Chapter 128 – Dryad Warrior


Yang Tian pierced through the right arm of an opponent and then he severed it.


The metahuman shouted painfully.

However, Yang Tian’s attack did not stop there; breaking a finger is better than injuring ten fingers!

Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf

The metahuman suddenly felt an unknown pressure pressing down on its body and he wanted to evade the incoming lethal blow from Yang Tian, but the metahuman felt a sharp drop in his speed.

“Save me.”

The other two metahumans were unable to save him in time and they chose to attack Yang Tian instead.

Attacking Wei to rescue Zhao? Unfortunately, Venom can take on such attacks easily, even if he were to be injured, Yang Tian would also be able to continue to attack.


The spear pierced through the heart while the attacks of the other two metahumans have struck on Yang Tian as well, but their attacks were unable to break Venom’s defense, let alone injure Yang Tian.

“You guys made a mistake.”

Yang Tian pulled out Chasing Tiger Spear from the chest and used both Chasing Tiger and Driving Wolf to attack both metahumans.

The close-range attack prevented either of them from evading it.

Wood Shield

Only allowed on

The three of them were Dryad Warriors and it was hard to determine their element during the battle. Had they had not used Wood Shield, Yang Tian would have assumed they were simply Psuedo-Martialists.


The two metahumans quickly borrowed the chance during the attack to escape Yang Tian’s range.

“If all of you are Dryad Warriors, then it is likely you will not die from that attack.”

Yang Tian pointed his spear at the metahuman in front of him, the one who did not die despite his heart being pierced and also the same one who was the most severely injured. However, such injuries were nothing much for Dryad Warriors.

“I had wanted to ambush you but it looks like I underestimated you.”

The metahuman stood up from the ground; on his chest, it had no trace of blood on the wound. The arm that had fallen was not bleeding too and had already been attached back.

The greatest difference between Dryad Warriors and other metahumans is their weakness. Other metahumans would die if their hearts or brains are destroyed, but Dryad Warriors do not have such vulnerabilities. A Dryad Warrior can rapidly regenerate a damaged heart or shattered brain.

However, all creatures will have a weak point, including Dryad Warriors.

“It looks like your guys cannot last much longer.”

Li Mu and their group’s Rank 2 metahumans were in bad shape, it was only a matter of time before they get defeated. The eight Early Rank 3 metahumans were also faring poorly due to Lei Xing’s sniping from the dark and their bodies were spotting injuries more severe than the six Camp Chiefs.

“You two go and help the others, I will hold him here.”


The two Dryad Warriors immediately agreed, the three of them were unable to defeat Yang Tian even after working together, they might as well use the uniqueness of their ability to hold Yang Tian down and help their forces to destroy their opponents.

Yang Tian also allowed the two to leave and faced the remaining Dryad Warrior alone.

“Do you think that I do not know your weak point? I am just unable to attack your weak point as the three of you are attacking me. Now that the others have left, you will definitely die.”

The Dryad Warrior was startled for a moment, but Yang Tian immediately proved his words.

The endless energy of the Dryad Warrior came from their kidneys. The two organs contained all their energy, destroying their kidneys meant destroying them.

Yang Tian kept Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf, took out Ravenous Wolf Blade and Shield, which enhances his agility by 20%, allowing Yang Tian to better attack.

Mental Disruption

After getting struck by Mental Disruption, a gap in his opponent defense appeared, and Yang Tian attacked in a frenzy.

Wood Shield

“You think it will be useful?”

After Venom recovered from some of its injuries, Yang Tian also noticed a unique trait of Venom. Assimilate, Venom could attach itself onto weapons to strengthen it.

Ravenous Wolf Blade felt like a part of Yang Tian after it was encased by Venom, as though it was his arm.


The blade shattered Wood Shield in one stroke, the residual might landed on the Dryad Warrior.

The huge injury appeared on the chest of the Dryad Warrior, but there was no bleeding and the injury quickly closed. However, healing such a large wound would also deplete his energy. 

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Yang Tian spoke and sent another slash, the Dryad Warrior could only use Wood Shield again to block the attack. This time, Yang Tian was able to detect the location of the Dryad Warrior’s kidney, it was at his abdomen. Dryad Warriors could shift the position of their kidneys at will, Yang Tian was able to discover where it was located in the previous exchange.


One of the kidneys received a huge injury from the Ravenous Wolf Blade, blood started to flow out madly.

Even with his ability to heal rapidly, the blood explained his current state.

“Save… save me.”

The Dryad Warrior called out for help to the other two Dryad Warriors, they have left just not long ago to assist their other teammates and were forced to return to help.

The two Dryad Warriors held the heavily injured one and quickly retreated.

With them was Li Mu, Yang Tian could see that they were planning to withdraw.


The three Dryad Warrior and Li Mu could retreat, but the other eight Early Rank 3 metahumans were obviously being pinned down, how could they run?

Yang Tian did not chase after the Dryad Warriors and chose to assist the six Camp Chiefs to hold down the eight metahumans.

Yang Tian did not kill them but brought them back with him.

Other than the destroyed West Camp, the rest of the people returned to their respective camps.

Upon returning to the manor, Yang Tian got Crazy Vine to tie up the captives.

“Boss, what are we keeping them for?” Lei Xing asked.

“Let them listen to the sounds coming out of the lab.”

Lei Xing instantly recalled the torturous sounds of pain he heard the past few days; Xu Dafu and the rest often left the manor whenever they could.

Lei Xing threw them a pitiful glance and that caused the captives to shudder.

“Manor Lord, did you prepare these men especially for this old man?”

Ouyang Ge had been immersed in his experiments and it was unknown how long since he last cleaned up, it made him looked like a mad man. Especially the gaze he used on the eight Early Rank 3 metahumans, it was no different from a hungry wolf’s.

“No hurry, they will be yours after a few days.”

“Hahaha, okay. Thank you, Manor Lord.”

Ouyang Ge cupped his fist towards Yang Tian before returning to the lab.

A series of screams were quickly heard coming out from the lab; each time Ouyang Ge came out, he would look at the captives as though they were precious treasures, causing their hairs to stand immediately.

“Crazy Old Man, what are you looking at!”

Finally, one of them could not endure it any longer and shouted at Ouyang Ge.

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