Chapter 200-The Demon and the Sex Fiend

His brain blanked for a moment before finally rebooting. 

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character looked down at Ren Tian, who was completely silent and at a loss. 

When she finally looked up at him, her face was bright red.

Looking like she was on the verge of tears and not knowing what’s going on, the corners of her eyes turned red and her breath hurried, “Su Ke, can you do me a favor?”

“Eh!” Su Ke could hear the nervousness in Ren Tian’s voice, making his palms sweat and causing him to unconsciously swallow a mouthful of saliva, “Speak!“ 

Ren Tian took a deep breath to calm herself down, but her intense heartbeat actually became more violent. The more she breathed, the more bloated her stomach felt as if she wouldn’t be able to hold on for another second and would burst.

Unable to endure anymore, she directly blurted out, “I want to go to the bathroom, can you help me carry the IV bag?”

“Sure! Sure!” Su Ke nodded, subconsciously lifting his hand to remove the glucose bag that was hanging on the frame, single-handedly supporting Ren Tian slowly off the bed. 

Ren Tian’s pace was very slow, both her legs pressed together involuntarily, as if this was the only way she can suppress her urge to urinate. 

However, her actions were extremely uncoordinated, making her look like a small waddling duck. Su Ke’s actions were even more awkward though, one hand raised up high holding the IV bag, while the other hand was supporting Ren Tian’s small arm that had a needle injected into it. Her green veins were very distinct and her skin was pale, causing people to inadvertently feel a burst of pity.

From a distance, Su Ke now somewhat resembled a servant of an Empress dowager in some Qing dynasty movie, only lacking a matching eunuch’s cry, “The Empress is going to the toilet!” 

However, Su Ke’s eyes were constantly watching the passageway attentively, his heart feeling extremely conflicted. On one hand, he was thinking about what would happen and what he would say if a woman suddenly appeared. On the other, he must not be seen by a male at all costs! 

Fortunately, the middle of the corridor was as deserted as before; there wasn’t even a single strand of hair. After Su Ke supported Ren Tian to the door of the women’s washroom, he hesitated slightly and turned his head to look. Ren Tian’s face was similarly completely red and awkward, her breathing becoming very heavy, the sweat from her hands spreading to Su Ke’s fingertips. Su Ke took in a deep breath before putting his head inside and shouting, “Is anyone there?”

Only after receiving no reply did he push open the door. The white tiles, the light gray of the toilet cubicles. After walking in, an image of that group committee deputy secretary Li Yu Hua involuntarily and unexpectedly appeared in Su Ke’s brain. That well-rounded woman with a mature bearing, occasionally solemn and serious, and sometimes with a young maiden’s shyness. It was a similar scenario, except the person next to him now was Ren Tian. 

Ren Tian really couldn’t endure any longer. 

After seeing Su Ke enter, she was in a daze, foolishly standing in the doorway and not walking forward. She had even assumed that this was Su Ke’s first time entering the women’s bathroom, and was not a bit curious!


Honestly, the only difference between the women’s toilet and the mens’ is the lack of a row of urinals. 

Of course, this is in the administration building, so the toilets in the school building have changed into urinals. Ren Tian’s legs were already pressed together tightly, but it was unable to dilute her urge to pee. 

She finally squeaked out a reminder as quiet as a mosquito, “Su Ke!”

“Eh!” Su Ke heard Ren Tian’s voice before he came back to himself, hurriedly grabbing her small hand and taking two steps forward, reaching out and pulling open the door.Su Ke watched as Ren Tian walked into the cubicle before looking back at him. When he noticed her gaze, he suddenly realized what she wanted and solemnly vowed, “Relax, I won’t peek!”

Ren Tian’s face immediately reddened threefold before closing the door. However, the IV bag was in Su Ke’s hand and it must pass through the door, so he had to maintain a fixed height and can only leave a small slit. 

In order to prove his own innocence, Su Ke shifted a small step to one side, putting in the effort to move away from the slit in the door a little. 

Trying hard not to pay attention, Su Ke started to size up the ladies’ washroom, but this washroom really did not have any moving scenery, nothing to write home about. His eyes then carelessly fell upon the slit of the door. It was at this moment Su Ke realized that Ren Tian had been in there for three minutes already, but how is it possible that there is not even a hint of movement detected?

Surely she did not faint again?

Su Ke felt anxious as he wondered exactly what was going on.

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Su Ke took a deep breath before softly calling out, “Ren Tian?”

After a pause, he could finally hear Ren Tian’s voice from the other side of the cubicle, putting his worries to rest, “Un!” 

Ren Tian’s current gloominess couldn’t get any worse. Originally, the surging waves were going to turn over the dam, gradually flooding, but after removing her skirt and underwear, the feeling completely died down. After knowing that there was a man standing outside, there was no way to release the dam, no matter how hard she tried.

When Su Ke’s voice rang out, her heart leapt up in her throat. She lifted up her left hand with the needle injected in it, right hand pinching a bunch of toilet paper, maintaining this posture for so long, both legs started feeling somewhat limp and painful.

When Su Ke heard her reply, he hurriedly assumed an appearance of righteousness, his whole face serious and his eyes faced forward, only to once again relax.

He subconsciously bowed his head, looking at the light gray door. Unexpectedly, there was a large gap of roughly 10 centimeters. That’s when his thoughts shifted for no reason as a small demon suddenly appeared in his mind.

“All you have to do is lower your head and you will be able to peep at a springtime scene (a euphemism for sexy times)!” The entirely pitch-black body of the little devil on his shoulder had horns curving over its head and a tail swinging behind it. In its hands was a pitchfork as it concentrated on conning Su Ke.

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Following those words, Su Ke also anticipated lying on the ground and peeking through the 10 centimeter hole to see the scene inside. He unconsciously shivered at the thought. Don’t tell him that he was about to become a toilet sex fiend?

However, honestly speaking, this demon was pretty enticing. Even though health education class had clearly described the differences between sexes, how could a class actually teach through example? 

There was a sudden splash and Su Ke ruthlessly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. His mouth was dry and his heart was extremely hysterical. 

He subconsciously glanced at the door and noticed that there wasn’t any movements or sounds on the other side, even in the corridor. It was so silent that it seemed like there was only the two of them in the whole administration building, only a single door to separate them.

“Hu!” He took a few deep breaths, his mind buzzing. Like he was possessed, Su Ke used one hand to prop up the IV bag while he strenuously bent his waist slightly.

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