Chapter 202: A Sudden Kiss

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had just hung up when he heard a sudden voice behind him, “What are you doing?”

He was so startled, he dropped his phone and quickly turned around, realizing that Li Fei Fei was standing behind him. 

“Nothing! I was just on the phone!” Su Ke couldn’t figure out if Li Fei Fei overheard the contents of his call as he quickly asked, “Why are you here? Is Ren Tian’s transfusion finished?” 

“Hmph! If we had waited for you, the dishes would have already gone cold!” 

Li Fei Fei then glared at Su Ke, but she didn’t seem angry. 

Instead, it seemed like she was throwing a tantrum as she exclaimed, “I’ve already told the school doctor to take the needle out!”

The two of them walked back to the infirmary, chatting the whole way. 

When they arrived, as expected, Ren Tian had already gotten out of bed. 

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She was arranging her skirt as she walked and her face looked a lot better. 

“I really have to thank you for today! I was initially going to treat Su Ke to lunch to express my gratitude, but instead, I added on to both of your troubles. I’ll have to properly thank you two some other time!”

“Alright, alright, we’ll make a move first! You make it sound as though we aren’t friends!” Without waiting for Su Ke to say anything, Li Fei Fei had already grabbed Ren Tian’s arm and walked forward.

Immediately after walking back to the classroom, Su Ke saw Wang Xiao Gang eagerly running towards him with a wretched smile on his face, his eyes burning with the fire of gossip as he exclaimed, “Boss Su Ke, Boss Su Ke!”

Wang Xiao Gang latched on to Su Ke’s shoulder like a limpet as he asked, “Hey, Boss Su Ke! There’s something I want to ask, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for me to say?” 

“If you have something to say, then just say it!” 

Su Ke felt that as long as Wang Xiao Gang bumped into him, he would immediately turn into a mollusk, either lying on a tabletop or latching onto his shoulder.

Wang Xiao Gang brightened up, “Hehe! It’s like this: wasn’t there a woman looking for you yesterday morning after school, and didn’t you leave with her?”

Su Ke didn’t understand what he was getting at, so he just nodded his head and said, “What about it?”

Once he saw Su Ke’s blank expression, Wang Xiao Gang immediately broke out into a perfectly contented smile, “Not long after you two left, another woman arrived looking for you!” 

“Was it Li Fei Fei?” 

Su Ke clearly remembered that she only went to look for him when she went to the dining hall, but upon seeing Wang Xiao Gang shake his head, he discarded that guess. 

“Exactly who was it then?”

“It was that year one junior that confessed to you, Liu Qing Qing!” 

Wang Xiao Gang smiled when he saw that Su Ke was indeed caught off guard, “I hadn’t left at that time yet! I saw her standing by the door glancing all around as if she was waiting for someone! Considering our relationship, with one look I could tell she was looking for you, so I took the initiative and went to ask her!” 

Su Ke nodded his head and stayed quiet to listen.

“I asked her, ‘Little girl, how old are you this year? Would you like to have a lollipop?’” 

When he saw Su Ke raise his eyebrow in confusion, Wang Xiao Gang hurriedly explained himself, “Pei Pei, don’t misunderstand! I was just joking, I didn’t really say that!”

 In a moment of weakness, Su Ke actually gave in to this lowly b*stard, making him mad, “Get to the point!”

Wang Xiao Gang intentionally imitated Liu Qing Qing’s voice and tone as he said, “She asked me, ‘Where did Su Ke go? Did he head to the dining hall?” 

“En, what did you say?”

“Hey! Boss, you know me! How could such an honest playboy such as myself lie to others? Obviously, I honestly told her that another woman had already left on a date with you earlier, which seemed to make her really depressed!”

“What happened after?” 

“Nothing else happened, she just left with her head down!” 

Su Ke was at a loss for words, but when he saw Wang Xiao Gang’s gloating expression, he angrily said, “That’s enough, you can get lost now!”

However, truth be told, Su Ke did want to look for Liu Qing Qing, but he was always busy with stuff, and thinking about that young lady being disappointed made him feel slightly guilty. 

Thinking about Liu Qing Qing naturally caused him to think about her older sister, the demoness who devoured people, Liu Fei Hong. He wasn’t even sure what became of the previous issue!

Ma Meng had instructed him to not take the initiative and contact them, but now that two days have passed already, Su Ke was feeling somewhat worried and anxious.

The whole afternoon, Su Ke was pondering if he should go and look for either Liu Fei Hong or Ma Meng to talk about the situation. Reasonably speaking, the past few days have been calm and peaceful, so there should be no issues!

When school ended, Wei Lan noticed that Su Ke appeared quite restless and was acting strange. Were his results for the monthly exam so good that his happiness caused him to feel foolish?

While riding home, Wei Lan turned her head to look at Su Ke and said, “Hey! What’s up with you? Why aren’t you saying anything?” 

Even if he was feeling really concerned, it was of no use. 

He turned his head over and gave a big smile, showing off his white teeth, “Eh, I’m just thinking of how to say it!” 

“What do you want to say?” 

Wei Lan’s feelings from the afternoon had distinctly changed. The pain she felt in the afternoon was just something she couldn’t take for awhile, and even though she was still holding a small grudge now, she more or less had already put the whole issue aside.

“It’s about a bet someone made, and it seems as if that person agreed to give me a kiss!” 

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Su Ke then wagged his eyebrows and faced Wei Lan before giving her a wink, “Hey! Hello! Were you listening to what I said?” 

After saying that, Su Ke saw Wei Lan instantly turned her head around and face forward, ignoring everything around her and only focusing on the bicycle.

“Hello! Why aren’t you saying anything?” 

Seeing that Wei Lan was pretending to be oblivious, Su Ke begrudgingly cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, ”Someone’s acting dumb!” 

Wei Lan turned her head around with a puzzled expression on her face, her voice three times louder than Su Ke, “What? What did you say!?” 

“I said someone is acting dumb! That person obviously lost a bet and has to kiss me!” 

“The wind is too strong, I can’t hear you!”

Blood almost spurted out of Su Ke’s mouth from her response. Both of their voices were long past under control, and their volume was steadily increasing. 

People on both sides of the road were watching the scene, staring at the two lunatic students.

In front of Wei Lan’s house, Su Ke watched as she stopped the bike before walking to the door. 

However, just before Su Ke was about to drive off, he saw Wei Lan stick her head out and shout, “Su Ke, Come in!” 

“En? What’s up?” 

Su Ke didn’t know what was going on, but he assumed that Wei Lan had something to tell him, so he got off the bike and walked in.

Wei Lan’s door was one of those thick security doors, meaning Su Ke had to use some strength to pull it open, and as he let go, the door closed automatically and the light suddenly went out. Squinting his eyes, Su Ke mumbled to himself, “Wei Lan, what did you ask me to come in for…!”

However, before he could even finish his sentence, he suddenly felt his lips burning and he immediately saw Wei Lan’s hands tightly hug his waist, his chest pressed against two soft mounds of flesh. His mind instantly went blank as he closed his eyes.

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