Chapter one

Springtime had finally arrived.

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The plants rustle as the wind passed by. The front yard of a small industry was crowded by people, dismissing from their work.

Emma Bellamy. The only person who wasn’t able to catch much of the people’s attention. If the crowd were in a group with their friends and coworkers, Emma just stood on the corner alone. She was waiting for something so she may be able to proceed to the gate.

The girl wasn’t that much attractive to the general’s point of view. She has long, brown hair, dark brown eyes, slightly-tan, but white complexion, small pointy nose, and a pursed pale lips. She doesn’t even look that tall like the other models. Hence, she’s typically an average type of girl.

Being alone doesn’t bother her either. But she used to have a friend who was now in the group of her other coworkers. She watched, as her friend was talking to the males and females, inviting her to the karaoke. Of course, she accepted.

Emma glanced away and turned to the other direction; to the gate. There were males surrounding the exit while talking as if they’re guarding. But the truth is, they just stayed there to spend some time.

‘Just when will you all go?’

She sighed.

Time passed by and the yard was going crowd-less. She stayed on the corner, fidgeting her bag’s leather handle and waited till the sunset came—the people became few.

Emma started to walk her pace towards the gate. The guard saw her and saluted before he bid his goodbye. Emma smiled and nodded and walked out of the gate with her composed appearance.

Just as she stepped out of the exit, an old beggar, a man, approached to beg her with his face restless and thin.

“Young lady, do you have some food and water left with you? I haven’t eaten for days and now I’m starving,” he put his left hand on the abdomen.

Emma felt pity towards the young man. Thankfully she has a spare sandwich with her. She quickly pulls it out of her bag and gave the man some money. She handed the sandwich as well. “Use the money to buy water,” said she.

The old man gratefully thanked Emma that he almost bowed in front of her. But Emma stopped her.

“You must have live in a fairy tale life,” said the man.

Hearing that, Emma couldn’t help but laugh. What comes in his mind to say that?

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“Oh, no. I don’t live in that kind of life—and besides, I don’t believe in fairy tales,” Emma muttered the last statement.

“Then what life are you living in?”

From her eyes focused on the cement floor, Emma rose them towards the old man. ‘This man is kind of annoying. Why are we talking about my life now?’

“I guess like what normal people do. Live in an apartment, work, that’s it,” Emma answered.

The old man kept silent and suddenly stuck his eyes on the girl. Emma suddenly felt like regretting to talk with this guy as he may seem to be a pervert. Just as when the beggar was about to walk closer, the guard from the exit came.

“Go away! Don’t start harassing females in front of this facility!”

The old man stopped and briefly glanced at the guard as he spoke. But when he’s done, the beggar turned his eyes back to the young woman. “Time will come to your life will be different,” he smiled.

Emma paused, but soon she forced a chuckle and averted, covering the back of her neck with her palm. “Haha—I wish.”

The old man smiled and left.

Emma was left-back, didn’t know what to react. She was silent and unable to absorb what just happened. Then she glanced to the guard who was still there behind her.

“You shouldn’t talk strangers that much, even if he’s a beggar,” said the guard.

“He was just asking for something to eat. So I thought that’s what he wanted.”

“Then you should start practising how to ignore people who will approach you.”

Emma turned her head to the guard, “That will be difficult.”


Emma was almost on her way home. However, something unexpected would come which she didn’t know.

She walked towards the pedestrian lane and alone for the walk sigh to go green. She had her eyes momentarily watching the vehicles passing by as she anticipatedly taps her hands on the bag she was clutching. Not long, it was time for her to walk.

She started her pace, walking, and didn’t bother to look on her left and right. Her eyes were set on the lanes and she seemed in deep thought, thinking about something as she crosses by.

Being unaware, beside her was approaching and seems to keep honking. However, the woman didn’t respond. Her mind was too occupied about something that bothers her.

It wasn’t long when on the last honk, the woman got back to her senses and turned to the truck on her left.

The driver was gesturing through the window to run as he keeps stepping onto something he’s forcing too.

Emma quickly turned her head forward and started to move towards the end. But the truck was so fast that she got hit and flew in a few distances.

And after that, she blacked out.

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