Chapter 126 – Professor Evil

However, after the implant, the power they obtained was plenty; more distinct than the Early Rank 3s.

“Such great power.”

They looked at their hands, this was real power.

“Since all of you have decided to follow me, I want you to build nine outposts with the manor as the center. Build the camps evenly apart in a circle.”


The nine teams were startled for a moment, they can go just like that? Is he not afraid of them leaving?

“Oh, I forgot to add. The power within your body is under my control, should I ever be in a bad mood, I might make the power inside someone’s body explode.”


The fifteen people who obtained power were shocked! So it was as expected, the power was not free.

“Do the tasks assigned to you properly, and the power you obtained will forever simply remain as power.”

Yang Tian’s words were evident, the fifteen metahumans could only follow it.

The other metahumans gloated at these fifteen, but soon they noticed the gaze coming from the fifteen and immediately noticed that something was not right. Now that the fifteen metahumans have been enslaved by Yang Tian, it meant that all their actions would be monitored.

“All of us understand.”

“Wang Yu, discuss with them and confirm the locations of the camps!”

“Yes, Boss.”

Wang Yu took out the map she had prepared earlier.

On the map, a circle was drawn with the manor at the center. Wang Yu pointed out the locations where the camps needed to be built.

The positions of the camps should not be too far or too near; they have to be within a suitable range to provide support to the manor immediately when required.

The tanks and armored vehicles left behind by the army will be given to the teams, providing them with resources to kickstart the construction.

Under Wang Yu’s orders, the teams set out.

“Boss, can they be trusted?”

After the teams left, Xu Dafu asked with some concern.

“They are afraid to die, as long as they continue to fear death, they will not disobey.”

Yang Tian was interested with the nine Early Rank 3 metahumans; moreover, with the Violent Corpse Worms implanted in them, they also became obedient. The ones who will now try to run were the metahumans who does not have Violent Corpse Worms planted in them, but with the Early Rank 3s monitoring them, they have also lost their chance to run away now.

“Right, what of Teacher Ouyang’s experiments?”

“Rest assured! With thirteen Rank 2 metahumans as specimens, there will likely be no problems.”

“That will be great.”

Over the next few days, painful screams will occasionally be heard coming from the lab, terrifying the Rank 1 metahumans nearby.

“Manor Lord, we can start the experiment.”

Xiao Li walked out of the lab and reported to Yang Tian.


Yang Tian quickly went to the lab, Ouyang Ge summarized the current experiment to Yang Tian.

“Manor Lord, this is my research report.”

Over the past few days, Ouyang Ge has started calling Yang Tian as Manor Lord instead of Brother Yang.

“There’s no need to read it, Teacher Ouyang can just tell me directly.”

“Sure! I decided to try transplanting the organs of Rank 2 metahumans to the bodies of Rank 1s to determine the effects before deciding the focus of the research.”

“You can decide small matters like this in the future Teacher Ouyang.”

Yang Tian did not expect Ouyang Ge to call him over for such a small matter. However, Yang Tian did not know that Ouyang Ge rarely performed human test trials in his previous life; only when results have exceeded 80% on animal testing did he get permission to perform experiments on humans. Yet now, Ouyang Ge had been given absolute freedom by Yang Tian; this was also why Ouyang Ge will eventually be called Professor Evil by the masses in the future, a stark difference from the Great Scientist image in Yang Tian’s previous life.

“Thank you, Manor Lord.”

With Yang Tian’s permission, Ouyang Ge was emboldened about performing experiments.

Ouyang Ge selected a Rank 1 metahumans and swapped his organs with a Rank 2 metahuman. Both individuals have the same element attributes, and with the sap of the Nacre Vine to heal their wounds, no accidents appeared during the process. However, there were faint changes noted between the two individuals.

The strength of the Rank 1 metahuman has increased, he was still Rank 1, but much more powerful than ordinary Rank 1s. While the Rank 2 metahuman did not drop in rank, but his strength was weaker than other Rank 2s.

As Ouyang Ge continued with his research; it created several deaths amongst the metahumans, most of the casualties were due to elemental clashes within the body.

“I also need some ordinary people.”

Ouyang Ge’s experiments require both metahumans and ordinary humans. Yang Tian got Xu Dafu to protect Ouyang Ge and also to form a capture team with the other experimental subjects, this team was sent to Z City to capture some ordinary people.

It was certain that many other organizations within the Celestial Empire were performing similar experiments secretly as well, they either entice volunteers with the use of food or force them to participate in the experiments. However, the one who stands at the top in terms of the frequency of such experiments was undoubtedly Ouyang Ge.

After catching a group of ordinary humans, Ouyang Ge’s experiments nearly went out of hand. Several trips were made daily, with a few dozen humans being brought back in each trip.

Today, one of the nine Early Rank 3 metahumans visited the manor.

“Lord, the East Camp catches ordinary humans and Rank 1 metahumans for camp construction, but Professor Ouyang Ge kept coming to my camp to take them away. It is fine if it is just a couple of times, but he always comes to my camp to take people away, this is already affecting the camp construction process, we hope that the Lord can be understanding about this!”

Yang Tian frowned when he heard him.

“Wang Yu, what is Ouyang Ge doing nowadays?”

“Boss. Teacher Ouyang is getting more and more out of hand ever since he got your permission.”

Ouyang Ge is a science madman and will get out of hand once he immersed himself in his experiments. Human experimentation has opened a great door in Ouyang Ge’s world, which was why this situation was occurring.

“What about the other camps?”

“The other camps did not accept ordinary humans, only East Camp captures ordinary humans; that is also why Teacher Ouyang often went there.”

“Okay, I will speak to Ouyang Ge about this. Return first.”

“Thank you, Lord.”

The Early Rank 3 metahuman left the manor, and Yang Tian went to the lab. After that visit, the number of ordinary humans being captured was significantly reduced.

“Boss, boss!”

“What is it? Why are you panicking?”

A flustered Xu Dafu appeared in front of Yang Tian.

“West Camp had been attacked by someone, the Camp Chief escaped and came to us.”


The nine great camps of the manor were only established for a few days and others were already attacking them?

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