Volume 2 Chapter 92: Princess Laceman’s Depression

In Octavia Empire and by the side of Babbit Lake, Bella was carrying the princess of the golden dragon race, Laceman. They were confronting someone who was of the human race and suspected to be a subordinate of the Twelve Evil Demon Kings.

“Since Mistress Demon King is rather… rather unreasonable, then… goodbye.”
Harokak had stubbornly wanted to continue to act on his vengeful words but he needed to be wise and adapt to his circumstances. Now that all his subordinates had been killed by Bella’s men, he was heavily outnumbered. And he still had to reason with Bella; if he messed it up, he wouldn’t be able to go home and report the mission complete.
“If that is the case, then… it is goodbye forever. Uncle, did you really think that the black sword I stabbed you with was normal!”
“What! This energy is…. You this….”
Harokak then realized that the sharp sword that Bella had pierced in his stomach was emitting ominous energy. This strange ominous energy had forcefully sealed his ability to move and just as he was on the edge of hurling all kinds of abuse, a phantom with a smear of red flashed across his back and at that instant of contact, Harokak’s head was sent flying across the horizon to the distant place. On the original spot left a headless corpse, standing, looking like it was denouncing the evils that had happened there.

“Mistress Bella, I have rushed here slightly late, please forgive me, my owner.”

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The Demon World Princess Diaz kneeled on one of her knees and greeted Bella. Although she had become Bella’s Corpse Demon, in any case, she was still one of the Princesses in the Demon World. It was still a little challenging for her to directly call herself a subordinate. But Bella was also not anxious as Diaz was already her contracted familiar demon so she would be available to call on anytime. Now Bella had to wait for a chance to ask Diaz to come over alone to “educate” her.
“Mistress Bella, why… why are you not talking, please do not use this kind of expression to look at me, I am slightly afraid.”
Bella coughed, “Diaz, I haven’t seen you for a period of time and your body has developed again! The night after tomorrow please come to my dormitory and wait for me, I have something to discuss! Do not refuse, you know my style.”
Diaz had looked at Bella helplessly and was about to refuse, but Bella muted her. If she had known that Bella would be like that, she would not have worn such a sexy and revealing outfit when she came out. But Bella was the one who requested for her to wear this outfit. In that case, she could not escape her fate of Bella bringing her to her room to take liberties.
Demon World Princess Diaz lowered her head to take a look at her own outfit; she was wearing a set of pure black charm devil outfit. This outfit would be about the same as directly wearing a black bra and a pair of semi-transparent black stockings on her legs. If Bella was a male, she reckoned that she would have been thrown onto the bed and f*cked. Although it wasn’t far off now.
“Demon World Princess Diaz, you, this holy knight that had become corrupted, is actually her master. That can’t be, we had only fought last month, how could you had grown up so quickly!”
The princess of the golden dragon race, Laceman, who was carried by Bella looked at her with a face of astonishment. She had thought that Bella had grown slightly as compared to a few months ago when they had fought. But now it seemed that she was seriously mistaken. Bella could take the Demon World Princess, who was rumored to be even more haughty as compared to herself, as a zombie demon, this meant that her increase in standard was unbelievably good. Thinking of this, Laceman twisted her body uneasily. She was beginning to feel that she had already become the “sheep in wolf’s mouth”, she could not help but struggle.
“Hmph, this silly girl only started to struggle now. It is too late, honestly be my captive!”
Bella revealed an evil smile to Laceman and after that, she skillfully removed the few Dragon Corroding Arrow that had pierced Laceman’s body. Although these arrows were junior level artifacts, towards Bella, this Demon God, there was no backlash and Bella removed the arrows easily. After removing the arrows, Bella took out one of the six Abyss Demonic King, the Black-Widow Empress Ulysses’ spider thread.   

“It’s painful, be more gentle you witch. Wait…This spider thread, wasn’t this spider thread spat out by those scary spider demonic beings! As expected, you two were working together, what are you doing? I am already being tied up, please stop messing with me, quickly stop…”
Bella did not bother with Laceman’s begging, she used the spider thread to re-tie her again in that shameful posture that she liked. Although the Dragon Binding Ropes was a demonic artifact, the object had belonged to the Twelve Evil Demon Kings. The prey that Bella had taken a fancy to, was not allowed to have another hunter’s mark.
“Quickly, let go of me, I am the daughter of golden Dragon King, Laceman. If you continue to be rude to me, aren’t you afraid of retaliation from the dragon race!”
After Laceman was tied up by Bella, she was not able to struggle free. Bella had also seized the opportunity to remove her golden Dragon Scale Bra. Now, she was absolutely naked and was carried by Bella, the female devil, in her arms and being fondled. Although her manner of speaking was still tough, Laceman was only maintaining her final dignity and reputation. In her heart, she already felt shy and ashamed.
Typically, Laceman, as the golden dragon race’s princess, had always sat on a pedestal. She had never thought that she would be reduced to a person’s plaything like today. She had never received this type of treatment and for her not to cry, her mental strength was considered to have met the standard requirement. Although Bella was a female, in the eyes of Laceman, the current Bella was even more frightful as compared to the previous devil person, Harokak, who was killed earlier. It seemed like she had just escaped from the wolves’ den and entered the tiger’s cave.
(TL Notes: “Escaped from the wolves’ den and entered the tiger’s cave” means escaping from one dangerous place into another dangerous place.)
“So you are actually the daughter of the golden Dragon King! The girls that I have taken a liking to, the majority of them are the level of princess. You should feel honored instead. As for asking me if I am afraid, look at the person standing over at that side, do you not know her? I have even dared to put my hands on the Demon World Princess, do you think I will let you, the dragon race Princess, go!”
“Isn’t my master, Lisha, your sister? I would like to see her, quickly bring me to see her!”
“We shall talk about this later, you are injured. I am going to do a full body check up on you. If you continue to move, then I will… I have forgotten to tell you that recently I’m busy collecting the dead dragons to make Bone Dragons. If you don’t want to become one, then be well-behaved!”
Bella carried Laceman, who had a face full of fear, underneath a big tree, preparing to carry out the bad thoughts in her heart. Laceman was scared speechless by Bella as she did not want to be killed by this female devil and then transformed into a bone dragon. According to the dragon race’s long life span, Laceman’s current age was equivalent to a beautiful young girl that was approximately twenty years old. Because of this reason, she had chosen the appearance of loli and her build was more or less irregular like Diaz.
Laceman had never been in a relationship before and she refused to just die like this. But Bella’s current gaze was making her whole body slightly shivering. This was not an expression a normal girl should have. The expression in Bella’s eyes were filled with dark desire and she had not even bothered to hide it. No matter how Laceman looked, that gaze was looking to “devour” her and it would be strange if Laceman was not afraid. As she was on the brink of despair, a familiar figure walked out from a far away underbrush.
“Lisha, help. Do you still remember me, I am your contracted mount, golden Dragon Princess, Laceman. Your sister, this corrupted holy knight, wants to have sex with me.”

Lisha, with a standard dragon knight armor from head to toe, had beautiful golden hair that was similar to Bella and it was easy to identify. After she had walked out from the underbrush, Lisha, in a glance, had seen Bella, Diaz, and her mount when she was still a knight, the Princess of the golden dragon race, Laceman’s human form. She had also seen Laceman stark naked and she reckoned that Sister Bella was bullying beautiful girls again. It was just that this time, the person she was bullying had switched to her previous mount.
Laceman had looked at Lisha with a face full of earnest hope; she had already forgotten her previous actions of betraying Lisha. When Laceman placed her excessive hopes on Lisha saving her, she had missed out a very important problem. And that is when Lisha was walking over, the nearby Shadow demons had stood there silently, and unmoving. Even the Demon World Princess Diaz had also stood there and let Lisha go over. This was enough to prove that the relationship between them was no longer enemies.
“So it’s Laceman. Last time, I really couldn’t tell that you were so beautiful and that you have a better figure than me. Sister, you can’t be thinking of keeping her, this girl’s character is very tough. If you really want to keep her, you have to force her total surrender!”
“Lisha, you… You’ve also become corrupted, please wake up! You are a dragon knight, not a corrupted dragon knight. Previously, it was my fault that I ran away but you also can’t become corrupted just to take revenge against me!”

Laceman looked at Lisha who had a face full of innocence and her heart felt a bad premonition. This beautiful young girl was a brave warrior when she had first met her, with a face of righteousness. She had expressed that she wanted to fight all the Demon Kings to save the world. Now she had unexpectedly also “betrayed the revolution”. Could she still believe in love in this world… no, it was believe in friendship?
“‘Laceman, my heart had never become corrupted, it’s just that I’m standing on the side of my sister now, and it will never change. Please be good and let sister love you. Although you may not be used to it from the start, it’s very comfortable!”
“Why is it like that, Lisha, please wake up. Please do not be, by this female devil’s graceful words… what is this, stop it…”
Laceman looked at Lisha’s smiling face with despair. She was finished. This past owner had become thoroughly corrupted. There would be no one to save her anymore, Bella had used a weird red ball to blocked up her little mouth and she could only let out “wu wu”. It was estimated that in her lifetime, Bella could never change her evil preferences,
“Princess Laceman, please be quieter, it would not be good if you disturbed other people. Come, let me bring you to a quiet place and check if your body is injured. Please be at ease, I am indeed a good person! I will not be like others who are perverts. In short, please surrender to me!”
Bella carried Laceman again and brought her to the underbrush. Before she left, she casually used her strength and destroyed the demon weapon Dragon Binding Ropes tied up Laceman’s body. This thing was an artifact of the Twelve Evil Demon Kings and by using it to tie up the girl that she had taken a fancy to was irksome, she might as well destroy it and keep it.
Laceman was begging soundlessly as there was a small little red ball that was blocking her mouth and she could not even beg with words. Her beautiful golden eyes that had been filled with arrogance in the former days, was now just filled with a pitiful expression. Bella could clearly see her tears rolling down the corners of her eyes. This princess of the dragon race actually had the side of a little girl.
“Princess Laceman, if you do want to suffer, please stop crying. I am a person that especially likes to bully girls who weep. Could it be that you want to give me a reason to bully you!”
Although Bella knew that Laceman was not acting, she did not want to bully a weeping girl as she would feel a deep sense of guilt. Even previously when she had bullied the church’s Holy Maidens, she did not bully the person till they cried. With regards to Bella’s fake threat, Laceman had actually believed it and was too afraid to tear up.
“Sister, you’re bullying people again. But Laceman, please be at ease, sister Bella will not harm you. I will be watching at the side!”
If Laceman’s mouth was not blocked by the small red ball, she would have condemned Lisha. Was this past owner foolish or naturally black! Laceman had already been caught by Bella this female devil; if she had really wanted to refine her to a bone dragon, that would be miserable. Being a bone dragon was too ugly, if she became something like that, she might as well think of a way to destroy her own body.
However, Bella’s palm rested lightly on Laceman’s chest, over where her heart was. She had grasped Laceman’s heartbeat clearly. If Laceman wanted to release any power, Bella could totally judge it by the change in her heartbeat. This was an important secret in the dragon race and an ordinary Dragon Knight would not know about it. It was so hateful, who actually told this secret to Bella the female devil?
Laceman looked at Lisha, who was beside Bella, with an innocent face expression and reckoned that this secret was let out by her. This was so hateful. What had happened to the human knight now, did they not even have the basic conviction! If she was able to escape, she must report this unforeseen event to each dragon race’s King, and not let the other dragon races be deceived.

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Laceman’s trivial thoughts could not escape Bella as she was already an experience “driver”. Bella just did not have the heart to reveal it to her. Since Laceman had already been captured by her, if she had not completely subdued Laceman she would not let her go. When Laceman could move around freely, she would have already been successfully trained by Bella.
In an unknown district, in the palace hall of the Twelve Evil Demon Kings, a few black shadows surrounded a black round table and were having a meeting. This conference room had no light shining in and if not for the voice of the few black shadows, the people outside would have assumed that inside was a spacious and empty hall.
“That’s weird, Harokak that fella was unexpectedly killed. He brought with him the demon artifact, my Dragon Binding Ropes, to carry out his mission, and my Dragon Binding Ropes had been seized by someone. Which fella is so powerful that they could seize the treasure of the Demon King? Even in those days, the various gods of this world did not have such a great ability!”
“Old Demon, you liked to order humans to infiltrate into another human’s mission. I have already said before not to believe those hypocritical humans. You chose not to believe me and this is just great; now our plan of refining the demon bone dragon has to be delayed. Without a live dragon, refining the demon bone dragon was just a dream!”
“Death, you still dare to point fingers at me. Last time you had to make trouble at Gabriel Empire and you were the first one to run away. This time, the arrangement was for you to go to the newly built Sarnia Duchy to trigger the Departed Spirit natural disaster and you unexpectedly returned without success. All the subordinates you brought over and have not returned and you yourself came back with injuries all over. Shouldn’t you give us a reasonable explanation!”
“This…. I had already explained it at the three palaces of the Demon King, you have no qualifications to question me!”
The Demon King Of Death also felt helpless as there was one matter that she did not dare to publicly speak out. In Sarnia Duchy, there was actually no living person and if there was no living person then she could not engage in any Departed Spirit natural disaster. That place was already occupied by other unknown demonic beings. At the head of the demonic beings, there were two girls that were demon kings and were similar to her. They were both the “unknown demon kings” that she had previously met in Sack Reed Town.
The result was the same as the last time and she was beaten by Sky Demon King Dolores and Blood Demon King Eleanor. This time, she completely believed that these two girls were genuine goods of the Demon King level. This would publicly provoke the saying that there were only “Twelve Evil Demon Kings in the world”. Of course she did not publicly speak out.
If the subordinates of the Twelve Evil Demon Kings had known of the existence of other demon kings, they may have chosen to jump to other demon king instead. Demonic beings would only follow the strongest demon king; it was their instinct. In order to prevent the subordinates of the Twelve Evil Demon Kings being disorganized at the appearance of other demon kings, the Demon King Of Death and a few demon kings had chosen not to make the information that there were other demon kings appearing public.

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