Chapter 639: Entering the space passage of Blue Moon Continent

The Dark God snorted coldly. Circulating the divine power, prepared to teach this fellow who didn’t know the height of the heaven or the depth of the earth a lesson. The Dark God wanted to make him understand that even though he had acquired the inheritance of Lightning God, he was still far from being a true Main God.

But, just when the Dark God was at the halfway point of circulating divine power, the Dark God suddenly stiffened. The Divine Curse had unexpectedly flared up and froze her. The Dark God could only watch the big hands of Long Yi advancing toward the chest.

The big hands of Long Yi perfectly pressed against the chest of Dark God. Even though there was a layer of black robe, he could clearly feel those elastic and very soft **. Long Yi was startled. Dark God indeed was a female!

Long Yi was truly daring, blaspheming the Main God, he did such a matter no one dared even to imagine. Not only he did so, but he also reached for a yard after getting an inch. His big hand had already opened the hood that covered the face of the Dark God.

Long black hair cascaded down like a waterfall and instantly covered up half of her face, but the other half was revealed. That revealed a smooth forehead and a cold phoenix eye already proved that Dark God was female without a doubt.

Long Yi wanted to see the full view of Dark God under that long black hair, but the stiffness of Dark God had already passed, and in an instant, black mist shrouded her. As for Long Yi, he just felt pain on his stomach and was sent flying. Only after somersaulting a few times did Long Yi land on the ground. He stabilized himself after staggering a bit. Now, the entire body of Dark God was already covered with the baggy black robe again.

“Stinking brat, do you want to turn your wives into widows?” The voice of Dark God was no longer hoarse; instead, it was pleasing to ears now. Long Yi guessed that this was her real voice.

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Long Yi rubbed his aching stomach and said with a smile, “Here I was thinking how come a man has such a slender little hand. Moreover, the thought of you being an old man has always been haunting me, fortunately…”

“Why?” Dark God asked in confusion.

“You had stayed in my body for such a long time. When I got intimate with my wives, who knows whether you were peeping or not? Since you are a woman, now I am at ease.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Okay, stop your nonsense, let’s talk proper business now. The Heavenly Demon King has fled to the Demon World. Since he has just broken out of the seal, it will take some time for him to recover his strength completely. But, I am certain of one thing, once he completely recovers his strength, he will certainly open the gates of the Demon World. At that time, the army of demons will come and annihilate the entire world.”

“Demon World? Where is it?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked. Currently, he only knew that the Divine World existed; he had never heard of a Demon World.

“No one knows where the gates leading to Demon World are located. Otherwise, we would have already annihilated the Demon World, would we still be wandering around the Divine World in this state?” The Dark God sighed. Her tone was bleak and dreary.

“Then, you mean to say that the gate of Demon World might appear anywhere?” Long Yi asked in confusion.

“That … that should be the case,” the Dark God answered after a brief hesitation.

Long Yi helplessly shrugged his shoulders. They had been opponents for thousands of years, but they still didn’t know where the location of the nest of the other party was! No wonder the Heavenly Demon King was able to turn the heaven and earth of Divine World upside down.

“Boy, are you going to Cyan Wind Empire this time?” Dark God asked.

“You were cursed 100,000 years ago, but you actually know Cyan Wind Empire?” Long Yi asked, feeling surprised.

Dark God turned sideways, and looking at the ruins of Lost City, she continued, “Several thousand years ago, a group of people that came from Blue Moon Continent built a city deep in Huangmang Plains, I know their ins and outs thoroughly.”

“This curse of Holy City wasn’t your doing, was it?” Long Yi had suppressed this question many times.

“It was because of me, but it wasn’t my intention. More than a thousand years ago, the Divine Curse of my body flared up, and I tried to get rid of this curse by expelling it out of my body, but just after I got rid of a portion, I was unable to continue. Moreover, the portion that I got rid of affected the entire Holy City, thereby turning it into a cursed land,” Dark God faintly replied.

“It turned out to be so, but why did you suddenly look for me?” Long Yi asked.

Dark God chuckled and suddenly turning into a wisp of black light, she entered into Long Yi’s body.

“I say, big sis, why on earth are you entering my body?” Long Yi bitterly said.

“Boy, after you deal with the matter of Blue Moon Continent, I will guide you to find Earth Spirit Tablet. Only you have a slight chance to deal with this catastrophe. As for the consequences of your defeat, I cannot predict.” Dark God became silent after she finished speaking, completely ignoring the calls of Long Yi.

At that time, the unconscious Mu sisters woke up. They stood up in a daze and had forgotten what had happened just now.

“Long Yi, what happened to us?” Mu Jingjing confusedly asked.

“Nothing, just a moment ago, you two were sleepy, so you two lied on the meadow to rest,” Long Yi answered with a smile.

Mu Jingjing pouted and wanted to ask again, but Mu Hanyan stopped her. Since Long Yi didn’t want to let them know, it was better not to ask.

The three people walked to the shrine amidst the ruins. It was wasteland all around with overgrown weeds everywhere except for the majestic shrine standing tall in the center. This scene appeared very surreal.

After walking into the shrine, Long Yi watched the statues of seven Main Gods and involuntarily sighed. Ten years had passed in a flash, the scenery remained the same, but the people had changed.

Mu Hanyan activated the magic array of the shrine, and a strange magic pattern suddenly appeared at the center of this shrine. There were seven grooves in this pattern. Among them, six were mounted with magic stones,  and only one groove was empty. Long Yi had seen this strange magic pattern in the past, but he had never thought that it was a transmission magic array leading to Blue Moon Continent.

“Eh, how can this be? How come a Sea Spirit Stone is lacking?” Mu Hanyan was shocked upon seeing that one of those grooves was empty.

“When I came here ten years ago, this groove was already empty, is there a problem?” Long Yi asked. Seeing the expression of Mu Hanyan, he knew that this matter was rather bad.

“Without a Sea Spirit Stone, we can’t split open the energy barrier that covers Blue Moon Continent. We can’t return now.” Mu Hanyan took a deep breath and answered with bitterness.

Long Yi was also startled. In the past, Mu Hanyan said that she had to use a seven attributed energy stone to split open space. Now, with one attributed energy stone lacking, they had no way to return.

“Big sister, what should we do now? It has already been two months since we came to Blue Waves Continent, father emperor, he … if he couldn’t withstand, then what should we do?” Mu Jingjing was so anxious that her complexion turned pale, and her beautiful eyes were already glistening with teardrops.

“Don’t worry; there must be a way.” Long Yi consoled, but he also didn’t know where he could find a piece of Sea Spirit Stone now. Moreover, Sea Spirit Stone was something he had never heard of before.

Long Yi circled the shrine while thinking. He then suddenly looked toward the statue of Water God, and a cold and beautiful face appeared in his mind.

“If Xiya was here, how wonderful that would be!” A hint of sentiment and longing appeared in the mind of Long Yi.

“Boy, you are quite capable, you even ate that girl Xiya. No wonder you have  the Water God Mark on you.” At that time, that charming voice of Dark God resounded in the mind of Long Yi.

“Old woman, don’t you know peeping the thoughts of other people is very shameless?” Long Yi frowned and shouted unhappily in his mind.

“Kaka, your thoughts were so deep that I could not help wanting to know. Furthermore, Xiya, that outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside woman is a bit older than me,” Dark God laughed. Compared to her previous ear-piercing loud voice, her current voice was much more pleasant to hear. In fact, her tone and character hadn’t changed, but just the change in her voice nearly made Long Yi believe that they were two completely different people.

“Is that so, then may I ask how should I address you, Your Highness the Dark God?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“This goddess’s name is Moyun, and you can call me Lord Moyun,” the Dark God laughed and replied.

“Moyun, do you have a way to get a Sea Spirit Stone?” Long Yi rolled his eyes and asked.

“Sea Spirit Stone? Don’t you have it?” Moyun replied.

“If I had it, then would I have asked you?” Long Yi helplessly said.

“Boy, other people are getting smarter and smarter, but you are getting dumber and dumber. You already have Blue Sea Divine Soul and Purple Gold Spirit Stone, wouldn’t merging Blue Sea Divine Soul into Purple Gold Spirit Stone produce a Sea Spirit Stone?” Moyun said with disdain.

Long Yi was dumbfounded for a moment and suddenly reacted. Perhaps, it might work. He took out Blue Sea Divine Soul and Purple Gold Spirit Stone, and the interior of the shrine got immediately shrouded with pale green and purple light.

The Mu sisters approached Long Yi with confusion written all over their face. But, seeing his concentrated expression, they didn’t disturb him.

Long Yi used his spirit power and internal force to warp around Blue Sea Divine Soul and slowly injected the Divine Soul into Purple Gold Spirit Stone.

This process went smoothly beyond the expectation of Long Yi. Blue Sea Divine Soul unexpectedly merged into Purple Gold Spirit Stone without any obstruction. Soon, they merged into one, and after green and purple light flickering alternatively, along with a burst of final radiance, it turned to a sparkling azure stone.

“Ah, Sea Spirit Stone!” Mu sisters exclaimed at the same time with excitement.

Long Yi caught this Sea Spirit Stone and felt as if it actually possessed a spirit. It was completely different from the other six energy stones.

“Boy, insert it on the magic array, and after the space barrier is split open, don’t forget to take it with you, this isn’t an ordinary Sea Spirit Stone,” Dark God Moyun reminded Long Yi.

“Of course, I still need this thing to control those sea swallowing beasts?” Long Yi nodded his head and said.

Long Yi inserted this Sea Spirit Stone into the groove, then the radiance of the entire magic array suddenly became brighter, and space passage appeared at the center of this magic array.

“Let’s go,” Long Yi said.

Mu Hanyan and Jingjing entered into this space passage and disappeared. Long Yi then took Sea Spirit Stone and entered the passage.


A crescent moon hung on the horizon. The continuous battle cries of the entire day gradually disappeared, leaving behind only the sounds of wind, which blew over a thick smell of blood.

The winged people, half-beast people, and the people of spirit clans had surrounded the capital of Cyan Moon Empire for ten full days. Their continuous attacks had already left the entire capital city devastated. The magic barrier that shrouded the capital had been breached yesterday. Now, the enemy’s magic and arrows were shot into the city without any obstruction, already causing more than 100,000 casualties among civilians and destroying countless buildings. Death and panic spread throughout the city. They all knew that once the city wall got damaged, that would mark the day of the massacre. At this moment, the king of spirit clans had already given out the order to spare no one. In this Blue Moon Continent with natural resources decreasing day by day, killing one more person meant one less person to share resources, so no one cared about the life and death of the enemy camp.

“Your Majesty, eat something and rest first.” A woman general covered with blood stood behind Mu Qingming and spoke softly. She was the imperial concubine of Mu Qingming. She had already reached Swords Saint realm long ago.

Mu Qingming shook his head. Watching the shrine already occupied by the enemy camp, he sighed softly. His two daughters had left to Blue Waves Continent to ask Long Yi for help, but they had not returned until now. He didn’t know whether something had happened, but in this Blue Moon Continent where flames of war raged everywhere, many people had become destitute and homeless with several more perishing in this war.

“Your Majesty, I fear the attack of the Spirit Clan will be even more frenzied tomorrow. If you don’t eat anything, then how can you cope with it? Your Majesty, you are everyone’s hope now, you must treasure your health,” urged the female general.

Mu Qingming forced a smile. He then took a pancake from the hand of this beloved imperial concubine and nibbled it. Now, this kind of pancake could only be eaten by high-ranking military officers. As for the soldiers below them, they could only chew bread made with edible wild herbs, animal skins, and other things, and drink foul water of watery, muddy ditch because their water source was already cut off by the enemy camp.

Looking at the tired and lifeless expressions of the officers and other men, Mu Qingming’s heart tightened. He feared that the capital might get breached tomorrow. At that time, millions of soldiers and civilians inside the city will get slaughtered; blood will flow like a river and dye the earth red. Everything was because he, Mu Qingming, wasn’t able to lead properly.

“Beloved concubine, you say, will that girl Hanyan make it in time?” Mu Qingming asked, breaking the silence.

“She’ll definitely make it. Your Majesty doesn’t need to worry.” That female general firmly said.

“Let’s hope so,” muttered Mu Qingming.

Time slowly passed. Now, the sky was already bright. The camp of Spirit Clans had already assembled millions of soldiers, preparing a new round of siege. The magician troops were also already prepared to attack. Once the chief commander gave the order, they would attack violently.

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But, just before the horn to sign the start of war blew, the shrine located at the outskirts suddenly emitted seven-colored radiance. It appeared particularly dazzling at this early morning.

Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing appeared from the shrine. They looked left and right but discovered that Long Yi had disappeared without a trace. What’s more, the space passage had already gone. They two looked at each other in blank dismay and were at a loss.

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