Chapter 124 – Driving Wolf

Being caught by Enfeeble, his High Rank 3 fighting power could at most display the fighting power of a strong Mid Rank 3. Especially with the reduction of his speed, it undoubtedly enables T-Rex to chase after him.


War Hammer Form

A blue jet of flames shot out from Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s mouth, while Yang Tian dealt a heavy strike with a war hammer.

Chasing Tiger Spear stabbed into crazy vines, hoping to shift his position to avoid the incoming attacks, but he did not know that the vines that his spear had pierced into were not ordinary vines.

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Crazy Vine Matrix controlled the crazy vines and trapped Chasing Tiger Spear while several crazy vines came up and attacked You Zi at the same time. You Zi had no choice but to let go of his weapon temporarily.

Flamethrower and the war hammer was about to reach him and You Zi could only use his body to defend against the attacks.


You Zi was struck off the wall and Chasing Tiger Spear has ended up in Yang Tian’s hands.

You Zi’s combat ability would be reduced by at least a third with the lost of Chasing Tiger Spear. Only then did You Zi recognize how terrifying this force in front of him was, for even the ordinary looking wall was filled with dangers.

Losing their weapon is the greatest mistake that any Martialist should avoid.

You Zi could only rely on his own rank to save the remaining three metahumans from Xu Dafu and his group first. However, T-Rex’s attack reached him a second later.

Having lost Chasing Tiger, what else could he use to fight against T-Rex with.

Fire Dragon Claw was now right in front of You Zi.

“Do you think that I only brought along Chasing Tiger?”

“The Driving Wolf Soft Spear? So what?”

You Zi’s hidden card was correctly guessed by Yang Tian, immediately causing the former to fluster.

“It looks like the traitor inside the military has gone really deep, to be able to acquire my information to such great detail.”

You Zi has rising suspicions about the forces within the military, only selected forces knew about his trump card.

The soft spear looked like a whip, yet it did not possess the length of a whip. Driving Wolf Soft Spear was to be used with his Driving Wolf Spear Technique with his left hand.

You Zi’s strongest form was dual wielding. Together with Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf, the combined might would allow him to possess fighting power equivalent to a Peak Rank 3, a pity he has lost Chasing Tiger.

 “Without Chasing Tiger, I want to see how are you going to fight.”


Driving Wolf Soft Spear did not collide with Fire Dragon Claw directly but wrapped around it instead. Borrowing the power of T-Rex to move away from T-Rex’s attacking range.

After successfully distancing himself, You Zi dashed towards Xu Dafu and his group. Driving Wolf Soft Spear unleashed spear winds and drive away Xu Dafu’s Black Mist.

This was a unique trait of the High Rank 3 weapon, Driving Wolf Soft Spear: Driving Wolf. It could drive out any unfavorable conditions.

After getting rid of the Black Mist, the three metahumans slowly recovered from their condition.

However, the injuries they received from Xu Dafu and the rest were not recovered.

“Big Bro, let’s retreat first!”

Only after the earlier exchange did they know how large was the gap thus they have lost their desire to battle.

“But how are we going to retreat?”

You Zi was unable to think of a method to retreat, it was possible for him to escape alone, but the difficulty increases if he wants to bring the other three along with him

“I discovered many teams from other organizations hiding nearby, we can seek their assistance.”

“But they were sent here without kind intentions all along, why would they come out to help us?”

“If they are not coming out, we can make them come out.”

The three metahumans suddenly ran towards different directions, Yang Tian also noticed their intentions. They were running to the hiding locations of the other teams, Yang Tian was aware of their presence all along but chose to ignore them, he did not expect the trio to flush them out instead.

Rustle Rustle Rustle

Three teams suddenly appeared. Each side had at least one Early Rank 3 metahuman.

The three metahumans immediately dashed towards other locations, but Yang Tian did not stop them as he wants to see what happens next.

“Boss, should we…” Lei Xing asked, slightly worried.

“No matter, let the three of them continue causing a ruckus.”

There were a total of nine teams, that meant that there were nine Early Rank 3 metahumans.

“We are from the military’s third division, we know about the organizations that you belong to. As long as you help us, we are willing to provide remuneration.”

The nine teams were hesitant, they were all forced out by these three metahumans, but they were undecided on what to do now.

Even if they team up, they might not even be able to fight the enormous T-Rex, let alone Xu Dafu and the rest beside it. Also, You Zi’s condition was not good; You Zi and his group might only be treating them as bait while escaping themselves.

“If you do not assist us, are you sure that they will not kill you guys as well?”


The nine teams looked at Yang Tian, they hope that Yang Tian might have something to say. If Yang Tian is willing to let them go, they would leave immediately.

“Sir, we are only being attracted by the commotion and had no intention to offend you. We hope that sir could let us leave, we will not be involved in this matter.”

“Sure! Help me get rid of them and I will allow you to leave.”

There was no room to advance or to retreat, it would not be okay no matter which side they chose.

“Lei Xing, is that you?”

A person suddenly recognized Lei Xing and shouted.

“So it is Lei Xing. If that’s the case, is this place Sir Ke’s place?”

The rest instantly thought of something, their formerly tense expressions relaxed. This was the first time they encounter such a strong team under Sir Ke, they have always felt that they had seen everyone under Sir Ke.

“Has all of you not heard the news?” Lei Xing spoke.

“What news?”

“My team has been completely wiped out, and I am not returning back. Don’t you guys know?”

Lei Xing’s words had undoubtedly brought them back to an impasse, they have indeed not heard about it yet.

“Lei Xing, are you defecting?”

A blonde loli walked out of the team, she looked at Lei Xing nervously, Lei Xing was at a loss when he looked at her.

“Are the two of you very close?”

“We are both orphans, we grew up together.”

Lei Xing replied with a few short words, but it has undoubtedly explained their relationship.

They are family, even closer than a real family.

“Snow, I know that you did not want me to defect but only when I am here, can I prove my myself.”

“Then you…”

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Before the blonde loli could continue speaking, a crazy vine suddenly shot out and pulled the loli on top of the wall.

“Since it is family, you should properly protect her.”

“Thank you Boss!”

Lei Xing put down his gun and gave Yang Tian a deep bow.

As for the blonde loli, she only has eyes for Lei Xing; she was not displaying any signs of panic, only happiness. To be able to live with Lei Xing was all she had hoped for.

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