Chapter 125 – Building Up

“Still thinking of running?”

You Zi and the other three metahumans wanted to sneak away but were immediately discovered.

“If you don’t run, all of you will die.”

Under You Zi’s instigation, one person after the other started running away as well, causing the members of the nine teams to scatter.

“Focus on killing the teams from the other organizations, leave You Zi to me.”

With the strength of Xu Dafu and the others, as well as coordination with Crazy Vine, they would have no problems forcing everyone to remain; only You Zi was the exception.

T-Rex followed Yang Tian’s command and trapped the three metahumans from You Zi’s team. When You Zi wanted to assist his teammates, he was blocked by Yang Tian.

“You cannot beat me with just that amount of strength.”

You Zi did not think that the black monster in front of him could defeat him. Driving Wolf Spear lashed out like a vicious whip at Yang Tian.

“Is that so?”

Yang Tian used his bare hands to take the spear, You Zi saw this decision as seeking death.

Venom was only an Early Rank 3, bluntly blocking the full-powered attack of a High Rank 3 was not a wise decision.

However, .what happened next shocked You Zi.

Yang Tian really managed to block the Driving Wolf Spear, while You Zi felt a tremendous strength coming from the other end of the spear.

“See how I cripple that hand of yours today.”

You Zi started released waves of vibrations through the Driving Wolf Spear, and the vibrational frequency between the pulses was increasing. A pity, it has no effect on Yang Tian’s hand.

“What happened?”

Yang Tian was obviously weaker than him, so why was Yang Tian not getting harmed by it?

Yang Tian had equipped Golden Silkworm Gloves earlier on; with the defense and endurance of the Rank 4 equipment, the Driving Wolf Spear was not able to harm Yang Tian, even the vibrational effect was neutralized by the gloves.

“Looks like you only amount to this much.”

Yang Tian turned his hands into dragon claws, with Golden Silkworm Gloves, the might of Dragon-Claw Hand this time has significantly increased.

Each strike was filled with extreme destructive force.

However, the High Rank 3 Martialist still lives up to his name. Although Yang Tian was finding it very difficult to obtain an advantage, the attack was enough to pin You Zi down and the other three metahumans were on the verge of being dealt with by T-Rex.

Fire Dragon Claw pierced their bodies, turning them into three corpses.

“Bastard!” You Zi cursed loudly!

“You should take care of yourself first!”

Yang Tian took out the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror. As expected of a Captain-Class Commander with the ability to use Evolution Projection, Metal Devouring War Wolf was still alive inside the mirror.

Yang Tian wanted to trap You Zi inside the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror and let him fight with Metal Devouring War Wolf to the death.

You Zi acted first; the image of a wolf appeared behind him as he used Driving Wolf Spear Technique, the illusion of the wolf felt even more powerful than a real wolf.

“Go and die!”

The colossal wolf illusion pounced at Yang Tian.


A ray of light appeared from Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, the wolf illusion disappeared into the light before reappearing again, this time targeting You Zi instead of Yang Tian.

You Zi was very startled, but he still managed to react and released another wolf illusion and the two illusions collided.


The collision produced a huge explosion.

After consecutively releasing two wolf illusions, You Zi was feeling the strain, which meant that an opportunity for Yang Tian had appeared as well.

Mental Shock

Violent Corpse Worm Queen immediately used Mental Shock, causing You Zi to feel dizzy.

Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror released a suction force, pulling the dizzy You Zi into the mirror without the latter putting up any resistance.

Double Illusion

You Zi appeared in front of Metal Devouring War Wolf.

Fear, rage, grievance… a series of negative emotions surge within You Zi’s mind.

The two parties clashed viciously.

Yang Tian stopped observing them and kept the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror before returning with T-Rex, to wipe out what remained of the nine teams.

“Sir, since you have accepted Lei Xing, please accept us as well!”

The Blonde Loli’s team members started pleading. Except for some, Yang Tian did not kill the rest of the metahumans from the nine teams. 

“I am keeping you alive because all of you are still useful.”

Yang Tian had initially planned to exterminate all of them, but when he saw that there were so many metahumans, he had a new idea.

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From the moment he was reincarnated, Yang Tian had planned to develop his own organization. However, the manor would only be reborn after the second Blood Rain and truly become one of the twenty-three main cities after that.

Currently, Yang Tian needs to build his forces with the manor as its center and create a defense line around it.

“There are no more Violent Corpse Worms to control them, are you rest assured about them?”

“If we go hunt a Rank 3 mutated beast, you should be able to produce Rank 3 Violent Corpse Worms, right?”

“I am only Rank 2, I will only be able to produce a small amount of Violent Corpse Worms if I devour a Rank 3 beast.”

Yang Tian only now remembered that the Violent Corpse Worm Queen was still at Rank 2 and has yet to rank up.

“I possess the King’s Bloodline, I do not need energy crystals to rank up.”

Yang Tian could detect a robust energy hiding within the body of Violent Corpse Worm Queen and he did hear before in his previous life, the individuals that possessed King’s Bloodline in each plane did not require energy crystals to become stronger.

“Everyone, wait here for a moment.”

Yang Tian quickly ran to the back mountain and hunted a Ghost Blade Wolf and got Violent Corpse Worm Queen to devour it. With Yang Tian’s assistance, Violent Corpse Worm Queen was able to reproduce quickly this time.

Fifteen Violent Corpse Worms was produced in this batch, all of them inherited traits of the Ghost Blade Wolf. After creating this batch, Violent Corpse Worm Queen entered a weakened state again.

Yang Tian returned to the manor.

“The leaders of each team come out.”

A total of nine Early Rank 3 metahumans, Yang Tian planted a Violent Corpse Worm in each of them. As their current levels were higher than the Violent Corpse Worms, they did not feel much pain during the process, but there was still a detectable increase in their strength.

“My strength is increasing.”

“What a mysterious feeling.”

The nine metahumans felt unbelievable before looking at Lei Xing with knowing eyes.

Who will not want to follow a boss who can bestow power?

Lei Xing looked at them oddly, he had never received a Violent Corpse Worm from Yang Tian; everything he accumulated till this point was with his own merit.

“Call me Lord from now on.”

“Yes, Lord”

All of them instantly acknowledged, the only thing that can convince people during the post-apocalyptic era was power, and Yang Tian’s strength has convinced them thoroughly.

“Also, you you you… the few of you. Come out.”

Yang Tian called out six other metahumans and planted Violent Corpse Worms in them as well.

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“Ah… ah!”

As these people were only Rank 2, the pain their experienced was much higher than the Early Rank 3s.

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