Chapter 129 – Restraint

“Yo! Aren’t you tough.”

Xu Dafu ran over and gloated. 

“Dafu, take note of him. I want him to be the first person of this batch.”


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Ouyang Ge glanced at that person a few more time as he was leaving.

“Dude, I admire your courage greatly.”

Xu Dafu patted the metahuman’s shoulders in admiration.

“Hey! What are you talking about, explain it to me clearly.”

Unfortunately, Xu Dafu did not reply to his question which gave him unlimited space for imagination. Fearing the unknown was always the most terrifying.

Yang Tian got Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Wang Yu to monitor their surrounding territory, in case Li Mu and his people came back and located them.

“There is a situation near North Camp?”

Wang Yu reported that Li Mu and his people were active around North Camp.


North Camp had initially been the team sent by the Li Family, they indeed have the highest possibility to work with Li Mu secretly. However, North Camp Chief should know about the Violent Corpse Worm that Yang Tian planted in his body, would he still dare to commit mutiny?

“Boss, will the people of North Camp betray us?”

“Except for North Camp Chief and another metahuman of the camp, the rest might do so.”

Other than the North Camp Chief, there was another Rank 2 metahuman that was given the Violent Corpse Worm in North Camp. Logically, these two individuals would not betray them, but it would be hard to guarantee that the same goes for the rest.

It mainly depends on the influence of the North Camp Chief.

Currently, in the North Camp, Li Mu and his men were gathered.

“Huang Bu, come back and help us now and I will report to the family to pardon you. All of you should know perfectly well how powerful the family is, right?”

Li Mu’s threatening tone was undeniable.

Huang Bu and another Rank 2 metahuman under him have Violent Corpse Worm inside of them, it was impossible for them to return to the Li Family. However, the subordinates under them were cowering in a dilemma due to Li Mu. The Li Family is very powerful, but the strength that Yang Tian had displayed so far was not weak as well.


“Do all of you want to be killed by the Li Family?”

Li Mu was enraged when he saw the people hesitating.

“I choose to stay and no longer want to risk my life for the Li Family.”

Not only Huang Bu and the Rank 2 metahuman, but the other metahumans also said the same as well. They have been building this camp with Huang Bu for the past few days and have gathered a group of Rank 1 metahumans under them. They have tasted power and authority in the camp, returning to the Li Family would mean that they will have to continue to risk their lives again for the Li Family. Moreover, the power that Yang Tian had displayed so far was not weak; after comparing the two sides, they have decided to stay.

“Yes, we are staying as well.”

With someone leading, the rest quickly concurred.

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“A bunch of ingrates, wait for the kill order from the Li Family! Let us go!”

Li Mu waved his hand and left with the three Dryad Warriors.

After they left, Huang Bu ordered:

“The two of you quickly head to the manor and report what has happened to the Lord.”


They understood Huang Bu’s intent and quickly headed for the manor.

Li Mu and his group were also secretly conversing after leaving North Camp.

“Young Master, I think we should return and kill them all.”

“I agree with Young Master, they would certainly not expect us to suddenly return to kill them after just departing. We can catch them while unaware.”

“Ok, let’s do as you suggested.”

The four of them quickly charged back to the North Camp again, this time, bearing murderous intent.

At the same time, the two metahumans sent by Huang Bu have also arrived at the manor.

“My Lord, our North Camp…”

The two metahumans quickly explained everything that happened.

“Okay, we will go to North Camp now.”

This time round, Yang Tian brought T-Rex along; with T-Rex’s fighting power, the three Dryad Warriors would be a piece of cake.

Yang Tian rode the huge T-Rex and dashed to the North Camp. As for the two metahumans, they had to rely on their own legs to run back.

T-Rex’s speed allowed it to quickly arrived at North Camp, it was currently being assaulted by Li Mu and his group.

Using their advantage in numbers, North Camp was still in good shape. However, the three Dryad Warriors was producing casualties at an alarming rate.


The roar attracted the gazes of everyone within North Camp onto T-Rex. When the metahumans of North Camp saw T-Rex, they knew that the cavalry has arrived.

All of them knew how powerful T-Rex was, it was even able to bring down You Zi.

Li Mu and his group have not seen T-Rex before, but they were able to sense an immense pressure coming from T-Rex, forcing them to uncontrollably retreat a few steps.

“All of you can prepare to die!” Huang Bu charged at Li Mu and shouted.

Hearing Huang Bu’s words, they knew that the T-Rex has arrived to help, causing their expressions to turn extremely ugly.

“Take him down first.”

Li Mu ordered a Dryad Warrior to take down Huang Bu, but Huang Bu was also an Early Rank 3 metahuman’ even if he could not win the Dryad Warrior, he should have no problem enduring for some time.

When T-Rex reached the battlefield, a high-temperature Fire Dragon Claw slashed at a Dryad Warrior. Fire restrains Wood, flames would deal an additional 20% damage on the Dryad Warrior.

In front of Fire Dragon Claw, the Wood Shield shredded like paper.


The three Dryad Warriors were sent flying away, against the T-Rex, the Dryad Warriors was disadvantaged in all aspects.

“Young Master, we need to retreat!”

“Retreat? You must be joking, I do not intend to let any of you escape today.”

From the moment he brought T-Rex with him, Yang Tian had no intention of letting anyone escape.

Yang Tian entered Venom form and was about to catch Li Mu.

The Dryad Warriors wanted to protect Li Mu, but the T-Rex blocking them was giving them enormous pressure.

Their Wood Element was only common tier, how could they compare to a Captain-Class Commander Tier T-Rex?

Li Mu was only a Rank 2 metahuman, and one with poor fighting experience. In less than two moves, Li Mu got captured by Yang Tian.

“Young Master.”

The Dryad Warriors anxiously shouted when Li Mu was caught.

“You guys should be worried about yourselves first!”

A powerful Fire Dragon Claw charged towards the three Dryad Warriors. Yang Tian might need to focus on their weak points when fighting them, but T-Rex was able to use its power and elemental advantage to suppress them. No matter where the Dryad Warriors were hiding their weak points, any attacks from T-Rex would cause harm to them.

Moreover, one of the Dryad Warriors was still seriously injured due to Yang Tian, he was having the hardest time defending against T-Rex.

Yang Tian immediately tossed Li Mu to Huang Bu and took out Ravenous Wolf Blade.

The heavily injured Dryad Warrior did not notice Yang Tian’s approach at his back.


Yang Tian dealt a full-powered slash, nearly hacking the Dryad Warrior into two.


The other two Dryad Warriors wanted to help their comrade but was unable to do anything due to T-Rex’s incoming attack.

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