Chapter 201- Caught in the Act

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s mind was a complete mess. His heavy breathing sounded like the pulling of bellows  and his back slowly shrunk, the glucose bag in his hand propped up straight.

Just like a push-up, his head slowly lowered down, the distance between him and the gap in the door slowly decreasing; fifty, forty, thirty centimeters…. 

Due to the origin of his movements, blood slowly started to rush into his brain, making him feel dizzy. However, the beautiful scenery that lay behind the door to be peeped on was only a step away, he can get over some dizziness!

“Su Ke, you can’t do this. If you do this, what difference is there between you and some hoodlum? If you really want to look, be open and honest about it. Why are you being so sneaky?”

It was at this moment, in his state of dizziness, a small man in white suddenly appeared in his mind. With a halo on his head and a pair of spotless white wings on his back, this small man was the representation of justice and righteousness. 

Su Ke abruptly froze when he saw the man and the blur in his eyes instantly cleared. 

Indeed, if he really did such a thing, he wouldn’t be able to bear himself. Peeping on some underwear may seem harmless, but peeking in a toilet would make the situation more serious. 

As this was happening, the sound of a clear stream bursting forth suddenly emerged from the toilet cubicle, like the trickling of a creek, surprising anyone who was listening. 

The whole thing was very sluggish.

There was no need to guess to know what was going on inside. Su Ke clenched his teeth shut, finally giving up on his wicked desires, once again turning into a pure and honest young man. However, he had yet to undo his actions as a lady suddenly pushed open the door and stepped inside. Su Ke raised his eyes to take a look at the intruder. A white coat… who else could it be but the nurse? The nurse looked to be in her forties with passable looks, besides her skin being a little dark. At the moment, she was staring at Su Ke with wide eyes.

Blood immediately rushed to his head as he realized what his current position might look like to others. He was clearly about to bend over and peep!

“Urk!” Su Ke’s face suddenly turned red, like the backside of a baboon. His whole body stiffened, completely unable to move a single step, as if he turned into a peeping tom statue. 

Su Ke felt bitter as he screamed inside his heart, ‘I’m done for!’

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His mind raced a mile a minute trying to think of what to say, ‘Now what? What do I do?’

Meanwhile, the rustling sound of clothes being straightened out emerged from the toilet cubicle, finally rousing Su Ke. His mind rapidly whirled, and suddenly, as if he was possessed, his free hand immediately started rubbing his knee as he mumbled to himself, “It hurts!”

As if time had frozen, the moment Su Ke started rubbing his knee, the whole scene finally changed. The school nurse took a few steps forward as Ren Tian slowly pushed open the cubicle door. Su Ke took this opportunity to stand up straight, shifting his body to face the nurse and say, “Sigh, I was looking for you just now, but I couldn’t find you! She needed to use the toilet and I just… I just!”

The nurse silently nodded her head before looking at Ren Tian, who just emerged from the cubicle, “How are things? Are you feeling a little better?”

Ren Tian’s face was as red as before, especially since she brought a man into the toilet and unexpectedly ran into someone. Her mind was completely unsteady as she tried to think of an answer before suddenly blurting, “Everything’s fine now!”

“Sorry, I just had something to attend to. When I returned, I noticed that you both were not in the treatment room, so I came here to find you!” 

It looks like the nurse wasn’t going to expose Su Ke’s bad intentions, making him feel relieved.

By the time Ren Tian returned to the hospital bed, Su Ke was still somewhat unnatural, constantly trying to secretly catch a glimpse of the nurse’s expression.

Fortunately for him, whatever happened just now is finally over. The nurse then noticed the glucose bag was still quite full and walked into the office, leaving both of them outside. After that brief episode, both of them were unable to calmly make any small talk, staying completely silent.

“Su Ke!”

Li Fei Fei held two lunchboxes in her hands. 

Once again returning to the sickbay, she appeared to be angry. When she said she wanted to leave just now, she obviously wanted Su Ke to ask her to stay and accompany him, but that blockhead surprisingly had no reaction at all, making her seethe with anger.

However, upon hearing that Ren Tian hadn’t eaten anything yet, even though she was still peeved, she still went out to buy two boxes of mixed rice. 

“You two have something to eat first!” 

Su Ke wasn’t expecting Li Fei Fei to return and see the two lunchboxes in her hands, making a mess of his feelings, ‘Looks like this girl really cares for me even though I was just thinking about peeping on someone… how shameful!”

That’s when he vaguely remembered the words of the small white angel. “If you want to look, then do it openly, you might as well go and find a girlfriend and carefully research than go and peep!”

“I’m really hungry!” 

Su Ke then casually grabbed the lunchbox and separated it into portions before setting one down on the small cabinet on the bedside, “Ren Tian, have some too!” 

“Thank you!”

Ren Tian looked at Li Fei Fei and smiled gratefully with a warm expression on her face that could easily gain other people’s favour, and Li Fei Fei was no exception.

“Are you feeling better?” 

Li Fei Fei sat by the bedside and took a lunchbox. One hand holding a pair of chopsticks, the other opening the lunchbox as she continued, “You just sit down, I’ll help you!”

Su Ke held a lunchbox and hid to one side. 

Watching the two ladies’ skill at instantly becoming good friends in a moment, chatting joyfully with each other, he stood to the side, sighing at the ease at which the two women established a friendship.


The phone in his pocket then suddenly started to vibrate, and with one hand holding the lunchbox, he grabbed his phone with the other and saw that the caller ID was ‘Zheng Mo’. He then suddenly started tensing up for no reason as he silently left the room and answered the phone. 

Zheng Mo was clearly unhappy with Su Ke’s slow response as he asked, “Hello? What are you doing? What took you so long to answer the phone?”

“I wasn’t looking just now, what’s up? Did something happen?” 

Su Ke chuckled, seemingly able to see Zheng Mo pout.

“I can’t call you when there’s nothing going on?” 

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Zheng Mo retorted, immediately following up with, “I just signed up for a dance competition next Saturday, will you come and cheer me on?”

“Want! Want!” Su Ke didn’t dare say no, his head nodding like a bird pecking at rice. After all, he was invited with good intentions, and as such, he had to strongly show how happy he was.

Zheng Mo’s tone lightened quite a bit as he exclaimed, “What medicine, I’m still checking it out!” 

If the skies were clouded, with Su Ke’s perfect performance, the sky would immediately turn clear.

- my thoughts:
TL Note: The “want” and “medicine” are both pronounced the same way in mandarin so it's supposed to be a pun.
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