Chapter 203: Use It Like Your Little Brother

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character never expected this situation to ever happen. Wei Lan’s strong breath puffing against his face was very warm and ticklish, like being lightly tickled by a feather.

Wei Lan apparently had no idea what it was like to kiss someone because she simply just stuck both her lips onto Su Ke’s mouth. She didn’t know what to with his tongue, making the whole thing incredibly awkward. Su Ke’s eyes slowly adapted to the light and everything in his field of vision became clear. That’s when he saw that Wei Lan’s eyes were shut tight and her little baby-fat face was flushed red like a ripe apple in the middle of autumn.

Her alluring smell caused him to almost drool as he felt Wei Lan tiptoe and press the full weight of her body forward. Despite not being fully developed, her chest was already of a certain size, and it was firmly stuck to Su Ke, as if there was a balloon in between the both of them.

Even though Su Ke’s kissing technique was just as deficient and pathetic, his jaw still naturally lowered and Wei Lan’s savory tongue instantly entered and explored around.

Nothing else is as soft and tender as a tongue. The Creator made it extraordinarily nimble and full of talent.

Instinctively, their tongues intertwined as their hearts thumped before they both rapidly gasped for her air. Their minds suddenly went blank and their bodies became soft and weak.

Wei Lan felt like she was about to suffocate, her whole body devoid of strength. 

If it wasn’t for Su Ke standing in front of her, she would have already fallen down. 

Initially, she was acting entirely on impulse, going for a kiss when her mind was heated up, but everything else was out of her control, and the only thing that seemed to be able to move was her tongue. Even though she knew that the corridor was frequently filled with people coming and going, making it incredibly dangerous for them to be doing such a thing, her brain was sending signals of reluctance to part, and it seemed that she was starting to like the feeling of having her lips locked.

“Ding Dong!”

Wei Lan’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened to the sound of someone fishing out their keys to open the door. Like a frightened little rabbit, Wei Lan suddenly pushed Su Ke away, her initially blushing face instantly turning deathly white. She then turned around and immediately ran upstairs, leaving Su Ke standing there alone looking foolish.

“He he!” Su Ke immediately felt awkward as he looked at the resident who had just opened the door with a suspicious expression on his face. 

He then rushed out the door and hopped on his bike, escaping without a trace.

Su Ke thought back on the scene just a moment ago. He never would have thought that the usually gentle mannered Wei Lan would have done such a fiery action; he could still taste her in his mouth. With the mission accomplished, he entered the system space.

“Mission: Receive Wei Lan’s First Kiss (Complete). Reward: High School Science (Intermediate).”  

“Please accept!”

Su Ke then let out a deep breath as he thought about how the mission was finally completed.  

However, if he had completed this task before the exam, he would not have gotten 50th place. 

With this reward spurring him on, he started to cycle even faster, reaching Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns after a short while. While he was tidying up his clothes, he suddenly had a feeling that someone was watching him from behind, like a premonition of some sort, and he subconsciously turned around

to look. In the driver’s seat of a Volkswagen by the side of the road, the window slowly winded up. Even though he only saw a vague image of the person’s side view, Su Ke was sure that it was none other than Wu Yi Ren.

He then unconsciously frowned. Wu Yi Ren is related to two important things in Su Ke’s life; the four million in cash and Wu Ao Ran. Now he’s peeping?

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Looking at the Volkswagen slowly depart, Su Ke pushed open the door and headed inside. 

As usual, Lin Xiao Bai was sitting behind the counter, so when she heard the door open, she immediately looked up and smiled, “Little brother Su, are you results out yet?”

“En, just this morning!” Su Ke had mentioned his exam to a lot of people here, which is how she knew.

Lin Xiao Bai stood up and grabbed a stool next to her, gesturing for Su Ke to take a seat as she asked, “How was it? You didn’t flunk, right?”  

“Hey, hey! Sister Xiao Bai, you didn’t expect me to do well? Let me tell you, I actually got 50th place in the whole grade!” 

Su Ke was immensely proud of himself as he spoke. Students would naturally be proud of their grades, and besides, Su Ke has always belonged to the category of students with the lowest rankings, which is why he was so happy about his results this time. 

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Lin Xiao Bai was surprised to hear that. Even though she did not know how many people were in the third grade alongside him, getting 50th place in that school is presumably quite a good achievement. 

The corners of her mouth faintly rose as she exclaimed, “Wa! So awesome! What would you like to eat? It’s my treat!” 

As a receptionist, Lin Xiao Bai can be counted as a white-collar worker. There was no need to comment on her appearance and build, and it was hard to find someone with such a gentle personality. She always had a faint smile and light makeup that made her look professional, and she also possessed a special charm.

In Su Ke’s eyes, that small smile she just gave brightened up the whole lounge.

People’s minds are always continuously diverging, as it is normal to think of one thing because of something else. Su Ke was no exception. He felt ashamed and embarrassed as he thought about Xiao Bai, as she was on her period at that time and coincidentally did not have the necessary items on her. It was when he went to the supermarket to help her buy sanitary pads did he run into Zheng Mo by chance.

Lin Xiao Bai noticed Su Ke seemed to be lost in thought, the smile on his face bringing about an inexplicable look, so she couldn’t help but wave her hand in front of his face, “Hey hey! What are you doing!? What’s with that foolish expression?” 

Su Ke subconsciously blurted out, “It smells good!” 

“You’re so annoying!” Lin Xiao Bai’s face suddenly turned red and she clenched her fists, lightly punching Su Ke on the shoulder. 

“Oh? What are you two up to, playing around so violently?”

A voice possessing a sort of rough and languid charm could be heard from the staircase. 

When Su Ke turned to look, he noticed Luo Fei Yan slowly walking down the stairs. 

From the bottom up, a pair of slender eye-catching legs could be seen from below her black skirt, and there was something unexpectedly beautiful about the way she walked.

Luo Fen Yan had a crafty smile on her face as she looked at Su Ke and waggled her eyebrows at him. 

“Little brother Su Ke, how bold of you to take advantage of me not being around to flirt with Xiao Bai!” 

“Big sister Yan! I…” 

Without waiting for Su Ke to finish talking, Lin Xiao Bai started to speak up and defend her innocence with a pout. 

“Big sister Yan, don’t be ridiculous! I only think of Su Ke like a younger brother!” 

However, once Lin Xiao Bai said that, her face blushed a little bit red.

Upon hearing Luo Fei Yan start to tease him, Su Ke’s eyes instantly shifted away from where he was previously staring at her skirt and he assumed the image of an honest and innocent young man. However, when he heard Luo Fei Yan’s next line, his blood almost spurted out three feet away, “Ge ge! Xiao Bai, there’s no problem with you seeing Su Ke as a little brother. However, let me tell you, you still can use Su Ke like a little brother!” 

With her clear diction, appropriate pacing, and accurate pronunciation, Luo Fei Yan’s speech was like an announcer. 

Not only that, but she specifically heavily emphasized the words ‘little brother’ and ‘use’.

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