Chapter 127 – Li Mu

“Call the West Camp Chief over.”


Xu Dafu quickly went to call the West Camp Chief over.

“Tell me what happened.”

“Lord, forces from the Li Family of the army came and destroyed our West Camp.”

The army contained many different forces; the Li Family belonged to one of the peak forces within the military, and one of the nine teams that joined the manor was under the Li Family.

The army was greatly enraged when they failed to receive news from their squadron and the nine teams, and even the strongest person in the third division, You Zi, was missing in action. The Li Family could not sit still and was the first to react and sent their forces to investigate.

When the Li Family’s people reached the boundary line, they saw the camp that was currently undergoing construction and approached it to enquire. However, why would anyone in West Camp tell them the truth? Seeing that there were no answers to be gotten, the people from the Li Family wiped out the West Camp in a fit of anger. Only the Early Rank 3 West Camp Chief managed to escape.

 “Did they know that you escaped?”

“They should still be in the camp and not know that I have escaped.”

Yang Tian pondered for a moment before turning to ask Wang Yu.

“Wang Yu, what are the camps closest to the West Camp?”

“Boss, the closest one will be North-West and South-West Camp, after that it will be the Central Camp located closest to the manor and following that will be North Camp and South Camp.”

“Okay. Inform the people of these five camps about the situation and tell them to gather at West Camp.”

“But Boss, the people from North Camp once served the Li Family.”

Wang Yu was well informed of the organizations the nine teams were from. The North Camp was related to the Li Family, which was something that Wang Yu was worried about.

“Not a problem, just inform them.”


Wang Yu spent an hour to inform the five camps.

Yang Tian brought the West Camp Chief and Lei Xing to West Camp, while the rest were instructed to stay in the manor.

Yang Tian saw the metahumans from the other five camps as he was approaching West Camp and quickly gathered them.

“Lord, we came here immediately after receiving your command.”

The metahumans from the five camps had all rushed over, the metahumans from the North Camp was displaying slightly odd expressions. They did not expect to meet their previous master after only following Yang Tian for a few days.

“Prepare yourselves, we are moving out.”

The metahumans belonging to the Li Family were currently still in West Camp, the Li Family were serious this time, there were as many as eight Early Rank 3 metahumans and three Mid Rank 3 metahumans. The other metahumans were all heavily armed as well.

“Lord Li, to think that metahumans were setting up roots in this place, I thought they were just mutated beasts!”

“The two teams we sent out have never returned. I must get to the bottom of this.”

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The one who spoke was not the strongest but from the expressions of the other metahumans, that person was undoubtedly the most important.

“Lord Li, someone is approaching from that direction.”

Looking at where the metahuman pointed, Lord Li saw a large group of people walking towards them.

It was Yang Tian’s group; Yang Tian did not plan to use any schemes as well, he plans to meet force with force.

“Huang Bu?”

Lord Li immediately recognized the North Camp Chief, but he could also see that Huang Bu was not here with good intentions. 

“Long time no see, Lord Li Mu.” Huang Bu smiled bitterly and spoke.

“Huang Bu, you did not return to the Li Family, now what is the meaning of this?”

Li Mu’s face turned ugly when he saw the metahumans that came with Huang Bu surrounding them. Li Mu was here to find out what happened to the teams that had disappeared, but how was he to report to the family that it was related to their own men?

“You destroyed my West Camp, you have to account for it.”

Li Mu’s gaze fell on Yang Tian and saw someone familiar standing beside Yang Tian.

“Lei Xing?”

“It’s me.” Lei Xing boldly admitted his identity.

“So it is due to a group of traitors!” Li Mu was enraged.

“Kill them all.”

Upon Li Mu’s command, the metahumans beside him all took action.

Eight Early Rank 3 metahumans and three Mid Rank 3 metahumans, while Yang Tian only brought along six Early Rank 3 metahumans, their forces were at a disadvantage.

“Boss, do you want me to return and…”

“No need, it is enough.”

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Yang Tian’s confidence was because Venom has recovered from some of its injuries and reached Mid Rank 3. Also, Yang Tian now possessed the two High Rank 3 weapons, Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf.

Although Yang Tian did not know You Zi’s spear techniques, the might of High Rank 3 weapons could still be displayed.

Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf each have their own effects, but when used together, a new effect would be formed.

Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf: Reduce all attributes of the enemy by 10%

Do not look down at this 10%, when used properly, it could become very effective.

Yang Tian entered Venom form, he fought the three Mid Rank 3 metahumans with Chasing Tiger Spear in his right hand and Driving Wolf Soft Spear in his left.

Chasing Tiger was extremely ferocious while Driving Wolf was versatile for both offense and defense, like a venomous snake.

Yang Tian was very familiar with the uniqueness of Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf and was able to wield them skillfully by relying on the advantages of the spears, fighting his three opponents to a standstill.

“Are the three of you good-for-nothings? Can’t even bring him down in a three versus one!”

Before, the three metahumans could feel anxious and Li Mu behind them was already starting to become anxious.

Li Mu’s words then caused the three people’s attacks to become rushed, it has also undoubtedly provided Yang Tian with opportunities to counterattack.

On the other end, although it was a six versus eight, they were able to hold their ground due to Lei Xing’s support in the background and was even able to deal severe blows to their opponents.

“You guys, quickly find that sniper and kill him.”

The eight metahumans quickly got their subordinates to look for Lei Xing after suffering huge losses.

“Block those people.”

The six Camp Chiefs also understood that their advantage had been due to Lei Xing, and decisively ordered their subordinates to prevent their enemies from finding Lei Xing.


At that moment, Lei Xing shot an Explosion Bullet and it struck the chest of an Early Rank 3 metahuman.


Even though it was just a Rank 2 bullet, having it hit randomly on your body was still a very painful experience.

Moreover, Yang Tian’s side has more Rank 2 metahumans than Li Mu and has a distinct advantage in the battle between Rank 2s.

Li Mu was also a Rank 2 metahuman; initially, he had no plans to enter into the fray, but when Yang Tian’s Rank 2 metahumans were already in front of him, he had no choice but to retaliate.

“You trashes, quickly defeat your opponents, this young master is even forced to act already.”

Li Mu might be a Rank 2 metahuman but his actual fighting experience was pitiful, displaying several openings in his defenses while guarding against the attacks of a Rank 2 metahuman.

“All of you should quickly look at what is happening to your Young Master.”

Yang Tian’s words forced them to get distracted,  which was precisely Yang Tian’s intent.

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