Chapter 132 – Raygun

Yang Tian had taught Lei Xing everything he knew about Magic Energy Equipment. Although Yang Tian was not a Gunmaster, he knew quite a lot of information about Magic Energy Equipment.

Magic Energy Equipment are products of high-tech planes that fell onto Earth and humans eventually developed their own Magic Energy Equipment as well.

“You were making this over the past few days?”


“How do you use it?”

“Its power is much greater than the firearms we manufacture.”

For example, guns require specially made bullets to display a high destructive power, but magic energy equipment does not need bullets to launch a powerful attack, all it consumes is the energy of metahumans.

As for the Raygun, the amount of energy a Rank 2 metahuman like Lei Xing possessed will allow him to shoot an estimated twelve times. If bullets were used, he could shoot up to fifty times and the power of each shot could also be enhanced by the type of bullets used.

The Raygun was created using fire element materials; if ice element bullets were used, the destructiveness of the Raygun would be reduced by as much as fifty percent. However, if fire element bullets were used, its destructive force could be doubled.

“Let’s test it.”

Xu Dafu was quite curious, he wanted to witness how powerful was this steel pipe in front of him.


Lei Xing also intended to test the might of the Raygun.

Lei Xing infused his energy into the Raygun and aimed it at a Rank 2 flying beast which was flying in the skies.


The Rank 2 flying beast did not detect the approaching danger.

A red light pierced through its skull, killing it instantly. It fell from the sky and was caught by Xu Dafu. A red burning tiny hole was found on its head.

“What Boss said is true, metahuman energy can be used as a power source to shoot.”

“Boss taught you this?”

“That’s right! I want to try it with a bullet loaded this time.”

A flame bullet was loaded into the Raygun, the target was another flying beast in the sky. This time, destructive power was even higher; when Xu Dafu caught the bird, its entire head had disappeared while the wound was charred black.

“So powerful.”

Xu Dafu was very interested with the Raygun now.

“What are you pulling me for?”

Xu Dafu brought Lei Xing into Yang Tian’s house.

Yang Tian had detected the energy released by a magic energy weapon earlier on; Lei Xing did not disappoint, he had managed to create a magic energy weapon so quickly.

“Dafu, why are you here?”

“Boss, I want to learn this from you.”

Xu Dafu pointed at the Raygun in Lei Xing’s hand and said excitedly.

“Oh? Are you sure?” Yang Tian looked at Xu Dafu strangely, this caused the latter to fluster.

“Is it very difficult?

“The first step to creating magic energy equipment is to create its magic energy formation.”

The Raygun is a Rank 2 magic energy weapon. Therefore, there should be about five different magic energy formation inside the Raygun.

Lei Xing cooperated well and took out the magic energy formations within the Raygun for Xu Dafu to see.

The magic energy formations were carved onto the Rank 2 Firecloud Stone and the stone was molded into a circular shape the size of the palm. On the stone, was one core formation and four subsidiary formation. The magic energy formation was the core of the Raygun that allowed it to function.

“What is this?”

Xu Dafu was getting a headache just by looking at the dense formation patterns carved onto the stone.

“Dafu, the first step of creating a Raygun is to learn how to make this. ” Lei Xing said.

Xu Dafu’s headache instantly increased when he heard Lei Xing; he was very interested in magic energy equipment, but creating the magic energy formations will be a very tough challenge for him.

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“Can I first watch how you create this? I will take it slow. ” Xu Dafu could not help but take a step back first.

“No problem.”

Lei Xing agreed, immediately.

Magic energy formations are the first step to creating magic energy weapons, but it is also the most crucial step. If a person can create magic energy formations, everything else will be much simpler.

“How powerful is it?”

“It is very powerful, if a Rank 3 bullet is used instead of a Rank 2, its destructiveness will become even stronger.”

“You must take note, the Raygun is made from Rank 2 materials, so the Raygun will be destroyed if Rank 3 bullets are used too often”

It was similar to a vehicle with a tonne of loading capacity being used to carry five tonnes of weight, the engine would collapse after moving a few meters.

“Understand, Boss”

“Also, it is inevitable for failures to happen when creating magic energy weapons, it is best that you accumulate enough excess materials before you start manufacturing one.”


Outside the house, Wang Yu had placed the equipment and materials from the lab onto the armored vehicles with the help of Crazy Vine. Several experimental subjects were also loaded up onto vehicles to be transported away.

“Lei Xing, come and help us drive. We are short on manpower.”

A total of four armored vehicles were used this time, this was mainly because of the large number of experimental subjects.

“Got it. Boss, I am going off.”


The four armored vehicles set off.

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“Dafu, take these two items.”

Yang Tian passed Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf to Xu Dafu.

“Thank you, Boss!”

Xu Dafu did not have a proper weapon yet; Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf, one firm and the other soft. The combination would let Xu Dafu learn how to control two different types of power and train his control.

After Xu Dafu left, Yang Tian took out Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

Yang Tian had sensed a tremor coming from the mirror earlier on.

Within Dual Illusion, You Zi had killed Metal Devouring War Wolf but he was also dying.

Yang Tian extracted the corpse of Metal Devouring War Wolf from the mirror, a Captain-Class Commander beast are covered in treasures and Yang Tian would not allow such resources to be wasted.

“Who? Who is it!?”

When You Zi saw Metal Devouring War Wolf disappearing in front of him, he went on alert instantly. Until now, You Zi had yet to discover that he had been caught in an illusion, the soldiers created by the illusion around him were still engaging in a bloody fight.

“Time for you to experience other things!”

Yang Tian pressed his hand on Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, the scene around You Zi changed.

You Zi saw his parents that he has not met for many years and insects were currently biting off pieces of his parents. However, You Zi was being restrained and could only watch the entire process without being able to move, all he could do was shout with indignance.


“I feel pleased to be able to watch you like this.”

Satisfaction was on Yang Tian’s face; I was unable to play with you in my previous life, now I want you to suffer a fate worse than death.

You Zi was experiencing the most painful things of his heart; the process kept repeating in front of him and each time, he could only feel the pain.

Yang Tian kept Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror away and looked at the body of Metal Devouring War Wolf, Yang Tian first extracted its energy crystal.

Captain-Class Energy Crystal

“Do you want to break it?”

A Captain-Class Energy Crystal contain much higher energy than other energy crystals, breaking it would allow the person to obtain items from other planes. The items could be good or bad, but most of them would be the equivalent worth based on the rank.

There was also a common term in the post-apocalyptic world: Item Drops.

A Rank 3 Captain-Class energy crystal could allow a Rank 2 metahuman to reach Early Rank 3, this was also why Yang Tian was pondering this next move.

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