Chapter 878 – Harming Others And Yourself!

Bai Li Zi Xi’s mini Rainbow Luan turned even smaller, to the size of a palm and flew around the Dragon Spirit Treasure imprint, it danced in the air and maintained the same movement speed as the Dragon Spirit Treasure…

Slowly, the Dragon Spirit Treasure became gentle.

Madam Ru went up and checked Ji Mo Ya’s breathing before saying in surprise, “Little Ya’s breathing has returned.”

The other elders happily went to check as well, “Indeed, his breathing has stabilized. Although he has yet to wake up, he is much better than before.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo stopped crying, “Saintess, thank you for your kind aid…”

Even Huan Qing Yan was feeling gratitude for Bai Li Zi Xi; no matter what, the latter saving Ji Mo Ya has deserved Huan Qing Yan’s appreciation.

Bai Li Zi Xi stood up; despite that small act she did, she looked drained.

A layer of fine sweat appeared on her forehead.

“You are too kind, it is all Rainbow Luan’s effort, I did not know much as well. The compatibility of the Rainbow Luan and Dragon Spirit Treasure is good, they could connect their wills and calm down the Dragon Spirit Treasure.”

Madam Ru added, “It’s been said long ago, having great spirit treasure compatibility is the most important thing. My Little Ya is too stubborn, thank you for being so gracious Zi Xi. It is the fortune of Little Ya that you did not take into heart those small matters in the past. From now on, no matter what happens to Little Ya, this madam will surely compensate you, dear child.”

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“Madam you are too polite, I did not do much as well, only doing what’s within my ability.”

“It is great that it is within your ability, unlike some people who don’t think about the wellbeing of Little Ya and occupy a position not meant for her. Harming people and yourself!”

Madam Ru glared at Huan Qing Yan as she spoke, Huan Qing Yan was feeling terrible.

However, it was not because of Madam Ru and Bai Li Zi Xi, but due to Ji Mo Ya’s condition.

What must be done for him to wake up?

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Madam Ru was currently bullying her, but Huan Qing Yan will not care even if she beats her, or force her away. The grievances she suffered was nothing compared to Ji Mo Ya’s current situation.

At that time, the elders observed Ji Mo Ya’s situation and said, “The breathing has stabilized, but he will need at least a couple of days before he can wake up. We will have to trouble Lady Bai Li to use your Rainbow Luan to comfort the Dragon Spirit Treasure…”

Bai Li Zi Xi agreed, “No problem, Zi Xi is also very concerned about Young Master Ya’s condition. He is the genius of humanity in this generation, it will be a great loss to humanity if he falls here. Be it for public or private reasons, I should aid Young Master Ya whenever I can.”

Her words were filled with righteousness, causing everyone to silently praise her great heart.

What a good lady.

After that, the elders discussed and said, “Little Ya’s situation seems to be an internal devil, there are traces of devil energy in his body. We should think of something to do about it, or else, even if he wakes up, he would still be in danger.”

“But, what should we do?”

At that moment, Madam Ru suddenly said, “Elders, have you heard of Devil Expelling Grass?”

The First Elder, Ji Mo Kai Yuan, was startled for a moment, “I did hear of it before, but it is just a legend. It is said that Devil Expelling Grass can expel the devil energy inside the body, but no one has seen it before, that is also why no one can confirm its effect. It is only briefly mentioned in some random ancient articles.”

Spirit Treasure Continent was no longer as rich in spirit energy as before; the standard of the entire cultivating population has dropped and even the quality of star talents have fallen significantly as well. Be it humans or demons, geniuses rarely appeared nowadays; that was also why Heaven Tribulations were rare as well.

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