B3 — 20. Tearful Reunion Pt. 1

Sora’s POV; Mary’s Core Awakening

Sora opened her eyes as she finished sending Wendy and her copied Intelligences to Jane’s location; the clones were gone.  “So, umm, is that it?”

“Wait, really?”  Wendy asked, brow furrowed as she examined herself.  “I don’t feel any different?”

“No, you won’t,” Inari smiled.  “You just sent your cloned Intelligences to the Human Realm which operates on a different time axis.  Once they have completed their mission, they’ll return and transfer all their gained experience into you, causing an instant transformation.  It will be as if transcendent information opens your mind as you merge.”

Mary frowned at her explanation.  “Couldn’t you just make thousands of Intelligence copies then, and send them out to learn a ton of things?  You could gain a ton of experience. I mean, going through school if someone told me I could have three copies, one studying, one reading a good novel, and another going on dates, then I’d say, where do I sign.”

Ashley and Nathan nodded their agreement but paused as Inari shook her head, a soft smile still in place.  “There are dangers with creating many Intelligence copies, especially for the young and inexperienced. I would highly caution Sora against creating these copies for many millennia without my direct influence in helping her form them.  Any damage a copy received, if not properly crafted, will be transferred to the host Intelligence; Sora could severely damage her Core in uncountable ways that could be seen as worse than death.”

“Seriously,” Sora swallowed nervously, looking down at the ground.  “My powers are so dangerous … I feel like I shouldn’t even use them…”

“Sora,” Inari’s eyes showed compassion.  “Learn from the humans. They could easily trip and break their neck on a step, but do they continually worry about the potential dangers in their environment?  No, they move on with their lives; be cautious, be smart, be true, but do not let fear rule you, be courageous.

“Now, it is time you did this same process with Mary, Ashley, and Nathan.  Once you have created their copies, then you can return each of their Cores to their bodies.  Your magic is connecting their Cores to their copied Intelligence. Once they have finished, they will return.”

Sora’s stomach tightened as she felt the overpowering emotions gathering inside everyone.

Ashley took a deep breath, smiling thankfully at her.  “This really is a blessing … a miracle. Thank you for this, Sora … you didn’t even know Nathan or me, but you chose to dedicate so much time to us,” her voice cracked as tears gathered in her eyes.  She wiped them away, “You even cured us … I—felt so hopeless, but then you broke the Werewolf curse…”

Mary was having difficulty suppressing her own emotions.  “Yes, you were affected the longest, Ashley. I can’t even imagine having to deal with those horrors for months.  The things Eric made you do.” She turned to Sora, “Now, we can truly put it behind us, and focus on the future … even if accepting that will be difficult.  Thank you, Sora.”

“Yeah,” Nathan’s throat caught.  “I—thanks, Sora.”

Wendy squeezed her hand with a relieved smile, glad that her part was over.  Sora’s chest burned with all the emotions being thrown at her. It’s so different, being given emotional energy rather than taking it.  It feels so warm … good.

“Of course,” Her aunt’s voice entered her mind.  “You can gain energy from a vast variety of places as a Founder.  Emotional energy can be intoxicating, and that can be a double-edged sword.  Be careful, because even positive energy like this can become tainted and corrupt your desires, pushing you toward a darker path.  I tell you these things to give you future guidance, not to dampen your mood; there is much to prepare you for, as the actions of those around you will affect you in the future.”

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Trying to calm herself, Sora took a few deep breaths.  “Right,” smiling at all the humans, she nodded. “I’m going to create each of your Intelligence copies; I want each of you to imagine where you want to go, and my magic will direct the copies there.”

Closing her eyes, she felt their acceptance as they focused on their heart’s desires.

“That is good, Sora.  Open your magic. Trust is important in helping to unlock someone’s Core.  The open door and faith of a positive outcome has an invigorating effect on their growth.  It is not a requirement for all types of unlocking methods, but for the most potent, a must.  You feel me guiding the magic?”

Yes, but it’s so complicated … it’s like watching someone paint the world … every detail; every person, crack, insect … every stroke is so elegant and precise.  It’s so complex … there really is no possible way I could do this without you.

“Not yet, but give yourself time.  Sora, you have so much power, it is the experience you lack.  You will understand soon; yes, your mother and I struggle, even today.  Compared to your Grandmother, we are still children. Remember, I sent for Gloria to confirm to any other First Generation that a forbidden Vulpes magic hadn’t been used by your mother, among many other things.  When other creatures look at you and see a goddess, know that is not an exaggeration. This wondrous magic you hold, this birthright, most will envy and will not understand the burden you bear with it.”

Sora felt her aunt’s manipulations cease; opening her eyes as everyone’s Core left her.  She found herself alone with Inari across from her, the tingling sensation and warmth of Wendy’s hand fading.  “You … sent them back?”

Inari looked off into the darkness to her left.  “Sora, you will learn a great many things once all of these Intelligences return.  It will be a little overwhelming; Wendy and the others will only have a single Intelligence merge with their Core, while you will have four.  There will be important lessons in each that you will need in the future.”

“It’s not going to hurt … right?”  Sora shifted her tails uncomfortably, ears folding back slightly.

“No, dear,” her aunt chuckled, warm orange irises moving to her as she stroked a few of her long tails.  “Be cautious of your decisions, Sora. I am trying to give you as much knowledge as I can to help prepare you.  Don’t rush things, use the techniques I’ve taught you. I will not tell you what the right path is; life is complicated and not so black and white.  I am giving you the appropriate amount of information to make decisions, but trust in your decision. I will stand by you, no matter what.”

Her aunt’s words made a shiver run down Sora’s body.  “You make it sound a little ominous … what kind of decisions do I need to make?  Are you talking about the discussion with Mimi?”

“Sora,” Inari’s eyes closed as she leaned back in her chair with a soft sigh.  “I will not influence the direction you are to travel. I’ve given you what guidance I can, to my great joy.  I love you, my little niece.” Inari seemed to fade into smoke as she vanished. 

“Oh—well, okay then…”  Sora huffed, scratching at her forehead.  Taking a deep breath, she stared around the empty space.  “Thanks … Auntie.” She smiled, licking her lips. Auntie…

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Exiting the Outer Body Technique, she sat up.

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