Chapter 640: The Chaos of Blue Moon Continent

“What about Long Yi?” Mu Jingjing questioned Mu Hanyan.

“I … I don’t know.” Mu Hanyan was already panicking a little. Could it be that Long Yi had an accident after entering the space passage? Or he simply didn’t enter?

Mu Hanyan thought of these two possibilities, but after calming down a little, she rejected the latter possibility. Long Yi was absolutely not that kind of person, but if it were the first possibility, then things were even worse. If he had fallen into turbulent space, then he would be annihilated. It was not a matter that had never happened before.

At that time, noisy footsteps came from outside the shrine, and several hundred soldiers of Spirit Clan’s camp surrounded Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing.

Upon seeing these soldiers, the heart of Mu Hanyan sunk. This shrine was located on the outskirts of the imperial capital. Since there were so many soldiers of the enemy camp, she understood that the imperial capital was already fraught with grim possibilities.


At this moment, Long Yi was stuck in a hazy place and couldn’t move at all. He could feel the vast energy around him pouring into his body. Originally, being able to absorb this purest energy of the world was a fortune that could be found only by chance, not by search. Naturally, it was a fortuitous encounter if the energy was within the acceptable range of the body, but there was boundless energy in this place. It was extremely comfortable at the beginning, but later, Long Yi felt like he was about to explode.

“Moyun, Big sister Moyun, Dark God, come out, this Young Master is going to die.” Long Yi used his thoughts to continuously call the Dark God, but there was no response.

Since Long Yi’s AoTianJue had reached the seventh layer, he had been able to fly freely and go wherever he wanted to go, but now, he was stuck in this godd*mned place. He was using all his internal force to compress the energy pouring crazily into his body. Thus, he was powerless to struggle free from this shackle.

When he felt that his every cell and blood vessel were beginning to swell, Long Yi wanted to cry. After his AoTianJue had reached the seventh layer, his inner and outer body had become solid like iron. The appearance of this kind of situation represented that his body was about to explode.

“F**k, come, pour in completely.” Furious, Long Yi simply stopped resisting. On the contrary, he absorbed the energy like a madman. That pure energy rushed into his body like a tide and spread throughout his body.

Long Yi instantly felt that his body was swelling and that severe pain had already reached beyond the tolerance limit of any living creature. He felt as if his entire body was tearing apart, and countless cells and blood vessels within his body were exploding.

The consciousness of Long Yi had already gotten blurred. He appeared to be in a half-asleep state. In addition, he seemed real and illusory, too. He just floated midair in a daze, feeling weightlessness. Whenever he thought that he was going to dissipate in this universe, he was pulled back by a strange force and continued to remain in this dreamy state.

Pain? Since he was still able to perceive this feeling, he was very happy because that proved that he was still alive, at the least. But, he basically had no other sensation. He didn’t know whether his body was numb or was already destroyed, leaving behind only his weightless soul.

Darkness, darkness deep in the heart of Long Yi was like the beginning of the universe. There was nothing, only endless energy being compressed again and again.

Suddenly, a hint of red light flashed in this darkness, and a powerful explosion of energy occurred, causing this entire dark world to expand infinitely, and eventually, stars and constellations began to appear.

The mystery of the beginning of the universe – Long Yi had already experienced it when he had entered the dark space for the first time, but at that time, he only had a hint of understanding, far inferior to what he had comprehended now.

If the world was a macrocosm, then the human body was a microcosm. When the energy was gathered to a certain level, it would inevitably explode and expand. Without destruction there could be no construction, standing again after destruction, one would stand at a completely new height.

The energy was still pouring crazily into the body of Long Yi, but his body neither resisted nor absorbed it, rather automatically circulated within his body in a peculiar way, transforming every part of his body. If Long Yi observed himself now, he would have discovered that he was naked and his body was being destroyed and reconstructed again and again. And that milky-white prophecy pearl hanging on his chest was also shining brightly.

Then, a faint figure began to solidify beside Long Yi. It was a completely naked woman. Her skin was snow white and possessed a towering bosom, but her lower part was completely smooth. She had silver hair. It was chaotically fluttering in the air. Her nearly transparent eyes were shining as if she was calculating the ends of heaven and earth.

“Long Yi, my beloved, Xiao Yi is finally back…” A whisper reverberated throughout this infinite darkness.


Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing were restricted with magic and were hung high outside the imperial city.

“Mu Qingming, you two daughters are here, are you still not surrendering quickly?” The King of the Spirit Clans excitedly shouted. He had never expected to capture the two daughters of Mu Qingming inside this shrine. Now, even if Mu Qingming remained unconcerned, the morale of the soldiers below him will drop. Like that, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to attack the city?

Mu Qingming stood at the top of a city wall and the corners of his mouth was twitching. Looking at his two daughters hanging midair, he was clenching his hands so tightly that they had already turned ghastly pale. These two daughters had gone to Blue Waves Continent to look for Long Yi and ask him to help, but now, they were captured. Moreover, there was no trace of Long Yi. They seemed to have failed. Now, it seemed that blood will flow like a river in the imperial capital today. Thinking so, he angrily roared and rushed out.

“Mu Qingming is here! A man is born with an indomitable spirit, so why should I fear death? Therefore, Ju Ling, stop talking nonsense. Witness the true chapter of the battlefield,” Mu Qingming roared. He was already prepared to die, but he would make the other party pay dearly.

“Witness the true chapter of the battlefield, witness the true chapter of the battlefield…” The soldiers on the human side roared in succession.

The Spirit King frowned and waving his hand, he ordered, “Kill!”

“Kill!” The soldiers on the side of Spirit Clans rushed towards the city wall. Their magician army used magic spells of various attributes to attack the city wall, and the arrows of archers blotted out the sky.

“Fight to the death. There is no retreat!” Mu Qingming roared, and with a layer of barrier around his body, he brandished his huge sword, and cyan colored douqi swept below the city wall, cutting off more than a hundred Spirit Clan soldiers.

“Fight to the death!” A human soldier grabbed a spear that had stabbed through his belly and used his sword to impale the opponent’s throat.

“Fight to the death!” A general of Dwarf Clan roared despite more than ten arrows impaled on his body and his body began to shrink. Then, along with a loud explosion, more than a hundred enemy soldiers around him were blown apart.

“Grandsons, come over to this grandfather, let this grandfather clean you all up.”

“***, let this grandfather explode your chrys*nthemum.”

Contrary to the expectations of Spirit King, his prestige not only didn’t lower the morale of the enemy, but the soldiers of the races in the human side also erupted with an unprecedented level of fighting spirit. They appeared as if they didn’t fear death. They would sacrifice themselves to kill more enemy soldiers.

As a matter of fact, this was not difficult to explain. Although the races in Spirit Clan side were brave and capable at fighting, the Spirit King however had given an order to completely exterminate all living beings inside the city. As a result, the human side was doomed whether they fought or not, so the human side thought: why not make the other side pay a bitter price? Originally, after a long period of this siege battle, the human side had already become lifeless, but the capture of Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing ignited the fury in their hearts. Everyone no longer feared death and fought bravely. For a moment, the soldiers on the side of Spirit Clan were overwhelmed.

“Kill for me, kill whoever retreats! Magician squad, throw magic inside the city, let’s see how they will intercept,” the Spirit King furiously ordered.

Beautiful magic spells with death notice flew towards the imperial capital. Instantly, along with the sounds of explosions, smoke rose and screams reverberated throughout the sky.

At this moment, after the city wall lost its magic defense, several openings appeared soon, and the soldiers on the side of Spirit Clan swarmed into the city. They killed any people they saw. It was incomparably tragic.

Mu Qingming saw fire beacons everywhere inside the city. The soldiers on the side of Spirit Clan were quickly spreading all around like locusts, killing everyone they saw regardless of men or women, young or old.

“Ju Ling, you damned bastard!!” Mu Qingming roared with sorrow. He then transformed into a wisp of cyan light, rushing straight towards the main battalion of Spirit Clan.

Countless magic spells hit Mu Qingming. All were blocked by a layer of energy barrier around him, but under the attack of so many magic spells, that energy barrier quickly shattered. Still, Mu Qingming was able to reach in front of the magician squad. In such a close distance, being a peak Swords Saint realm personage, he would be able to instantly kill all these magicians like ants.


But, when Mu Qingming was just about to make a move, a thick lightning bolt struck down and all things within a radius of several 100 meters, including people, were annihilated. This was a forbidden magic spell cast by the cooperation of many lightning attribute Master Archmages, The Punishment of Lightning God.

Mu Qingming was still standing straight, but his entire body was burnt black. In addition, lightning was flickering around his body. Still, his eyes were looking straight towards the direction of the Spirit King.

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“Father emperor!” Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing screamed. They wanted to rush over to help, but they were powerless. They felt incomparable sorrow for only being able to helplessly watch their father emperor.

Hundreds of soldiers surrounded Mu Qingming and many cold spears stabbed towards the burnt black Mu Qingming.

“Did he die?” Spirit King with ten meters tall body walked forward and asked.

“Replying to Your Majesty, Mu Qingming has yet to die, but he cannot move,” replied a trusted subordinate.

“Good, very good, this ignorant bastard made us suffer so many casualties. Today, this king will let him witness how miserably his daughters and people will die here,” replied the Spirit King while laughing arrogantly.

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But, the war was contrary to his expectations again. He thought, since he had already incapacitated Mu Qingming, the resistance will stop soon. But, beyond his imagination, those soldiers on the human side fought even more ferociously. In addition, they slipped away like a loach, sharply increasing the casualties among his men. Not only that, even the civilians of the city picked up kitchen knives, iron rods, and so on to resist under this situation where they were certain to die. Soon, many soldiers on the side of Spirit Clan were killed when they were searching the houses under the surprise attack of the civilians. Men and women, old or young, picked up weapons, making it very difficult for the soldiers on the side of the Spirit Clan to completely eradicate this city.

“Withdraw, just burn down the city!” The Spirit King gnashed his teeth and ordered.

“Great King, how should we deal with Mu Qingming and his two daughters?” A half beastman patriarch asked.

“Hang Mu Qingming on the city wall and make him see his capital burning down. As for his two daughters, they are already useless. Reward them to officers and men and let them have fun with them,” the Spirit King laughed ruthlessly.

Buckets after buckets of kerosene were poured into the entire city by magicians. Mu Qingming was also hung up. As for Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing, they were already let down and were surrounded by ugly half beastmen.

Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing were still restricted, so even if they wanted to die, it was hard. Looking at the lewd expressions of these half beastmen soldiers, they clearly understood their intention, but they were helpless and could only feel grief and indignation.

“Long Yi, where are you? Quickly come and save us,” Mu Hanyan called out loudly in her heart.

Tear, a half beastman commander used his spear to cut open the clothing of Mu Jingjing, revealing a wide expanse of snow white skin on her shoulder. A few drops of blood oozed out from the cut and dyed some part of her skin red like a flower blossom in a snowland. Upon seeing the blood, that half beastman commander was very excited and was prepared to pounce on.


But at that time, the entire heaven and earth trembled. Many people who were careless fell to the ground.

“Great King, this…”

A hint of fear appeared in the face of the Spirit King, but he gritted his teeth and ordered, “Don’t worry, just burn down the city.”

After his command, several hundred fire magicians ignited the kerosene, and the entire capital instantly submerged in a sea of flames.


The world shook violently again. The momentum this time was even more alarming.

“Great King, is god … god furious?” A winged person who was the adviser of the Spirit King muttered.

“Nonsense…” But before the Spirit King could finish speaking, the trembling of the entire world became even more violent and energy began to gather crazily in the air.

Suddenly, bolts of lightning flickered in the sky and thunderclap began to explode. Then, an icy mist swept over from the horizon, instantly extinguishing the raging flames. Moreover, the soldiers on the side of the Spirit Clan were covered with a layer of frost, causing them to stand dumbfounded at the same spot. Now, there was ice as far as their eyes could see. Even their clothes were covered with a thick layer of ice.

“God’s blessing, God’s blessing, God is blessing my Cyan Wind Empire, helping my human race camp!” Many commoners and soldiers rushed out from the ruins and muttered while prostrating on the ground.

From 100,000 years ago, Blue Waves Continent was covered with a layer of powerful energy barrier, and it was as warm as spring throughout the year. The climate was very pleasant, with snow never falling in this continent. Even the divine magic spell of water magicians could only freeze one hundred li. But this divine magic spell was astonishing. Moreover, that icy mist that swept over just a moment ago was not that cold. It seemed that its purpose was to extinguish the raging fire. Thus, people couldn’t help but let their imaginations run wild.

On the side of the Spirit Clan, people were anxious and fearful. They looked at one another and didn’t know what they should do. They were also afraid of enraging a god and suffering punishment.

“Who is it? Who dares to intervene in this great king’s important matter?” The king of the Spirit Clan roared angrily. But, he was also ill at ease in his heart. This icy mist and that quaking before was not ordinary, could it be that God was truly enraged?

Suddenly, in the sky above the capital, a magnificent seven-colored light flashed and a majestic figure wearing silverish purple Lightning God Armor appeared. There was a graceful figure with beautiful silvery white hair wearing white robe beside him. They two were surrounded by god beasts emitting ferocious aura.

Lightning God Battle Armor, the battle armor of Lightning God that appeared in the annals of Blue Moon Continent. Lightning God, one of the seven Main Gods.

Instantly, most of the soldiers on the side of the Spirit Clan knelt down. The rest looked at their commanders feeling somewhat at a loss.

“Long Yi, it’s Long Yi, he finally came!” Mu Hanyan looked at the god-like figure in the air and for some unknown reason, she wanted to cry and wail in his bosom.

Long Yi and Xiao Yi landed on the ground and looked at the prostrating people around. Then, he gazed at the standing figure of the flurried Spirit King. He then waved his hand and those more than a hundred soldiers surrounding Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing were annihilated instantly under a bolt of lightning he shot from his fingertip.

“You … are you truly the Lightning God?” The Spirit King asked in a trembling voice. No matter how tyrannical and arrogant he was, facing the legendary Main God, he became panic-stricken.

“What do you think?” Long Yi indifferently asked a question in response. Then, with a thought, the huge Lightning God Hammer, possessing the might to annihilate a world, appeared midair, and lightning bolts scattered all around.

Dong, unable to bear the divine pressure, the Spirit King knelt down. Immediately, the people behind him also prostrated on the ground in panic.

Mu Qingming hanging midair was also excited, his eyes brimming with tears. God has not discarded his people. Now, he doesn’t have any regret in this life.

“The energy barrier is already broken. Hereafter, you all can go to the vast Blue Waves Continent at will. The war for resources is no longer necessary. Stop this meaningless battle at this point!” The thunderclap-like voice of Long Yi reverberated through the ears of everyone.

Practically everyone looked at Long Yi with disbelief. The energy barrier that no one could resolve for the last 100,000 years is gone? They can finally leave this small Blue Moon Continent?

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