Chapter 870 – King

Considering the time and space difference between here and the Dimension, the two of them should be completed at around the same time.

Huan Qing Yan was still worried so she asked again, “Are you sure it’s alright?”

“It’s really alright. Go train in the Dimension. Do you have enough Spirit Plants to eat?”


She had harvested a lot from Blood Moon Hidden Realm and replanted them. They should be ready for harvest by now.

“Please be careful.”

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“I will.”

Huan Qing Yan entered the Dimension reluctantly.

At this stage, it was not time to continue to enjoy each other’s company. They need to restore their bodies to peak condition and not show any weakness to the prying eyes out there. 

Otherwise, those busybodies will try to force Ji Mo Ya to marry someone else again.

Even as a True Spirit Master, her spirit treasures were able to help Ji Mo Ya during the Lightning Tribulation. If she can become a Mystic Spirit Master, she might be able to offer more help to Ji Mo Ya. He won’t have to depend on any Luan Girl or Luan Spirit Treasure.

Ji Mo Ya belongs to her alone!

However, her eyelids would not stop twitching whenever she thought of the Dragon Spirit Treasure’s outburst. It doesn’t seem to be as simple as what Ji Mo Ya had said.

Her heart was feeling uneasy. 


Dorna returned to where the gnomes lived. 

He distributed some of the loot he found in Hidden Blood Moon Realm to his trusted followers to help them train.

The crowd was ecstatic.

“King, the new furnace factory is ready. Please have a look.”

Dorna followed the crowd into the deepest layer of the volcano. A giant furnace stood beside a pool of magma lake. The furnace was tens of meters tall and was built with excellent workmanship. 

“King, we can use the core of the volcano to raise up the heat of our fire. With higher temperature, our forging success rate will be significantly increased…” the gnome engineer explained excitedly.

Suddenly, Dorna saw something in the middle of magma pool from the corner of his eye…

There was a red object!

“What is that? Floating in the magma pool?”

The gnome engineer replied, “King, that seems to be a broken fragment of a mysterious object. We tried to retrieve it but with no success. However, it will not affect our work.  

Dorna replied with a brief, “Oh.” He felt like he had seen it before somewhere.

However, he quickly threw it out of his mind as he could not recall it. 

“All of you did a great job. The development of the Gnome Clan depends on everyone…”


Nan Gong Bei Chen walked into the Ancestral Hall the moment he arrived home.

Inside was where his ancestors’ tablets were.

Nan Gong Bei Chen kneeled immediately, “Oh great ancestors, this descendant have not failed our clan. I have awakened our clan’s ancient bloodline and will surely bring glory back to our Nan Gong clan.”

He kowtowed his head, hard, on the ground while facing the tablets.

There was a third eye on his forehead the moment he got up.

This was the mark of Nan Gong Bei Chen’s ancient bloodline: Three Eyes. 

With the third eye, Nan Gong Bei Chen could now learn the Blood Observation Skill easily. 

Furthermore, the third eye has countless powers. It can petrify someone, cause a person to be paralyzed and much more.

A genuinely unusual gift!

“I, Nan Gong Bei Chen, who has awakened the bloodline of Three Eyes, will continue to spread our clan’s legacy far and wide…”

Just at this moment, a few people walked in. 

One of them was Nan Gong Bei Chen’s aunt, Lin Fei Fei’s mother. 

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They were happy to see Nan Gong Bei Chen in his new state. “This is great! It has been a few hundred years since anyone awoke the bloodline. Our family has been saved now!”

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