Chapter 637: Sea Swallowing Beast is mine!

The internal organs of the Heavenly Demon King quickly reverted to rigidness. Under the continuous assault of 200 peak experts along with more than one thousand experts of Blue Waves Continent under the lead of Red Lady and Mo Yan, accompanied by several thousand shark guards, the body of the Heavenly Demon King was quickly torn to pieces and numerous huge holes appeared. Now, they could see those magic and douqi attacks along with wave after wave of arrows outside.

This battle no longer had any suspense. The massive Heaven Slaying Squid was smashed into pieces. The seawater within the radius of several hundred li was dyed with different colored blood, and one could see broken pieces of limbs and other parts of the body everywhere.

After Long Yi adjusted his breathing, he felt a lot better, but he had indifferent expression. No one could discern what he was feeling. For this operation, he had brought more than ten thousand experts of Blue Waves Continent. Among them, more than one thousand had fallen. They were peak experts, so how could Long Yi not feel heartache losing them?

Conversely, the Sea Emperor looked excited. He was giving a speech in front of the experts of the Sea Race, using extremely provocative language.

“Boy, do you think the soul of Heavenly Demon King has been truly annihilated?” Demonic Dragon King Sha Qingyin asked.

“He said that he would come back again. You say, is he truly annihilated?” Long Yi faintly said. The final words of the Heavenly Demon King before his demonic qi had exploded, everyone had just heard just “lowly creatures,” and they hadn’t heard anything beyond that. Only Long Yi had heard everything.

Everyone around Long Yi was speechless. Everyone knew the consequences of letting the Heavenly Demon King escape. Now that the best chance to annihilate him had slipped through the gap in their fingers, in the future, this world will truly become a bloody purgatory.

“My husband, should we tell the Sea Emperor?” Leng Youyou asked.

“Tell him? Hehe, don’t be so impatient, wait to see a good drama.” Long Yi replied with a cold smile.

This moment, the battles all over Undersea City were also gradually coming to an end. The army of Shark Clan, Whale Clan, and Shihun Clan was wiped out. These three powerful forces were eradicated from the Sea Race in one day.

Because the number of people was too high here, Sea Emperor left first with the experts of Sea Race, leaving behind only Long Yi’s group of ten thousand experts from Blue Waves Continent.

“Wu… wu…” Suddenly, a sound that resembled an infant crying entered the ears of everyone. At first, this sound seemed to be coming from far away, but in the next moment, it seemed near.

“Look, what is that?” Liuxu exclaimed pointing at a large shadow that bolted to the sky and surrounded them.

Everyone here was first rate experts. They instantly prepared to fight as they could already feel the dense killing intent.

Soon, the shadow tightly surrounded Long Yi and others. At this moment, they were able to see what those creatures surrounding them were. They looked very strange. Their body resembled a fish, was roughly twenty meters long, and their entire body was covered with scales, but they had four limbs with sharp claws. In addition, they also had thin folded wings. Still, the strangest aspect was their big mouth. The opening of their mouth occupied more than half of their body. Now, they were emitting violent qi and strong magic fluctuation. These strange creatures stretched as far as the eye could see. No one was able to tell how many there were.

“Are they magical beasts of undersea?” Divine Dragon King asked in confusion.

“To be specific, they should be Sea Swallowing Beasts.” Long Yi faintly smiled.

At this time, Sea Emperor was standing on the largest Sea Swallowing Beast. He looked at Long Yi and other more than ten thousand experts as if they were mere corpses and roared with laughter, “Long Yi, you truly shouldn’t have offended me.”

“If I hadn’t offended you, would you have let us go?” Long Yi wasn’t surprised at all. He was calm.

The Sea Emperor thought for a bit and shook his head, “No.”

“That’s it, regardless of whether I offended you or not, you will not let us go. Since that’s the case, why don’t I offend you thoroughly?” Long Yi smiled faintly.

“Long Yi, do you know? I hate this expression of yours as if everything is under your control the most. Don’t tell me you aren’t afraid, but even if you aren’t afraid, don’t you fear that so many elites of Blue Waves Continent will be buried here?” The Sea Emperor hatefully said.

“You should have the ability to do that first,” sneered Long Yi.

“Long Yi, you have never seen the strength of Sea Swallowing Beasts. There are more than 500,000 Sea Swallowing Beasts here. How will you save these more than 10,000 people? After all these elites die here, will Blue Waves Continent be able to stop this emperor’s march? Regardless of the sea or land, this emperor will become the number one under heaven, hahaha…” The Sea Emperor laughed like crazy. He had been preparing for a long time, so he no longer needed to hide his wild ambition now.

“Your ambition is enormous enough. According to my principle, I wouldn’t have tolerated it, but since your daughter has begged me to spare your life, I, as a person who keeps his words, don’t want to go back on my words. Don’t force me to make a move,” replied an indifferent Long Yi.

The Sea Emperor, however, glared at Long Yi and laughed crazily, pointing at him, “Long Yi, you spare this emperor’s life? Haha, you spare this emperor’s life!”

“All Sea Swallowing Beasts, slaughter them for me!” Sea Emperor suddenly stopped laughing, and with a cold expression, he waved his hand, and his hand shone with green radiance. At the same time, the eyes of Sea Swallowing Beasts also shone. They then opened their mouth, which resembled a black hole with a strange aura.

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“What is this ghastly feeling?” All experts couldn’t help shivering. They felt as if they would be swallowed by the big opened mouths of these Sea Swallowing Beasts at any time.

“Let this emperor show you all the might of Sea Swallowing Beasts,” the Sea Emperor shouted.

Suddenly, a powerful and vast suction came from all directions, and the seawater in the middle instantly boiled over. Meanwhile, Long Yi and other ten thousand experts of Blue Waves Continent simultaneously created a defensive barrier. With so many defensive barriers created by many experts overlapping each other, one could well imagine how solid the defense was, but in the blink of an eye, the defensive barriers were on the verge of collapse on all sides.

 “Hahaha, let this emperor tell you something, this is the might of only 100,000 Sea Swallowing Beasts. If this emperor were to make all 500,000 Sea Swallowing Beasts attack at the same time, then just you ten thousand people would be torn into pieces by the suction force.” The Sea Emperor complacently laughed as if he had already grasped the heaven and earth.

“These Sea Swallowing Beasts are indeed powerful, hehe, so they are mine hereafter. I thank the Sea Emperor for granting such a generous gift,” Long Yi laughed all of a sudden. His complacent look was even more rampant than the Sea Emperor.

Sea Emperor had yet to react, but the connection between him and Blue Sea Divine Soul in his sea of consciousness was suddenly cut off. The next second, the Blue Sea Divine Soul was already floating in front of Long Yi, and the suction attack of 100,000 Sea Swallowing Beasts also stopped immediately.

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“Impossible, impossible!” The Sea Emperor didn’t dare to believe. He had never expected this kind of unforeseen event.

“Your Majesty, you should believe in facts. Not only you can scheme in this world, do you think you can obtain Blue Sea Divine Soul so easily? If I hadn’t make some arrangements beforehand, then how could you have acquired it so easily?” Long Yi instructed others to remove the barriers, and looking at those countless Sea Swallowing Beasts, he felt like a big piece of meat pie had fallen in front of him from the sky.

Sea Emperor suddenly looked up and asked with a ferocious expression, “Even if you have Blue Sea Divine Soul now, do you know the method to control Sea Swallowing Beasts?”

“It’s very simple. Your cute daughter has already told me.” Long Yi ambiguously smiled and added, “You also know, when a girl is of age, she must be married off, and it’s very normal for her to turn her arm outward.”

“Martha … Martha! This wretch actually betrayed this emperor … actually be … trayed…” The Sea Emperor shouted like a madman. Suddenly, his expression stiffened, and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth and nose. He then began to float up with his eyes wide opened. He unexpectedly died from excessive anger.

“Martha, ah Martha, don’t blame me saying I didn’t keep my words. Your father emperor, however, was infuriated to death by you. It has nothing to do with me,” Long Yi muttered and laughed. The experts from Blue Waves Continent were pleased after witnessing this scene. His Majesty, the Crown Prince, was worthy of being His Majesty the Crown Prince. Every one of them laughed heartily.

Long Yi arranged these 500,000 Sea Swallowing Beasts and returned to Undersea City along with the experts of Blue Waves Continent. Now, with these ferocious beasts that could freely roam in both land and water under his control, he had a bit more confidence in dealing with the upcoming bloody calamity.

Undersea City, Sea Emperor City.

There was a thick smell of blood and corpses all over the streets. The Sea Race army was busy dealing with the aftermath.

In the imperial sea palace, all former imperial guards were already changed. Now, most of them were fully armored guards of Miluo Clan. Today, something that no sea clans residing in Sea Emperor City dared to believe happened. Miluo Clan who had always maintained neutral position had unexpectedly rebelled. They seized Sea Emperor City and massacred several tens of thousands of trusted guards of the Sea Emperor. If Shark Clan, Whale Clan, Shihun Clan, or even Scorpion Clan had done so, they wouldn’t have gotten so surprised, but beyond their imagination, it was the courteous Miluo Clan with a gentle temperament.

At this moment, Miluo Clan’s Patriarch, who now claimed to be the new Sea Emperor, warmly welcomed Long Yi and over ten thousand experts of Blue Waves Continent. He knew that, although he had already seized Sea Emperor City, when the troops of various sea clans other than annihilated Shark Clan, Whale Clan, and Shihun Clan return, many sea clans would refuse to accept him as the new Sea Emperor. At that time, he could only rely on Long Yi.

For Long Yi, placing Miluo Clan’s Patriarch on the throne of Sea Emperor had many advantages and no disadvantages, so there was no reason not to support him. As for the opposition of other sea clans, Long Yi didn’t take them seriously. With 500,000 Sea Swallowing Beasts under his control, which sea clan would dare to act rashly? Of course, military force can only deter for a while. Everything would rest on the capability of Miluo Patriarch. If he did poorly even after Long Yi paved the path, then Long Yi didn’t mind replacing him and let another person sit on the throne of Sea Emperor.

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