oh, Cook, you…”
The few dragon race experts then realized that Cook who was at the back to keep watch had already been beheaded. A flash of black and the beautiful image of a woman stood beside Cook’s dead body. This black-haired assassin had gotten rid of a dragon race Guard without extra trouble; her strength had already surpassed their estimation.

As the Dragon King Guards were carrying out an infiltration mission, they had all changed into their human forms. The dragon race ’s human defense was not as firm as when they were in the form of a huge dragon. This was the reason why the attacker could succeed. If they were in the state of a huge dragon, they would not be so easily defeated by one move.
“This woman’s body has very evil energy, everyone quickly change….”
The unlucky Dragon King Guards did not managed to transform before they were surrounded by countless unseen threads from the back. In the blink of an eye, all of them were cut up into pieces. Cook, who had been beheaded earlier, seemed to be the luckier cannon fodder.
“Elaine, so it is you! Why did you help me?”

Noreya looked at the girl with beautiful orange hair, who was her dormitory roommate, and asked her suspiciously. She looked at those people who had been suspiciously peeking from the dormitory’s balcony. Thus she had just killed them. This was the usual practice of her occupation and since they were not wearing Olsylvia Academy’s uniform, killing them would be alright.

“Nothing, I also do not see eye to eye with these few people so I killed them. I don’t think they are good people anyway.”
“In that case, are you interested in helping me once more to handle their dead bodies. After I killed them, I realized that they’re not part of the human race!”
“I am willing to do it, but your techniques looked very skilled!”
“Not as smooth as yours; it seems like we have some topics to talk about.”
At the joint hands of Noreya and Elaine, these few unlucky Dragon King Guards had “met with unexpected failure” and died at Olsylvia Academy. The injustice was that only when Noreya and Elaine had killed them did they realize that these people were not part of the human race but they were too lazy to care about it. Elaine was also proficient in alchemy so after pouring a bottle of medicine on them, those corpses dissolved away.
Bella was busy chatting with Kriss and did not realize that a “group of voyeurs” had been killed. Kriss, apparently, had been aware but she did not act on it as she may have sensed that there would be people helping her to settle the trouble. Along with the accidental death of these few Dragon King Guards, the operation of the Golden dragon race among the dragon race who had been searching for Princess Laceman was officially declared bankrupt and the trail was cut off at Olsylvia Academy.
“Bella, this is what had happened. Look at all these love letters that were given by other people. I am starting to feel vexed, can you help me think of a solution?”

Kriss took out a thick pile of love letters and was requesting help from Bella. Currently, there were ten campus belles in Olsylvia Academy who were selected based on votes and Kriss was the only girl with the identity of being a normal student. The other campus belles were basically Student Presidents, Chief President, Assistant Student Presidents, and the Disciplinary Committee’s Chief. Giving them a love letter would be like courting death. Olsylvia Academy’s general school rules currently forbids boys and girls to date in public.
Currently, Kriss did not have a special identity like the other school belles, thus giving her a love letter would be safer. That’s why Kriss would receive so many love letters. Although Bella had made public her not so usual relationship with Kriss in the lunch dining room, there were boys that still did not want to admit failure and tried in vain to “save” Kriss’ moral values.
“It can’t be, you already have me! Won’t the bunch of boys give up? There are so many girls in the school, why are they biting to death and not releasing my Kriss!”
“Hmph, now you know that I am in great demand! If you don’t help me, I will accept them!”
“Kriss, do not be impulsive! I’ll certainly help you. Tomorrow I will let those guys in school who are thinking of hitting on you know that you are contracted to me for life.”
Bella’s overbearing vow toward Kriss was very effective. Regarding Bella, who had defined her as “family” by using such an ambiguous excuse, she was not disgusted and also felt that it was a matter of fact. These few days, Kriss had felt slight envy upon seeing Bella and Lisha showing off their sisterly love everyday and she had wanted to join them.
Kriss and Bella chatted for a long while before parting. Bella used the excuse of needing to go “settle some matters” before going back to the dormitory to rest. Although Kriss felt that it was a slight pity, she did not say anything as Bella invited her to go out to play tomorrow. Then when tomorrow came, she could have a good chat with Bella.
“Student Bellina, recently, you’ve returned to the dormitory pretty late! What’s going on? Staying out all night is not safe.”
“Oh, Disciplinary Committee’s Chief Natasha. You’re done with the matters of the Disciplinary Committee?”
In the corridor, Bella and Lolita met Natasha who was returning to the dormitory. Natasha was wearing the proper uniform of Olsylvia Academy. This girl was too rigid; in the dormitory, wear something a bit more casual okay!

“I’m done, is this female junior schoolmate someone you brought? Is her health alright, why is she staring with dark eye circles!”
“Oh, that Lolita is my… younger female cousin. She’s just like this, please do not worry about her!”
Bella was slightly awkward as she explained to Natasha about the identity of Darkness Attribute Lolita. Her identity as a mount was something she temporarily could not reveal as the news of her having a human-type mount would be shocking and Bella did not want to attract so much attention. Lolita, except for Bella, did not care about the average people and this had greatly lowered the risk of exposure.
“In that case, Classmate Bellina, don’t you have a few too many sisters? Mia, Noesha, Angel all are, this Lolita… forget about it, I shall not bother about your private life. This Friday a few student unions’ presidents will be moving over to this dormitory building so please do not cause trouble! President Lucia and President Britney are easier to talk to but President Ivy, President Maria and Chief President Angelia are stricter. If something happens, I will not take care of you”.
“Luckily there is no President Isama. Natasha, thank you for reminding me. I will take note. I shall invite you out to play another day!”
“Hmph, who’s helping you. I simply… simply did not want you to make things difficult for President Lucia. You are about to become the secretary of the Filomena Nobility Academy student union. If there are any problems, it would trouble President Lucia and Assistant President Aurora. If you’re free this week, remember to go and find High-Level Knight Subject Assistant President Aurora. Although you are a nominal secretary, you should at least go report and leave an impression on the people!”
Natasha turned and went back to her dormitory, leaving Bella with a thoughtful face. She looked at Natasha’s back who was at a distance and thought inwardly that this Chief Disciplinary Committee had often followed her to get information that could be used against her. But she was also a pretty good girl as she would at least remind her of these things. Why not simply include Natasha… Anyway, her own dukedom had nothing else but houses and more people staying would not be a problem.
Towards Bella’s “appointment” invitation, Natasha did not outright refuse and Bella believed that it would turn out well. This week’s plan to hit on girls, she would also count in Natasha. As for the presidents of the Student Unions who would be moving over, it would be considered “delivering goods up to the house” to Bella. If Natasha had known that except for President Isaman, the other Presidents of the Student Union had basically fooled around with Bella, and some of them even had sex with her, what would be her thoughts? Her expression was sure to be very interesting.
“Mistress Bella, I am your mount, your real sister is the Dark Demon God Alice and… In any case, it would not be me!”

“Lolita, it would be good to have more sisters, unless you’re not willing to be my sister! Do not worry, if that Mistress Sister questions you next time, I will shelter you!”

“Mistress Bella, can I really be…”
“Of course you can, but you have to first help me keep a secret, which is my substitute body; even you cannot tell even Mistress Sister. Next time, I will find a suitable opportunity to explain it to Mistress Sister.”

“Oh, alright.”
After Bella’s “great effort”, she finally bribed Lolita, this Darkness Attribute Loli. As the only one who could see through Bella’s secret of two identities, if Lolita did not say anything, this secret could remain hidden for very long.
At the Octavia Empire, by the Bronte Holy Dragon Valley, the Bulwell Basin was the gathering place of the dragon race and thousands of huge dragons were attending a meeting. They had transformed into humans to attend the meeting. Although the area of the basin was very big, it probably could not contain thousands of huge dragons attending the meeting and temporarily transforming into the human race was undoubtedly the best way to save space.
At the center of the basin, there were ten people whose identities were more respectable and surrounded the side of a round table. Their heads were filled with different colored dragon king crowns and this was one of the symbols that indicated their identity of being dragon kings. When something serious happened in the dragon race, the dragon kings would gather once for a meeting.
“To all the gathered comrades, there are two matters. The first matter is about Princess Laceman who is the daughter of Gold Dragon King and was kidnapped by people. She is still alive but is untrackable. Those Dragon King Guards who were sent by Gold Dragon King to find her did not report back. The last location report was somewhere in the human race’s Olsylvia Academy campus!”

“Holy Dragon King, the strength of niece Laceman among the younger generation of the dragon race is considered to be excellent. How could she be so easily kidnapped! Could there be any ulterior motives?”

With regards to Laceman’s disappearance, Silver Dragon King was the first one to raise an objection. According to a previous agreement, Princess Laceman would soon be wedded to his son. This was the marriage agreement between the Silver dragon race and Golden dragon race. Laceman had continuously opposed to the engagement. The engagement was set even before her and Silver Dragon King’s son were born and it was the result of the elders’ “proposing marriage by pointing at the stomach”. Her opinion was ignored and she was forced to put it on schedule.
(TL Notes: “Proposing marriage by pointing at the stomach” was an old practice of marriage whereby they were betrothed when still in the womb.)

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This time Princess Laceman had inexplicably disappeared; perhaps she had purposely fled this arranged marriage. Golden dragon race had all along despised the Silver dragon race who only knew all kinds of magic were terrible at close combat. The Holy Dragon King had vigorously played matchmaker for this match thus the Golden dragon king could only reluctantly nodded his head and agree.

“Silver Dragon King, are you doubting my golden dragon race ’s trustworthiness? Could it be that because of my honor, I would give away the lives of my Dragon King Guards, who had followed me for years, to complete this farce!”
Golden dragon king was the first one to remain unconvinced by Silver Dragon King’s accusations; his precious daughter was already lost and that old fellow Silver Dragon King was still making thoughtless remarks.

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It surely was the old fellow who was playing tricks in the dark. His young fellow was still exchanging flirting glances with the Red dragon king’s wild girl. Did they treat him like a blind person? Regarding the disappearance of Laceman, did the Silver Dragon King have a hand in it?

“Enough, all of you stop suspecting each other. I will arrange for people to infiltrate Alessandra Academy which is beside Olsylvia Academy and investigate. The next thing I want to talk about is a very important matter. The Evil Dragon Empress Lolita, who was sealed by our ancestors, has escaped.”

The words of Holy Dragon King immediately silenced the thousands of the dragon race who were present. The legendary Evil Dragon Empress Lolita who had caused the collapse of countless worlds and was the world’s public enemy. Her existence was a closely guarded secret of the dragon race. All the other races had not known the existence of Lolita. The severity of this problem had surpassed the mysterious disappearance of Princess Laceman of the Golden dragon race.
 Holy Dragon King finally saw that the huge dragons had finally become silent and relaxed in his heart. The bad habit of inner fighting had always existed in the dragon race. Ten thousand years ago, after they suffered a crushing defeat from the subordinates of the Twelve Demon King, the dragon race was not as united as before. The Evil Dragon Empress Lolita was the result of some of the dragon kings who held an evil summoning ceremony without permission. Although Lolita had indeed helped the dragon race after that, the dragon race had also paid a very heavy price. The Holy Dragon King had hoped that this time dragon race’s crisis would become an opportunity to unite all the dragon races and solve the ten thousand years problem of internal fighting in the dragon race. This was a problem the past dynasties of Holy Dragon Kings did not manage to solve.

Over there, the dragon race was still debating endlessly while over here, Princess Laceman had been forced onto the bed by Bella. After Bella returned to the secret room, she felt that when she carried Lacemen onto the big bed, in order to avoid anything that may bring trouble, Bella felt that she should fix “shackes” on Laceman, so that she would think of resistance anymore.
“Mistress Bella, don’t you have other people to accompany, please let go….”

Laceman looked at Luce who had been played by Bella till she was limp. She was afraid that she would end up like Luce so Laceman could only beg Bella to let go of her first and find the Holy Maiden Susan and Holy Maiden Hayley who were on the other side. Although she belonged to the dragon race and had better physical strength than the other human girls that did not imply that she wanted to be played with till she was broken.
“Little girl, my master has accepted you as her mount; you should feel honored. If you’re still finding excuses to not serve Mistress Bella, then I will not be polite to you. Those trash Dragon King Guards who had followed along had all been killed by our people; are you still waiting for rescue!”

“Mistress Lolita, why are you siding her? Mistress Bella, please let go of me and I can help you to find other dragons to be ….”

Laceman hadn’t finished speaking before she was interrupted by Bella’s overbearing kiss. This girl, even till the end, was still trying to do a final struggle. Apparently, she did not understand that she was already Bella’s personal property.
“Lolita, do you have any way to let a dragon be someone’s slave forever? Is this kind of magic contract available?”
“Yes, there is. It one method of slavery but the draconic language is needed to recite it and furthermore it needs to be read by the person itself. I know the magical spell. If Mistress Bella agrees, I will personally make this girl finish reading the female servant oath herself.”
Laceman got angry and nearly fainted when she heard Lolita’s words. If Lolita was with her, then she would not be able to fake her way across. Bella did not understand the draconic language but Lolita clearly understood it. She really wanted to faint now but Bella’s line of sight was firmly on her so she could not resort to petty tricks.

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