Chapter 333: The School’s Final Decision

“What? Do you think I’m joking around?” The vice principal hit the table with his hands curled into a fist, and his expression became much more serious as he roared, “This is not a joke! If it weren’t because you had obtained good results, your acceptance letter would be directly retracted by the school! Your results would be treated as nothing!”

Ye Jian remained unmoved, but the parents who were waiting in line behind her were shocked. What was going on? Even if she had good results, it could be nullified? Was it because she cheated?

The people started discussing, and the gazes that were directed towards Ye Jian were filled with inquiry, and there were also people who started pointing fingers at her, to the point that even the enrollment process had stopped.

However, this wasn’t the result the vice principal wanted. He didn’t want to frighten the students and the parents. The person he really wanted to frighten was Ye Jian!

“This is not a joke! Student Ye Jian! We recognize your good results, but your actions have discounted your worth. After our discussion, we have decided to let you off the hook leniently.”

His last sentence managed to get Ye Jian to c*** her eyebrows, she had remained silent and looked much more casual than the vice principal.

At least, in the eyes of the few policemen who were helping out with the enrollment process, the smirk on the girl’s lips and her “it doesn’t matter” attitude looked far relaxed than that of the vice principal.

The vice principal, who barely managed to get her c*** her eyebrows with his words, could feel that his back was wet with sweat. He wanted to drink some water to soothe his throat, but his hand only grabbed air … This wasn’t his office; naturally, there wouldn’t be a cup of water within his reach.

Ye Jian, who remained silent until this point, saw that and let out a light chuckle, then she finally spoke for mercy’s sake, “So? What’s the final decision?”

It was as if the royalty had finally spoken. The vice principal immediately let out a sigh of relief, and he replied instantly, “The final decision is that you’re still going to be admitted into our school, but you will only be a guest student, and all the benefits the school has offered to give you will be removed.”

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So this was their final decision. From the surface, it did seem to be quite lenient.

The expressions on the few officers nearby all changed slightly. It seemed like such lenient treatment but in reality … It was too unfair!

As a guest student, it would cause the student to be unable to raise her head in front of the other students.

The school’s final decision to do this was much worse than directly rejecting the applicant from enrolling into the school.

Their gaze landed on Ye Jian, and now, they wanted to know what the student herself was thinking about. If she really wanted to continue studying here, then she could only accept.

After the vice principal had finished speaking, a smile of victory appeared on his face. When a choice like this was presented before a student, even if they didn’t like the choice, they could do nothing but accept it.

While not causing the school to lose a remarkable student, it also fulfilled what their higher-ups wanted them to do. It was such a perfect plan to kill two birds with one stone!

The parents and students who were listening behind all revealed expressions of disdain. All of them were directed towards Ye Jian. Her good results that came from cheating, yet she was still able to become City High’s guest student! Her ancestors must have done many good things in their lives! 

There was an uncountable number of people who wanted to enter City High, but they just couldn’t!

Everything had been planned meticulously. However, after all that planning, they forgot something … They forgot to consider whether if Ye Jian would accept it!

“Oh, so this is the way to settle this.” Ye Jian stood up with a smile, her eyelids drooping down slightly. She looked down at the vice principal like a goddess in heaven, and she slowly and leisurely said, “This way sounds quite decent, at least I can still study in City High.”

The vice principal mistook that as her acceptance. Hearing that, he immediately continued, “That’s correct, this is the largest exception the school will make for you. You should value this education opportunity that was hard-earned. In the future…”

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