Chapter 638: Dark God is female?

The sky was very clear without any impurities. Once in a while, some goshawks would streak across this clear sky towards the distance while chirping.

In the afternoon, Soaring Dragon City was very quiet. After the bloody rain of last time, the temperature had suddenly risen. Even the air seemed to emit faint smoke. In such weather, there were very few people in the streets. It was in stark contrast to the previous Soaring Dragon City that was bustling with activity.

At this moment, Long Yi was on the outskirts of the city, sitting under a willow tree beside a river. His thoughts were flying all over. The matters of Undersea City were already brought to a temporary close. However, since Heavenly Demon King had succeeded in escaping, the situation hereafter was very critical. However, he could do nothing except making preparations for all eventualities at this moment.

“Long Yi.” Someone called from behind. The voice was very faint, but it still had a fascinating charm.

Without turning around, Long Yi knew the owner of this voice. Other than Mu Hanyan, who else had this kind of fascinating charm? He reached out behind and grabbed a soft waist, then with a pull, a fragrant figure fell into his bosom.

“Mmm…” Just when Mu Hanyan wanted to open her mouth, her pink lips were already sealed by Long Yi’s big mouth. His tongue then roughly opened her teeth and captured her little fragrant tongue. She could only let his bad fellow have his way.

Only after they started feeling suffocation, their kiss ended. The bewitching eyes of Mu Hanyan were already watery. Her bosom rose and fell along with her rough breathing as she leaned on the chest of Long Yi. She had missed this feeling for a long time.

“Let’s set out today.” Long Yi held the slender waist of Mu Hanyan with his one hand and fondled her towering breast with his other hand.

“Really?” Mu Hanyan’s voice didn’t show any pleasant surprise. Her gaze looking at Long Yi was blurred. She truly wasn’t greedy; she wanted just a little bit of prominent position.

“Really.” Long Yi nodded his head. Then, his big hand that was fondling her breast suddenly stopped, and with a flick, unexpectedly undid her belt.

“Long Yi, you… you want…” The heartbeat of Mu Hanyan that had just calmed down accelerated again. It had already been a long period since she had last gotten intimate with him.

Long Yi pulled open the lapel of Mu Hanyan, and a pair of snow-white plump ** jumped out. On her left breast, there was an ugly scar, which appeared unusually eye-catching.

Long Yi watched this scar in a daze. He then gently caressed this scar as he softly asked, “Does it still ache?”

Mu Hanyan held the hand of Long Yi and smiled. But tears flowed out of her eyes as she shook her head and replied, “Doesn’t ache, truly doesn’t ache.” She knew that Long Yi wasn’t asking about the wound; instead, it was her heart below the wound.

The two people quietly hugged each other. At this moment, there was no one else other than them in this world. Both of them knew that they had already suffered enough. Now, only happy days were left.


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Long Yi and Ximen Nu sat opposite to each other and discussed the matter of Blue Moon Continent.

“Yu’er, will you truly not change your mind?” Ximen Nu frowned and asked. Whether it was for political considerations or out of concern for his son’s safety, he was unwilling to let his son leave at this time.

“Father, the Heavenly Demon King succeeded in escaping. We are about to face a catastrophe that might annihilate the entire world. Blue Moon Continent is the legacy left behind by the war of God and Demon. Their civilization is far developed than ours. With regards to the principle of magic and douqi, they are far ahead. Now, since they are limited to the small Blue Moon Continent, their civilization had already fallen into shambles. If we connect Blue Moon Continent and Blue Waves Continent, then our Blue Waves Continent can research their principles. The civilization of the entire world will take a qualitative leap. Although time is tight now, if we can pull Blue Moon Continent to our side, then the chance of being able to deal with the Heavenly Demon King successfully will also increase a bit.” Long Yi spoke out his thoughts. This was a win-win situation. As long as the Blue Moon Continent and Blue Waves Continent were linked, the resources crisis of Blue Moon would be readily solved.

Ximen Nu pondered for a while and sighed, “It’s still Yu’er who thinks thoroughly, the sight of your father, however, is too narrow. You can rest assured and go to Blue Moon Continent.”

After obtaining the consent of Ximen Nu, Long Yi naturally went to discuss with his numerous wives.

In the hall of the harem, women were either sitting or lying while chatting and laughing. The magic array made this hall very cool. They were eating cold fruits while talking about the gossips of the continent.

“Where has our Lord husband went to have an affair?” Feng Ling laughed immediately upon seeing Long Yi.

“Hehe, Ling’er, can it be that you are blaming our husband for not coming to your quarters yesterday to have an affair?” Nangong Xiangyun teased with a smile.

“Big sister Xiangyun, yesterday, our husband served you the whole night, so you will naturally speak on behalf of our husband.” Leng Youyou opened her mouth to assist Feng Ling.

Several beautiful women blabbering with each other was naturally the best, but they seemed to have forgotten that the Elf Queen and the Phoenix Matriarch were also present here. No matter what one said, they were regarded as seniors. Now, they were blushing a little upon hearing their words.

Long Yi just smiled. But, he noticed the Elf Queen glaring at him, so he shrugged his shoulders and made an innocent expression. These girls having a loose tongue had nothing to do with him.

Speaking about his relation with Elf Queen, sometimes, Long Yi thinks that it was a headache. Although the Elf Queen avoided him as much as possible, sometimes, how can the matter between men and women be restrained? Besides, Lu Xiya had already spoken. Hence, as long as he was capable, she wouldn’t object to getting together with her mother. But, her mother was not cooperating with him.

Long Yi looked around and walking forward, sat between Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing, and opened his mouth, “Actually, there is something I want to talk with everyone today. I guess you all already know the reason why Mu Hanyan sisters are looking for me. Now, since the matter of Undersea City is dealt with, the war of Blue Moon Continent cannot be delayed. Today, I plan to go to Blue Moon City with Mu Hanyan sisters.”

“My husband, I also want to go.” Just after he spoke, Yu Feng hastily replied, “I will go too, I will go too!”

Instantly, his wives expressed their willingness to join in succession. They argued that since the matter of Blue Waves Continent was not as dangerous as that of Undersea City, they also wanted to follow him.

“No, no, I forbid anyone to go. Be obedient and wait for my return. Whoever doesn’t listen will be punished according to the family law,” Long Yi pulled a long face and said. But, when he mentioned the family law, the beautiful faces of all women involuntarily reddened. They naturally knew what the family law of Long Yi was.

At that time, Long Yi felt two unusual gazes on him. One was Elf Queen; she was rolling her eyes at Long Yi. The other was Matriarch Phoenix, there, unexpectedly, was a hint of heat in her gaze.

Could it be that these two mothers-in-law also know the meaning of his family law? Long Yi couldn’t help thinking so. Was it normal to chat about private matters among women?

After Long Yi spoke, no one dared to oppose him. In proper business, Long Yi always stood by his words. As his women, they naturally wanted to comply with his wishes. If they dragged him behind in a proper business, then they were not worthy of being his women.

“When do you intend to leave?” Sibi softly asked.

“Immediately,” replied Long Yi.

“So fast.” The women showed unwilling expressions. They honestly didn’t know when they would be able to stay together with Long Yi without any care in the world, going wherever they wanted to go, and doing whatever they wanted to do without bearing the burden of the clan, nation, and even the survival of the world on his shoulders. Unfortunately, they all knew that their husband was not an average person. Since his birth, he was destined to become the master of this world, and that wouldn’t change just because of their will.

Long Yi also understood the feelings of his women. He also was conscious that he owed them too much over these past few years. When he had just arrived in this strange world, he had thought to pass his life unrestrained without any care in the world. But, the blood of Ximen Clan flows in his body; slightly exaggerating it, the blood of this world flows in his body. He also breathed the air of this world and loved the women of this world, so how could his everything separate from this world?

At that time, Dongfan Wan rushed over after hearing the news. She was anxious. Although her son was already mighty, when all was said and done, she was still his mother. In her eyes, her son will forever be that drooling little fellow who called his mother for everything. She also understood that the more things she got, the more she had to pay.

After bidding farewell to everyone, Long Yi along with Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing teleported to Huangmang village via transmission magic array. This was the only village with transmission magic array around here because of its unique geographical position and environment.

Even in such hot weather, adventurers were still coming in and going out of this village in an endless stream. After Ximen Clan unified the entire Blue Waves Continent, the research of magic and douqi had flourished like never before. This significantly increased the consumption of various ranked magic cores. As a result, the price of magic cores rapidly increased. This, in turn, greatly increased the motivation of adventurers.

When Long Yi and the Mu sisters arrived at Huangmang Village, it was already dusk, and strong winds were blowing in the grassland, making the weather pleasantly cool. Outside the Bounty Hunter Bar, rows of tables were neatly set. Mercenaries and hunters of various professions were chatting idly. This place was vivacious.

“You all know that His Majesty the Crown Prince is first under heaven. He charged through the Lightning God Forbidden Area and crossed Undersea City. But do you know what he had done when he had just become a mercenary ten years ago? This Humangmang Plan became the first step of His Majesty the Crown Prince’s mercenary life. Think about it, when we just became a mercenary, if not E rank, we were doing F ranked missions at that time, but His Majesty the Crown Prince took the A ranked mission of Lost City. All along the way, he broke through all the blockades…” Outside the bar, a tall bounty hunter was surrounded by people. He was speaking as if he had first-hand experience of the events.

Long Yi was pulled over by Mu Jingjing and forced to listen for a while. After hearing this bounty hunter, he just shook his head with a smile. He had never thought that he would become a legend someday. Even his short mercenary life of ten years ago was turned into praise. Now, how many people still remember that he was the infamous sex fiend of Blue Waves Continent ten years ago? Occasionally, when some people mentioned it, they would immediately attract the ire of a crowd of people. Now, all people say that Ximen Yu and Long Ling’er were a harmonious couple at that time, it was just that the previous emperor of Violent Dragon Empire, Long Zhan, was spreading false rumors, wanting to decrease the power of Ximen Clan.

This world was like this. If you win, naturally, people would sing your praises, all the evil deeds done in the past would be covered up, and all accusations would be pushed to the dead. Naturally, this might also be caused by the intentional guidance of Ximen Nu.

“Long Yi, you already stand at the peak of the world now, people can only look up to you.” Mu Hanyan said with a smile.

“It’s lonely at the top.” Long Yi smiled, but there was a hint of bitterness in his smile. Standing too high, he could look down on all creations, but it was also lonely. This kind of loneliness had nothing to do with a lonely mood.

Mu Jingjing was puzzled. Mu Hanyan, however, understood a little. Still, she couldn’t help him. When all was said and done, she and he were already people on a different level. Moreover, how many of his women could reach his level?

“Let’s go. We should return to Blue Moon Continent as soon as possible. I hope we are not too late,” said Long Yi faintly.

Hearing Blue Moon Continent, the Mu sisters became serious, and along with Long Yi, they entered Huangmang grassland that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Long Yi summoned Bai Yu, and they flew towards the destination riding on its back.

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Looking down at the vast Huangmang Plain, Long Yi couldn’t help recalling the scenes of the past. Encountering Little Three, the great battle against Silver Backed Earthworm, passing through the sea of blood insects, surrounded by undead creatures, everything appeared as if it were a lifetime ago.

The speed of Bai Yu was very fast. On the second day, they arrived at Lost City before dawn. Therefore, Long Yi was able to appreciate that magnificent scene of blood insect sea again. Now, nothing could block his path, but ten years ago, he had to rack his brain to cross this place. Thinking about his past achievements, he couldn’t help becoming complacent.

The ruins of Lost City was already buried after the mechanism of city lord mansion was triggered. Only the shrine that was excavated stood alone here.

“As a matter of fact, Lost City was established by the people of our Blue Moon Continent. Several thousand years ago, a great general of our Cyan Moon Empire tried to usurp the imperial power, but he failed. He then unexpectedly used a seven attributed energy stone to split open space and arrived at Blue Waves Continent and established Holy City here, i.e., the so-called Lost City.” Mu Hanyan slowly narrated while standing behind Long Yi.

“So, it was like that, when I learned that the script of Lost City and Blue Moon Continent was the same, I suspected it,” Long Yi nodded his head and said.

“Things didn’t just stop there; the ancestor of our Mu Clan is the younger brother of this great general. Because he had turned against one’s own side at the final moment, this great general failed, but not long after this great general fled, after his younger brother gained the trust of the emperor of that time, he launched a coup d’état, forcibly seizing the throne, and then changed the name of the nation to Cyan Wind Empire. Later, this great general split opened the space and returned again, but he was captured and was killed after interrogating the method of splitting space. Afterward, no one knew what happened: the younger brother of this great general established a shrine. In the shrine, there was a magic array that led to Blue Waves Continent, but he set up an ancestral instruction, and this secret was to be passed only to the contemporary emperor. Moreover, no one is allowed to use this transmission magic array. I was unable to find out why,” Mu Hanyan added.

“Putting it that way, Wushuang also has the bloodline of your Mu Clan?” Long Yi said.

“It should be,” Mu Hanyan nodded her head.

“But why are you telling me these secrets?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Just, in any case, you will learn it sooner or later,” Mu Hanyan smiled and winked.

Long Yi was stunned and looked at Mu Hanyan with a peculiar gaze. She had said that this secret was only passed down to the contemporary emperor, but how did she know it? Moreover, why was she telling him? What she meant was worthy of discussing. Could it be that her father emperor wanted to pass down the throne to this girl? Does this girl want to entrust Cyan Wind Empire to him? That wouldn’t do, he didn’t even want to take over Blue Waves Empire, let alone Cyan Wind Empire.

When he was thinking so, a cloud of black smoke suddenly blew over. The Mu siblings weakly collapsed on the ground as a shadow covered in a black robe appeared indistinctly in front of Long Yi.

“Jie jie jie, boy, we meet again after such a long time.” A burst of familiar, ear-piercing laughter resounded in the ears of Long Yi.

“Dark God?” Long Yi was dumbfounded for a bit. He then cursed, “You old bastard, at that time, if you had bluntly told me everything, then wouldn’t that have been better? Beating so much around the bush, were you seven Main Gods too embarrassed to tell that all of you were cursed by Heavenly Demon King and were dragging on for 100,000 years in the half-dead state?”

“Stinking kid, are you looking for a fight?” That shadow flashed, and a spectral pale hand instantly appeared in front of Long Yi and flicked his forehead.

Long Yi immediately moved his head and dodged the flick. The current Long Yi, however, wasn’t his former self.

“You have improved greatly.” The shadow said, then flicked his sleeve. Long Yi suddenly felt his sea of consciousness shaking, and Dark Spirit Tablet unexpectedly shot out from his glabella and flew to the hand of Dark God.

“Now, I will see how you will dodge.” The Dark God suddenly disappeared, and a knocking sound resounded. Long Yi felt his forehead. He had seen the hand of Dark God, but he was unable to dodge. Dark God with spirit tablet was the true Dark God.

“Old man, answer honestly, I suddenly suspect that you are a woman. Look, your little hand is so slender.” Long Yi remained silent for a while and suddenly enquired with a strange smile.

“Didn’t I already mention that I am not a woman?” Dark God answered with a hoarse voice.

“Heh heh, whether you are a woman or not, let this Young Master confirm it,” smiled Long Yi sinisterly. Suddenly, he flashed forward, and his palms reached out straight toward the chest of Dark God.

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