Chapter 40: 3 Years Deadline

“How’s this possible?” Everyone stared at Mo Wentian in shock.

When the sword qi collided with his heavy sword, it only left behind a sword light.

“What a formidable sword qi! I’m so afraid!” A frail voice echoed out. Everyone’s mouth twitched as they looked at Mo Wentian, who was behind the heavy sword – Are you truly afraid?

“Mo Wentian, you are seeking death! Divine Black Sword Technique!”

*Clang* *Clang* *Clang*

Mo Han slashed down in a frantic manner. However, the heavy sword on Mo Wentian had only trembled slightly. It had stubbornly blocked off all of the sword technique launched at it.

“Heavy sword could also be used in such a manner?”

“What a formidable Mo Wentian!”

“If this continues on, Mo Han would never be able to hit Mo Wentian!”


Everyone’s face was filled with shock.

Mo Wentian’s heavy sword was very big. Such a big sword was equivalent to half of his body in size, and he hid behind the heavy sword as it had a hardness that was equivalent to a spiritual artifact!

Even cultivators at the 4th or 5th layer of Leaving Sword Realm would not be able to injure Mo Wentian in any way. Let alone Mo Han.

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“This brat…” Mo Tianxiao’s eyes were filled with smiles.

Meanwhile, Mo Yizhan looked extremely gloomy, as if water were about to drip out from his face.

Originally, he thought that it would be an extremely easy task for Mo Han to defeat Mo Wentian. When the time comes, the Vermilion Fruits would be his, while he still holds the same amount of quota for the Battle of the Sword Son.

This was simply killing two birds with one stone.

But now…

“Mo Wentian, come out if you dare. What hero are you if you continue blocking?”

Mo Han was angered to the point of vomiting blood.

Although his spirit sword landed onto Mo Wentian’s heavy sword, Mo Wentian was completely fine. On the contrary, his hand was starting to grow numb from the impact.

This caused him to be startled!

“You want me to make a move on you?” Mo Wentian repelled Mo Han’s spirit sword and inquired strangely.

“You will lose, if you are not going to make a move!” Mo Han replied fiercely.

“I will lose?” Mo Wentian couldn’t help but shake his head. He had met a lot of shameless people but none to this extent. This was a first for him.

“I shall no longer remain polite, considering how sincere you are in asking me to beat you. But I do want to remind you. My attacks aren’t as soft as yours. Hahaha…”

“You…” Mo Han was infuriated to the point that his body started trembling.

But at the next moment, Mo Wentian suddenly lifted up his heavy sword before slashing it down from the void. It was just a simple action. Yet, it caused Mo Han to stare at Mo Wentian with a face filled with astonishment. It was as if he had come across something inconceivable.



A thread of sword qi flashed by. With a slant, Mo Wentian’s heavy sword landed onto Mo Han’s sword blade.


Mo Han’s sword was like mud as it got severed into two pieces. When the heavy sword landed onto the ground, the ground started shaking.

*Cough* *Cough*

A series of light coughs echoed out. Everyone finally managed to see what happened after the dust had dissipated.

“I have accidentally put too much strength into it. I’m sorry!” A trivial voice rang out from the center of the arena. The heavy sword on Mo Wentian hand had already disappeared but Mo Han, who was opposite to him, had actually knelt on the ground with a pale expression.

“Pu!” A mouthful of blood came spurting out from Mo Han’s mouth. He stared at Mo Wentian in an extremely dumbstruck manner.

“Han’er!” Mo Yizhan’s complexion changed and a thread of his sword essence quickly entered Mo Han’s body. Following which, his expression grew colder dramatically.

“What a malicious heart! Mo Wentian, Han’er was merely sparring with you. Yet, you actually broke apart 70 percent of his meridians!

Since 70 percent of his meridians have been broken, it would be hard for him to make any more cultivation progress even if he managed to heal them. You are truly malicious!

Wouldn’t my Mo Family get destroyed at your hands, if you are continued to grow!? Today, I’m going to kill you, right here!” Killing intent soared from Mo Yizhan’s body.

“Mo Yizhan, you dare!” at that moment, Mo Tianxiao appeared before Mo Wentian.

“Wentian, are you alright?” Mo Tianxiao turned around and inquired caringly.

“Cough Cough… I’m fine. Just that I have over consumed my strength!” Mo Wentian answered embarrassingly.

Just a moment ago, he had truly overexerted himself. His Softness within Hardness technique had just reached the great achievement stage. He was still unable to withdraw a 1500 kilogram heavy sword with ease!

“Overexerted himself?!” Everyone’s mouth twitched.

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How was this overexerting himself? If it wasn’t because Mo Yizhan had made a move himself, that sword move of his could have cleaved Mo Han into two!

“Mo Tianxiao, you want to hinder me?” Mo Yizhan commented with a face filled with coldness.

“Uncle Mo, is there a need for you to be so angry? It was just an accident for Wentian to injure Mo Han. Furthermore, wasn’t Wentian actions permitted by Uncle Mo?

Besides, we are at a crucial juncture right now. Tomorrow is the commencement of the Battle of the Sword Son. It is rumored that Yuan Family’s Yuan Chong’s strength is comparable to a 2nd layer of Leaving Sword Realm sword cultivator, and Qiu Family’s Qiu Yuan has also reached the 3rd layer of Leaving Sword Realm!

Mo Han is seriously injured. It is impossible for him to take part in tomorrow’s Battle of the Sword Son. How about letting Wentian participate in it? Perhaps, Uncle Mo might be able to preserve your City Lord position by relying on Wentian’s strength!” Mo Tianxiao commented in a smile while looking at Mo Yizhan.

“Battle of the Sword Son?” Mo Yizhan’s expression turned rigid while his eyes flickered in radiance. Subsequently, he replied, “I hope you will be able to win the top spot tomorrow. Otherwise…” A smear of extremely terrifying killing intent swept past Mo Yizhan’s eyes.

“Top spot?” Mo Wentian laughed in disdain before looking back at the group of people before him and spoke, “I will gladly entertain whoever wishes to spar with me. Even if it’s…” Mo Wentian paused for a moment. Subsequently, his gaze fell onto Lin Cheng. He smirked while looking at Lin Cheng before continuing “Even if it’s Young Master Lin Cheng!”

“Me?!” Lin Cheng shuddered. Traces of deep fear rose within his heart while he looked at Mo Wentian.

“Young Master Wentian must have misunderstood. How could we dare to spar with Young Master Wentian!”

“I have long known that Young Master Wentian is a heavenly-genius. That sword move just now was somewhat stronger than what big miss had shown us years ago!”

“Young Master Wentian, let me offer you a cup!”


Everyone’s attitude instantly turned 180 degrees while Mo Wentian looked at those beaming faces. However, Mo Wentian’s expression remained extremely tranquil!

When you became so strong to the point of causing others to shudder, they would revere and respect you!

“Wentian, I will certainly defeat you tomorrow!” It was at that moment, Mo Qingcheng walked to Mo Wentian and spoke resolutely.

“Defeat me?” Mo Wentian paused while he stared at Mo Qingcheng who was before him. After which, he chuckled “I’m very strong. Really!”

The glare she gave Mo Wentian suddenly turned somewhat despondent. Although the Mo Wentian before her was smiling, she was able to send a gap that was unsurmountable between both of them. This gap caused her to feel that they were two people from two entirely different worlds!

“If he was trash, what am I?” Mo Qingcheng mocked herself and left.

“Wentian, follow me!” After the banquet had ended, Mo Tianxiao walked towards Mo Wentian and spoke.

“It’s finally here!” Mo Wentian hissed before following Mo Tianxiao and disappeared from the Mo Family Hall.


At the backyard of Mo Family.

“Wentian, you have exceeded my expectations!” Mo Tianxiao was beaming with smile while staring at Mo Wentian.

“Exceeded your expectations…” Mo Wentian smiled nonchalantly. ‘This is just the start!’

“If you are able to reach the Four Constellation Realm in 3 years as well as became a core disciple of the Three Great Sword Sect then I will come and look for you again!” The voice resonated out the cliff. However, Mo Tianxiao had already disappeared.

“3 years? Four Constellation Realm Sword Master?”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself. Following which, his figure flashed before disappearing from the cliff as well!

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