Chapter 133 – Barbaric Taming 

Yang Tian was conflicted between giving the energy crystal to Wang Yu to absorb or to try his luck; the team sent by the military would be arriving soon, Yang Tian needs a powerful equipment to assist him.


Yang Tian crushed the Rank 3 Captain-Class energy crystal.

Swoosh Swoosh

Seven fist-size spiders appeared in front of Yang Tian.

Bomb Spiders. They are the servants of the Spider Queen of the Abyss World, they will only experience one battle in their entire life; the very moment when they self-destruct. The might of the explosion will be equivalent to a full powered attack of a Peak Rank 3 ability, and most importantly, with a wide area affected by the explosion.

The seven Bomb Spiders looked at Yang Tian and instinctively knew that he was their master, they instantly gathered in front of him.

Bomb Spiders have a simple train of thought: to follow orders. In the eyes of many creatures, Bomb Spiders are simply mobile bombs and Yang Tian has the same opinion as well.

Yang Tian ordered the spiders to remain inside the house, and they obediently followed his command.

The corpse of Metal Devouring War Wolf was still around and Yang Tian plans to use it to trade with a Planes Merchant.

A Rank 3 Captain-Class is a decent article for a transaction.

After summoning the Planes Merchant, mysterious energy appeared in front of Yang Tian.

“Hello Young Man, I am the Planes Merchant, Lotsa Money.”

“Merchant Lotsa Money, I wish to trade this.”

Yang Tian pointed at the corpse of Metal Devouring War Wolf.

“A pretty good creature, a pity it died and had even lost its energy source.”

“But it is still highly valuable.”

“Of course, what do you wish to trade it for?”

“I want to increase my mental power.”

“Oh. Understand.”

Lotsa Money disappeared with the corpse of Metal Devouring War Wolf, leaving behind an item.

A small bottle.

Purple Imperial Dew

It increases the mental power of its user at a moderate pace, it was a very gentle treasure for mental power-types.

“Can… can I have some as well?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen could sense Purple Imperial Dew’s unique and made that request to Yang Tian.

“After I finish my promotion, I will give the rest to you.”

Yang Tian wants to ensure he reached Early Rank 3 before giving any Purple Imperial Dew to Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

Yang Tian drank half of the Purple Imperial Dew; had it not been Purple Imperial Dew, Yang Tian would not dare to consume half a bottle in one shot.

Only allowed on

Sensing the slow increase in mental power, Yang Tian quickly circulates his mental power to absorb Purple Imperial Dew efficiently, a treasure like this must not be wasted.

“A bit more.”

Yang Tian consumed another quarter of Purple Imperial Dew.

“Let me help you.”

A sudden burst of mental power came from Violent Corpse Worm Queen, assisting Yang Tian to break through the barrier.


Invisible energy suddenly exploded out of Yang Tian, it was the sign of reaching Rank 3. As Purple Imperial Dew was too gentle, reaching Rank 3 would require some time; the explosive mental energy from Violent Corpse Worm Queen allowed Yang Tian to instantly cross that barrier to reach Rank 3.

Early Rank 3 Beast Tamer.

Yang Tian also learned a new skill: Barbaric Taming.

Yang Tian was slightly surprised, he had expected to awaken a mental-type skill instead of a taming skill. Yang Tian learned the secret skill, Dark Taming, in his previous life, he did not expect to awaken another taming skill.

Barbaric Taming: Creatures tamed through the skill would have an additional 15% increase in strength and obtain the Barbaric Trait.

Barbaric Trait: All other attributes reduction by 25%, Strength and Explosiveness increase by 15%.

This is a very powerful taming skill, most importantly, an awakened skill will become stronger as Yang Tian becomes stronger. A growth-type taming skill was a terrifying existence.

“Quickly give me the Purple Imperial Dew.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen brought Yang Tian out from his joy of having obtained Barbaric Taming. Yang Tian did not hold back and gave the remaining Purple Imperial Dew to Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

After giving the remaining quarter of Purple Imperial Dew to Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

“I will be entering hibernation.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen immediately became silent after that sentence. Yang Tian was unable to detect any movement from Violent Corpse Worm Queen residing in his arm.

Yang Tian left the house and saw that Lei Xing had just returned. Moreover, there was a familiar figure standing beside Lei Xing.

“Boss, I saw these people acting suspiciously while on the road to Central Camp, so I captured them.”

The captives were tossed onto the ground, one of them was Li Mu.

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“Yo! Didn’t you run back to the Li Family, why have you returned?”

“I… I”

Before Li Mu could speak, another captive stopped him.

“Li Mu, you better wise up on your words.”

Oh? From the looks of it, Yang Tian could determine that their relationship was not that of master and servant.

“You should know that you are also a prisoner, right?”

Before he could reply Yang Tian, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf front paw appeared in front of his face.


With a heavy stomp, the head of the person was crushed.

“Go on, tell me!”

“I will speak, I will speak.”

Seeing that terrible outcome, Li Mu quickly told Yang Tian everything that happened.

After Li Mu escaped, he encountered the team sent by the army. Li Mu knew that with his lack of strength, he might be killed by zombies or other creatures during his journey back to the Li Family, so he chose to hitch a ride with that team. Li Mu told the commanding officer of the team everything he knew about this region.

Unfortunately, the commanding officer did not believe everything and decided to send a small squad with Li Mu in it; the commanding officer wanted only believe what was told after his men confirmed it. Under the forceful oppression of the other party, Li Mu had no choice but to join the squad.

However, the squad encountered Lei Xing and were captured by the latter in the end.

“Where are they currently located?”

“Near the West Camp. I can bring you to them, just please let me go.”

“No, I have an even better idea.”

Allowing Li Mu to guide them would only lead to a tough battle, it would be better if he did something to increase their advantage, and there happen to be seven Bomb Spiders in the house.

Yang Tian returned to the house and took the seven Bomb Spiders with him.

“Li Mu, you will go with me first. Lei Xing and Dafu, follow behind us, the rest is to remain in the manor.”

Yang Tian wanted to teach the army a lesson first.

Yang Tian turned into Venom and head towards West Camp with Li Mu lifted in his hand. Lei Xing and Xu Dafu followed closely behind.

“You better not move randomly, or I might kill you.”

“I won’t, I won’t.”

Li Mu quickly waved his hand and reply, not daring to move another inch.

Yang Tian arrived at West Camp first, as West Camp was severely damaged by the Li Family, it was currently the weakest of the nine camps. The army is planning to attack from the weakest spot.

“Lord, you have arrived.”

West Camp Chief quickly went to receive Yang Tian when he arrived.

“Yes, let’s talk inside.”

Inside West Camp where Yang Tian waited for a while, Lei Xing and Xu Dafu then arrived as well.

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