Chapter 131 – Magic Energy Weapons

Huang Bu brought three middle-aged men to Yang Tian.

During the civilized era, these men were all famous architects but they had become only ordinary Rank 1 metahumans in the post-apocalyptic world.

“The three of them are all experts in this field, what do you think, Lord?”

“Passable, I will inform Wang Yu to come and communicate with them.”

In the past, Yang Tian had assumed Wang Yu to be a mere vase but as time went by, he discovered that Wang Yu had done well in managing and executing tasks. From a certain point of view, Wang Yu has become Yang Tian’s right and left hand.

“Yes, Lord.”

Yang Tian continued talking with Huang Bu until the metahumans who were sent to deliver the Dryad Warriors to the manor have returned to North Camp. Yang Tian rode on T-Rex and returned to the manor.

“Ah… ah!”

Upon returning to the manor, Yang Tian heard screaming that sounded terrible.

Yang Tian was now considering if he should shift Ouyang Ge to another location; Yang Tian might be able to tolerate hearing such terrible cries resounding within the manor every day, but it did not mean that Wang Yu and the rest will be able to endure it.

“Dafu, where is Wang Yu?”

“I will call her Boss.”

Yang Tian walked into his house; the small house was once meant for Xiao Xiao, but now that the latter has left, Yang Tian had modified it and turned it into a conference room.

Wang Yu soon arrived.

“Wang Yu, I want to take a look at the distribution map of our forces.” 

“Here it is Boss.”

Wang Yu placed a map in front of Yang Tian, it highlighted the various locations of the camps and the strength of each camp in detail.

“The Central Camp is the nearest to the manor but is also the weakest of the nine camps?”

“That’s right; the Camp Chief is also an Early Rank 3, but he has the least amount of Rank 2 subordinates under him.”

“Wang Yu, I want to ask you something.”

Yang Tian suddenly asked.

“Please go ahead, Boss! This is the first time you are asking me something and you even gave me a heads up.”

“Ok, then I will be frank. What do you think if I place Teacher Ouyang in Central Camp?”


Wang Yu was surprised, to place Ouyang Ge in the Central Camp, won’t it frighten those people and ended up developing into problems?

“We can give it a try.”

Wang Yu was also unable to tolerate the screaming coming from the lab over the past few days. To be able to send Ouyang Ge to another place would undoubtedly be a good thing for the manor.

“Okay, Ouyang Ge will move to Central Camp today.”

Wang Yu ordered Wang Yu to make some preparations and as Central Camp was not far from them, the transportation would not require too much time or effort.

Currently, three Dryad Warriors were added into the lab, Ouyang Ge looked at them like a hungry wolf would. The trio wanted to escape, but they were bound and could only exchange gazes with Ouyang Ge.

The three of them were Mid Rank 3 metahumans, but they did not expect to be scared of an ordinary crazy old man.

“I am told that your bodies are different from other metahumans?”

“So what?”

“Hahaha, Xiao Li, bring me three syringes.”


Xiao Li brought three syringes the size of an arm, the needle was as thick as a toothpick.


Ouyang Ge immediately stabbed the three syringes in their bodies.

“It is as Manor Lord mentioned, blood cannot be extracted.”

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However, Ouyang Ge also knew that if he wants to draw blood, he needs to target their kidneys.

“Manor Lord told me that you can shift the location of your kidneys. Xiao Li, being me my probe equipment.”

A device that looked like a gun appeared in front of the three men, they watch as the crazy old man used the device to probe their body, and really discovered where their kidneys were currently located.

“It is here.”

The needle entered and managed to draw out a large amount of blood. The same method was used on the other two Dryad Warriors as well.

“Xiao Li, keep these three tubes properly.”


The faces of the Dryad Warriors were pale, the blood gathered inside their kidneys were their essence and Ouyang Ge had extracted a large amount of it.

If they knew, they would have given him their ordinary blood in the first place.

When Ouyang Ge tried to extract their blood the first time, they had specially kept their blood away from him. However, they did not expect Ouyang Ge to know of their weak point as well and their advantages were reversed.

“Teacher Ouyang, Wang Yu is here.”

Xiao Li saw Wang Yu at the entrance after storing the three tubes of blood.

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“Little Yu, why are you looking for me?”

Ouyang Ge’s smile was welcoming, but when combined with his current appearance, it was very alarming instead.

“Teacher Ouyang, does this place suit your requirements?”

“Not bad. Little Yu, if you have anything to say, you can tell me directly! This old man does not like to beat around the bush.”

“Actually, Boss had prepared a new research lab in Central Camp and hopes that Teacher Ouyang could shift there.”

“So that’s the case, no problem.”

Ouyang Ge and Xiao Yu were both research madmen, they were neither interested in minor ploys nor schemes. Since they were asked to move, they would just do that; there was nothing much to talk about as well.

“Then we can set off once Teacher Ouyang is ready.”

“Sure, remember to bring along those three for me as well.”

Ouyang Ge has yet to start experimenting on the Dryad Warriors; he was very interested in these Dryad Warriors and was unwilling to give them up.


Wang Yu left the lab and saw Xu Dafu who just returned.

“How is the research lab in Central Camp?”

“With Crazy Vine, it had been ready long ago. It is also much bigger than before.”

Yang Tian got Crazy Vine Matrix to accompany Xu Dafu to Central Camp, a new research lab was constructed in Central Camp now.

“These experimental subjects are going along as well and should be able to improve the strength of Central Camp greatly. The Wilderness Wolfmen will also accompany Teacher Ouyang, they should be able to ensure Teacher Ouyang’s safety.”

Wang Yu had made a series of plans, the Wilderness Wolfmen were the only ones in the manor that were not affected by Ouyang Ge’s experiments, which was the reason why she had chosen them.

“Right, where is Lei Xing?” Xu Dafu asked Wang Yu.

“Didn’t you notice a new forge was created?”

Wang Yu pointed towards the building located south-west of the manor, her meaning was obvious: Lei Xing is in there.

Yang Tian intends to nurture Lei Xing into a Gunmaster; together with Lei Xing’s inherent talent for guns, all Yang Tian needed to do was to provide a direction and Lei Xing was able to develop himself.

The forge was specially created for Lei Xing; with his understanding of firearms and ever since Yang Tian taught him some forging knowledge over the past few days, Lei Xing became able to create his own equipment now.

Sounds of striking metal were heard when approaching the forge.

“It is finally complete.”

Lei Xing’s delighted voice was heard from within the forge.

Lei Xing walked out of the forge, in his hand was a “steel pipe.” To put it accurately, it was a sixty centimeters long steel pipe and at the end of the steel pipe was a rectangular handle.

“Lei Xing, what are you holding?” Xu Dafu curiously looked at the steel pipe in Lei Xing’s hands.

“Rank 2 Magic Energy Weapon, Raygun”

Lei Xing looked at the Raygun in his hands and was filled with confidence, this was the result of several days of work inside the forge.

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