Chapter 130 – Lucky Box

“Not to worry, I am not going to kill you.”

Dryad Warriors are different from other metahumans, their power comes from their kidneys and Ouyang Ge’s research requires organ transplants. The Dryad Warriors might be a decent choice.

The Dryad Warrior who nearly split into halves had lost his ability to resist, Yang Tian tied him up and chuck him to one side.

Yang Tian had wanted to use the same method to ambush the other two Dryad Warriors, but they were on alert after witnessing what Yang Tian could do.

Unfortunately, T-Rex’s power was much higher than them, plus there were only two of them left. How could they fend off T-Rex while being distracted by Yang Tian?

Giant Dragon Ram

The might of Giant Dragon Ram could be felt even before it reached them.

Dryad Bind

The two Dryad Warriors was unwilling to give up and used Dryad Bind together, a large number of vines appeared underneath the feet of T-Rex and tried to bind it. However, the destructive force of Giant Dragon Ram was too great, it instantly shattered those vines.


The two kept using their strongest skill and continuously cast Dryad Bind. One time, two times, three times.

One must admit that their efforts were effective, Giant Dragon Ram was slowed down. However, the repeated use of Dryad Bind had depleted the stamina of the two Dryad Warriors as well.

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“Looking at your current state, how are you going to defend against me?”

A familiar voice was heard, and they knew that it was bad; escape? That’s nearly impossible.

Dragon-Claw Hand pierced through from their backs, Yang Tian quickly retreated after his attack succeeded.

Giant Dragon Ram was about to reach them.

Boom Boom

The two Dryad Warriors were smashed against a rock; their entire body damaged and every part of their bodies was bleeding.

Looking at their injuries, it was likely that their kidneys had been injured by the shock as well. 

Swoosh Swoosh

Two bundles of black liquid shot out from Yang Tian and encased the two.

“Don’t be smug, the army has sent out many people this time, we are just the vanguard.”

Li Mu was still shouting arrogantly! The Li Family had only wanted them to investigate the situation, but Li Mu assumed that his team was powerful enough and went ahead without regard of the family’s instructions, leading to this current state of affairs.

“So what?”

Yang Tian ignored Li Mu; from Yang Tian’s point of view, Li Mu was just a useless second-generation son. Rather than wasting resources capturing the latter, it would be better to just kill him.

Once decided, Yang Tian walked towards Li Mu with Ravenous Wolf Blade in his hand.

“What… what are you trying to do?”

Li Mu could sense the murderous intent coming from Yang Tian and shout in shock.

“Don’t kill me, I can tell you a secret.”

Feeling Yang Tian’s terrifying killing intent, Li Mu quickly added:

“There is a treasure in my pocket.”

Oh? An additional unexpected harvest?

Yang Tian took out a metal block from Li Mu’s pocket.

“How could this be a treasure?”

Huang Bu said with disdain when he saw that the treasure that Li Mu mentioned was just a piece of metal.

“What do you know? You might not even be able to break this metal shell.” Li Mu said unhappily.

Huang Bu may not know what it was, but Yang Tian knew, this small metal box was certainly not ordinary.

This small metal box even had a common name: Lucky Box

As its name proposes, the Lucky Box depends on chance; some people might obtain Epic Rank treasures from it, while some would only get ordinary currencies.

Opening a Lucky Box requires a Lucky Coin, and to acquire a Lucky Coin would really depend on a person’s luck. To summarize it, a Lucky Box needs to be given to a person with extremely great luck. Luck is intangible, but it exists.

“Giving me a metal box that you cannot open to exchange for your life?” Yang Tian coldly sneered.

“Wait. I am the direct descendant of the Li Family, you cannot kill me.”

Li Mu was really in a panic, the small metal box was the best item he had on him. However, Yang Tian knew one thing as well, the Li Family had no plans to nurture Li Mu. Would the Li Family fail to provide a single piece of protective equipment for a direct descendant?

Except for being a Rank 2 metahuman, Li Mu had nothing else in his name to negotiate.

“We have a treasure with us, release our Young Master!”

Yang Tian only wanted to squeeze anything of worth out of Li Mu, he did not expect that the other three would volunteer.

“Oh? Take it out, let me have a look.”

“However, you must release our Young Master, or we will rather die than to let you have it.”

“That’s only natural.”

Yang Tian released Li Mu with a wave, the latter ran away without even turning to look at the three Dryad Warriors when he was freed.

“There is a rock in my heart.”

This is one of the advantages of the Dryad Warrior, they could turn a part of their body into storage space.

The Dryad Warrior opened his heart, revealing a glowing blue rock.

Moon Spirit Stone

It was condensed from moonlight energy, a Rank 4 material. When used on weapons, it could provide the weapon with an additional attribute and might even improve the weapon’s grade.

“Where did you acquire this rock from?”

“There are many similar rocks in our Li Family. Are you interested?” The Dryad Warrior asked in a mocking tone.

“If that’s the case, I really should make a visit when the time comes.”

Yang Tian held his chin as he said that and from the looks of it, Yang Tian was really having thoughts of visiting the Li Family.


“Enough nonsense, bring them back.”

Yang Tian got Huang Bu to tie them to a wooden wagon and ordered the metahumans under him to bring them back to the manor.

“You should be able to manage the North Camp, right?”

“Rest assured my Lord, I will definitely manage things properly.”

Huang Bu slapped his chest and guaranteed.

Yang Tian also took the chance to observe the North Camp, the scale was not considered significant, but it was also considered pretty good at this point of time. Huang Bu had also recruited many metahumans to join them.

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“How about food, do you have enough?”

“We have cleaned out many occupied supermarts. It is enough for now.”

“The meat of Rank 1 insects are also a good choice, you guys can try.”


Huang Bu held great trust towards Yang Tian; since Yang Tian just mentioned that the meat of insects was edible, Huang Bu decided to capture some insects to test.

“How much do you know about construction?”

Yang Tian wanted to connect all the camps together and form a firm defensive line. This was similar to the Ten-Thousand Mile Dragon City, a firm defense line had prevented countless otherworld creatures from invading into their territory. Although Yang Tian knows that the manor is not Ten-Thousand Mile Dragon City, the uniqueness of the manor would allow it to form a similar defense line.

“I do not know much about this topic, but some of my subordinates are knowledgeable.”

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