Emmette was running in the middle of the dark forest, which has a passageway as if she’s being chased. She kept looking behind her back, hoping someone’s already out of her sight.

I can go back home, right? There could be a way right? I must! She thought with a wary face.

She kept running and stopped when she reached the dead end. She looked around her and saw two paths on her left and right. She looked around behind her only to see a huge number of animals, fairies, and knights coming after her.

Emmette wanted to make sure she’s going to choose the right way, but in panic, she didn’t waste a second, turning to the right and continue to run away.

Before the maze-like forest, was a huge castle where their King lies. On the huge terrace, there was a young brown, headed lad, sitting on a blue cushioned seat while gazing at empty air. His face was all serious; dead, expressionless, empty. His dark eyes held no emotion and his lips remained in a thin line. His aura held authority that could make everyone bow down before him. He’s the King of this strange world; the ruler of everything.

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It’s not the empty air the King was actually looking, his eyes were focused on the young girl who was running away from his men. He ordered them to chase after her after she escaped the castle he locked.

Does she have to defy me?

He asked.

Does she have to run away from me?

He added.

He couldn’t help but sigh and shook his head while closing his eyes.

“Damon,” he suddenly called his servant.

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A muscular, blond-headed young knight, standing behind him bowed, “Yes, Your Majesty?” he responded.

The young King opened his eyes, “Tell the servants to prepare the fastest horse in the castle,” he commanded. He paused on talking for a few seconds, thinking something which made him furrow his brows. “I shall bring that girl back to where she belongs.”

Emmette was panting while moving her legs and knees in a rush; she already running out of stamina and her knees are getting numb. However, she must keep running until she could escape.

She looked around her and realized this forest could be of a huge advantage for her. She suddenly walked out of the path and entered the trees, giving her a huge advantage to hide.

The knights stopped as well as the servants. They turned where the girl was going and rushed to go there.

One knight who was the chief of the army took the gist why Emmette suddenly ran to the trees instead of running until she could reach the line of their boundary. He suddenly glared and yelled, “Chase her before she could hide behind the trees!” and so his people followed.

They started to spread around just to make sure that every corner is surrounded so Emmette couldn’t hide. They turned their heads left and right, front and behind, hoping to see the blond lady.

Meanwhile, Emmette was hiding on the large tree behind them. Her eyes were looking at her side, being cautious than ever, praying not to be found. She closed her eyes and hung her head down, praying this was just a dream.

What have I put myself into?

She asked herself.

Why do I have to run away from them?

She added.

“That’s right,” a man’s voice suddenly spoke. His horse neighs quietly as it walks forward, towards her. “Why do you have to run from us?” the voice spoke again.

Emmette suddenly froze on the spot when she heard the familiar voice, talking to her. She roughly raised her head only to see the King sitting on his black horse, in front of her. Emmette felt like her knees became weak; her body became numb, and she couldn’t move a single inch due to fear. The lad saw her countenance and felt the emotion behind it. So he didn’t climb down and decided to spoke first.

“I’m not here to scare you,” he started.

Emmette got her mind bewildered.

“I know you don’t want to be with us because we’re not normal,” he continued, “normal people like you used to live in the normal world,” he added.

Emmette’s mind suddenly got blank in bewilderment while listening to the young King’s words. Why is he telling me this? Is he going to let me go?

The King sighed at her silence and suddenly jumped down from his horse. Emmette jumped in startle and suddenly became nervous. The brown-haired King marched towards the girl with a glare on his face which frightened the girl more. He couldn’t hold himself anymore. He wanted to say what’s in his mind and will force the girl to listen to him.

He spoke, “But you’re the only normal person I’ve cherished.” He added, “you’re the reason why I became the most powerful King—“ he added.

Emmette continued to press her back on the trunk, looking at the lad with her eyes wide due to fear.

“I want you Emmette, I want you,” the King suddenly punched the trunk beside her once he was close to her.

Emmette jumped and close her eyes as she hung her head down.

“You have no idea what will happen if you leave,” he kept talking with a stern voice. Emmette couldn’t help but cry and tremble. She kept her mouth closed but small whimpers managed to escape from her lips.

The King saw her fear and suddenly softened. He heaved a sigh and slightly shook his head. He took his left hand away from the trunk and gently held the girl from the shoulders. He embraced her and kissed her blond temple, showing his softest side and affection which no one had ever seen. “If going home is what you want, just kill me now.”

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