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I’m finally bringing a translation project to CreativeNovels, and this is the novel I’ve picked. As the title and synopsis suggested, this is a true reverse harem novel with R18 smut scenes along the way. Based on the reviews in Moonlight Syosetu, there is a real interesting plot and development (about how the heroine helps out the kingdom in a war) and that it’s a recommended reverse harem series.

With a lot of true harem series out there, I really want to bring this true reverse harem series for you to enjoy. Gotta keep the balance, huh? But novels with true reverse harem in it are way too scarce, so I’m bringing you one here.

The prologue may start off… harsh… as the synopsis stated “harshly embraced”. You can even call it a rape if you want. But we’re promised a beautiful story with “three doting dukes” as the title states, so I’m also expecting a good sweet scenes that can wash off the bitter prologue.

Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to comment ^^

‘No!’ I intended to scream, but my scream ended up being swallowed by the drowning kisses.

The mouth that I opened in order to scream was being thrust by a tongue. My tongue, which was curled up due to me being frightened of the fervor, was then caught, sucked, and the inside of my oral cavity was violated. My saliva, which was about to brim over, was being slurped. In exchange, his saliva was poured into mine. Along with my tears, I was forced to swallow them all.

(How? Why?)


The words that popped into my mind were those alone. There was no sign of the intense kiss that was akin to being devoured greedily would cease, and even if I were able to utter some words, it would still be of no use.

He restrained both of my hands with his left hand alone, still without letting loose of the kisses. After he unfastened his seemingly troublesome tie, he used it to tie my hands behind. After that, he tightly held my breasts which seemed to be sticking out.

“! …Uu, kuu…”

A merciless power. He—who was a soldier—possessed large hands, and they were powerful. As he was looking down at me who moaned in pain, he removed the bijoux buttons on my silk open-collared shirt, rubbing my breasts from the top of my favorite shirt, then he tore off the shirt in one go. The bijoux buttons flew around, and my black laced underwear came into view. That was also torn off easily with his power. Even though it was such a beautiful non-wired bra…

“…It is a very amorous underwear, huh? Is it that guy’s preference?”

Just as I thought that my lips were finally released, the words that he voiced were cold words filled with disdain.

“…Wrong… Why, that…”

“It’s not amusing. It’s not that I dislike black, but I’m offended because it’s that greenhorn’s liking.”

“! …N-no…”

He gallantly played with my right breast that was bare exposed. He put it in his mouth, teased it with his tongue, licked and rolled it over. While doing so, he tore off my denim bottom and my black underwear which was a matching set with my bra.

Afterwards, it was like a storm.

Both of my breasts were rubbed, sucked, and nibbed with his teeth. He pushed his fingers in the place between my legs that were easily opened, relentlessly sticking them and moving them around. I became irritated with myself who was getting very wet despite being in such a confusion and embarrassment, as he teased my soft meat with his tongue while inserting his fingers. Rather than pleasure, perhaps it was my physiological reaction to protect my body against the stimulus, but honey began to spill from that place. And right into that place, he thrust his wedge in. He repeatedly thrust it in as he violated my shaking breasts even further. After he pulled out for a while, he turned my back around, continuing the deed in a doggy position. He raised me in his arms, piercing me even more in the face-to-face sitting position.


He went home without even waiting for daybreak. After he finished tormenting me, he finally unfastened the necktie that was binding my hands together, brought me to the bath, and went as far as drying my hair. I remained still as if I was a doll.

(How, why… Even though I liked him.)

I had no energy to speak any words. After I adjusted the collar of the bathrobe I was made to wear, I closed my eyes. The tears that should have been dried up already—spilled once more. The bed sheet was cold. The bed sheet that was wet with tears, sweat, and other body fluids. Even so, I only wanted to sleep for now.

I wanted to forget everything. I wanted to pretend that everything never happened. The fact that I escaped the country I was born in, where women were very lacking in power, where many got hurt. The fact that I began to like him after many years passed since that time. The fact that the [greenhorn] slightly healed my feelings as I was worn-out from my job. The fact that I was misunderstood by the man I loved, and that I was harshly embraced by him. I want to reset. Anything and everything.

(Reset. Yes, all human relationships. I want to start from zero…)

I fell asleep. A deep, deep sleep. It was a sleep deep enough that you won’t wake up even if you were kicked or even if your cheeks were pinched.

Moonlight? The dawn’s light? …The last thing I remembered was that a very bright white light—bright enough that I couldn’t open my eyes—illuminated the whole room.

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Thank you for reading.

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