Chapter 39: The Might of a Heavy Sword

“Since it’s like this, how are you going to choose the candidates for the Sword Son competition?” Mo Wentian questioned Mo Yizhan with a smile.

“How am I going to choose?” Mo Yizhan frowned, and glanced at Mo Wentian in astonishment before replying heavily: “Are you saying you want to be one of the candidates?”

“That’s right.” Mo Wentian nodded his head tranquilly.

“Mo Wentian wishes to participate as one of the candidates for the Sword Son competition?”

“This is simply a joke!”

“Young Master Mo Han is already in the Leaving Sword Realm, and second young lady in the Pinnacle of Qi Condensation Realm. It was rumored that the remaining two positions were given to Mo Yu and Mo Xuan!”

“There’s going to be a good show to watch this time!”


Immediately, the hall turned lively.

“You truly wish to participate as one of the candidates?”

“That’s right!” Mo Wentian nodded his head again.

“This…” Mo Yizhan glimpsed at Mo Tianxiao’s expression, and saw that Mo Tianxiao didn’t show any response. Mo Yizhan seem to have recalled something, as his eyes flickered, before commenting: “As long as you hand over the three Vermillion Fruits, I can let you participate in the Battle of the Sword Son!”

“Father!” When Mo Han heard it, his eyes were filled with emotions.

“Quiet!” Mo Yizhan yelled coldly.

“Yes, father!” Mo Han instantly withdrew himself. However, he looked at Mo Wentian with an extremely fervent expression. Vermilion Fruit… that was something that could promote him to the Pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm!

“You wish to have the Vermilion Fruit?” Mo Wentain expression was extremely serene. Subsequently, his nonchalant voice resonated out the hall again.

“I will definitely participate in the Battle of the Sword Son. As for the Vermilion Fruit, I will never give it to a trash even if I had to feed it to dogs. Hahahaha…” Mo Wentian laughed wantonly.

“Atrocious!” Mo Yizhan was angered.

“Mo Wentian, you dared to call me a trash?” Mo Han face was filled with anger.

“What are you if not trash? You only managed to cultivate to the 1st layer of Leaving Sword Realm after cultivating for 15 years, while possessing the 8th spiritual root. It’s already a compliment to call you a trash if I’m comparing you to the whole Sword God Continent!” Mo Wentian commented detachedly.

“Good! Good! Good!” Mo Han was in wrath. Mo Yizhan was also glaring at Mo Wentian gloomily.

“Mo Wentian, since you wish to participate in the Battle of the Sword Son, you might as well have a fight with Mo Han. If you are able to defeat Mo Han, I will let you participate in the Battle of the sword son. But, if you lose…”

“How about handing over the Vermilion Fruit?” It was at that moment, Lin Cheng’s voice echoed out.

“Fighting against Mo Han?” Everyone congealed their expression. Even Mo Tianxiao had also stood up from his seat.

“Wentian, if you wish to participate in the Battle of the Sword Son, I can give you a place right away. With me around, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to you.” Mo Tianxiao commented in ire.

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“It’s ok!” Mo Wentian waved his hand, glancing back at Mo Tianxiao gratifyingly. Suddenly, he spoke: “If I couldn’t even defeat Mo Han, how are we brothers going to shake the world!”


“Believe me!” Mo Wentian eyes were filled with confidence.

Mo Tianxiao was slightly shocked by Mo Wentian’s expression. The worries he had in his heart had decreased significantly.

“Be careful!” Mo Tianxiao advised softly.

“Um” Mo Wentian nodded. Following which, he stepped forward.

Suddenly, Mo Wentian hand flickered in radiance. In a rumble, it radiated out with Mo Wentian as its core.


Just a simple word but it brought along an imposing aura that was about to break the nine firmament.

“This is a heavy sword?”

“My god. This heavy sword should weigh at least 2000 to 3000 kilograms. Who would be able to use such a heavy sword?”

“It was rumored that Mo Wentian had relied on a heavy sword to kill Qiu Sanjin. Could he still have another trick up his sleeve?”


Everyone was dumbstruck.

“Heavy Sword. Hahahaha….” Mo Han laughed out. However, he didn’t manage to see the flustered expression of Lin Cheng, ‘Indeed, this sword was with Mo Wentian.’

Although the sword was enveloped by an unknown demon hide, Lin Cheng was still able to recognize it. This sword was the heavy sword that was sold in the auction!

‘Unexpectedly, a trash of Mo Family dares to contest with me!’ Lin Cheng anger soared.

After thinking over it carefully, Lin Cheng came into a realization immediately. During then, Mo Wentian was basically fooling with him when he bid! ‘A Mo Family’s trash. How many thousands of gold coins could he possibly have?’

‘Since you dare to fool me, I will let you experience a fate worse than death!’ The killing intent in Lin Cheng’s eyes was extremely terrifying.

“Young Master Lin Cheng, are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?” Mo Qingcheng who was beside Lin Cheng could sense the fluctuating killing intent from Lin Cheng. She couldn’t help but inquire.

“I’m fine!” Lin Cheng suppressed the anger in him forcefully. Following which, he grinned and inquired: “Young lady Qingcheng, do you know if there are any abnormal changes with Mo Wentian?”

“Abnormal changes?” Mo Qingcheng frowned before replying: “Recently, he had awakened a 1st grade spiritual root. Also, he had killed Qiu Family’s third young master and even obtained three Vermilion Fruits!”

‘1st grade spiritual root? Qiu Family’s third young master? Three Vermilion Fruits?’

Lin Cheng’s eyebrows pricked up. How could a 1st grade spiritual root cultivator be able to seize the Vermilion Fruits in front of so many geniuses?

‘Seems like this brat had come across a fortuitous encounter!’ Lin Cheng’s eyes flickered in radiance. The eyes he was gazing at Mo Wentian was hoisted with traces of desires. ‘If I’m able to seize the fortuitous encounter from Mo Wentian, wouldn’t I be…’


“Wentian, since you wish to fight, let’s do it. Han’er, be careful. Remember not to injure Wentian!” When Mo Yizhan saw Mo Wentian wished to fight, his face was instantly filled with a smile. Subsequently, he turned around and instructed Mo Han.

“Father, I will definitely entertain him well!” The anger in Mo Han eyes soared.

Furthermore, jealousy arose within Mo Han. ‘How could a trash have the qualification to possess the Vermilion Fruits? These three Vermilion Fruits should belong to me!’

“Divine Black Slash!”


The cold cry resonated out while the spiritual sword unsheathed.

Instantly, sword qi that was flickering in halo slashed toward Mo Wentian. Mo Han actually chose to sneak attack when facing Mo Wentian who was in the 6th layer of Qi Condensation Realm!

“So despicable!”

“Mo Wentian is just a 1st grade spiritual root trash. He actually chose to sneak attack him. What a humiliation!”


Traces of despise could be seen in everyone’s eyes. The killing intent of Mo Tianxiao who was seated had grew extremely terrifying.

“Sneak attack?” A smear of concealed radiance swept past Mo Wentian eyes. Immediately after, he advanced a step as the veins on his hand exploded out while he carried the heavy sword hilt!

“Rise for me!”


The whole hall was vibrating while the enormous sword trembled. An extremely terrifying strength spread out from Mo Wentian’s body.

“So formidable!” The radiance in Lin Cheng eyes grew drastically. The other Mo Family’s disciples had also retreated hastily!

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“Mo Wentian, you think just because your sword is big, you’ll be able to defeat me? You are just a 1st grade spiritual root trash. Today, I’m going to show you, you are meant to be a trash in front of me forever!” The killing intent in Mo Han eyes rose dramatically.

“Trash is it?” A sharp and ferocious sword light gradually rose in Mo Wentian eyes.

At this moment, the 1500 kilograms sword was lifted up by Mo Wentian. A mountain like aura swept out from the area the heavy sword past.

“Divine Black Sword Qi!”


Mo Han’s sword qi landed onto the heavy sword. However, there was not the slightest amount of change and Mo Wentian didn’t even move.

“How is this possible?” Mo Han looked at Mo Wentian in horror.

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