Volume 2 Chapter 93: Bronte Holy Dragon Valley’s Undercurrent

In the shrubs by the side of Babbit Lake, someone had set up a sound-proof barrier… Bella was embracing Laceman and was sitting on a reclining lawn. She undid the small gag in Laceman’s mouth, but she had no intention to loosen the spiderwebs which were tying Laceman up.

“Miss Lisha, Miss Witch. I beg you, please let me go! I will give you all the treasures that I have obtained!”

Laceman spoke in a pleading tone and she didn’t dare to throw her temper towards Bella anymore. Previously when her red little gag was removed from her mouth, Laceman immediately condemned the various crimes that Bella and Lisha had committed. As a result, Bella turned Laceman’s body around and punished her like how an adult would punish a child. Bella spanked Laceman’s buttocks multiple times.

The spanks had completely shattered Laceman’s dignity, as even her father didn’t spank her like that. Right now, she was actually stripped and tied up in such a humiliating posture by Bella the Witch and was getting spanked, all while Lisha and Demon World Princess Diaz was watching from the sideways. If there were a crevice in the ground, Laceman truly wanted to put her head in. If this matter were made known to the other Dragon Races, her pride as a Golden Dragon Race’s Princess would be completely destroyed.

“What Miss Witch? Call me Miss Bella. Another thing… right now, your entire body… your entire dragon body is mine. Wouldn’t that mean that all your hidden treasures are mine too!?”

“Stop spanking, Bella… Miss Bella. It is my fault, I shouldn’t have beaten you up, and shouldn’t have to abandon Miss Lisha and escaped myself.”

Laceman decided to keep all the grievances in her heart. She was truly suffering in her heart, but she couldn’t say it out! Originally, her fight against Bella back then should have been responsible by her previous Mistress Lisha. That was actually the fight between Lisha and Bella, how could it be related to her when she was just a mount? A mount should also have human rights! How could a Mistress’ fight be blamed on a mount? She was truly feeling injustice in her heart.

As for the matter of escaping and abandoning Lisha, she was even more wrongly accused. The ones who assaulted Lisha was Bella the Witch’s subordinates, but everything was blamed on her. This was just too despicable! If Laceman had known the dangers of the outside world, she would have hidden in the Dragon Race’s territories and never had gone out. It was all because of her slight moment of greed. What was she doing by taking a bath at the Dragon Race’s holy lake, Babbit Lake for? The price for this bath was truly incomparably tremendous!

It was obvious Bella wouldn’t be satisfied so easily. There was a “smack” sound that could be heard as someone was getting punished again. Bella knew that Laceman was the Golden Dragon Race’s princess and a Golden Dragon was specifically tough against physical damage, if said in a crude manner, they were simply had thick hides and were good for hitting. Laceman might be in her fragile human form, but such a small punishment basically didn’t do any harm to her physical body.

Bella’s light punishment’s biggest use was to neutralize Laceman’s haughty temper. Of course, the main reason was that Bella had this indescribable dark desire in the depths of her spirit. Until now, Bella didn’t want to admit that she was oriented towards the ‘S’, although all the facts had proven that she was.
(TL note: For those that do not know, ‘S’ means sadism in this case)

The places that Laceman got spanked were just a little red since she was the Golden Dragon Race’s Princess who had insane physical defenses. Even if Bella were in her Demon King form, if she didn’t use her Demon King’s strength and just purely the Human Race’s strength, she wouldn’t be able to injure Laceman without the help of weapons.

“Princess Laceman, your attitude when admitting your mistake isn’t sincere enough! Why don’t I hear you calling me Mistress!? Seems like I need to use another, more stimulating, punishment! Diaz, don’t just stand there. Where is that whip that I used to play with you previously…”

“Mistress Bella, I am wrong, please don’t use that thing to beat me. Everything is my fault, please forgive me!”

When Laceman heard that Bella was going to use a whip, she had completely admitted defeat. When she was excessively mischievous during her younger days, her father, the Golden Dragon King would use a whip to punish her. After multiple punishments, it had caused a trauma in her heart that gave her a phobia towards whips. If Bella were to truly use a whip to lash at her, all her disgraceful expressions would be exposed. Right now, Laceman had to do everything she could to fulfill this Witch’s requests. She was truly hoping for Bella to only be greedy for their Dragon Race’s treasures. If Bella weren’t covering for the treasures but for her instead… the consequences would be something that she couldn’t imagine.

Diaz looked at Laceman with sympathy. As Bella’s familiar demon, she was basically at Bella’s beck and call, and she was the girl that played the most shameless games with Bella. Diaz had already witnessed Laceman’s little punishment and of course, she wasn’t going to help Laceman beg for mercy. She was originally a Demon World Princess and if she truly had a heart of sympathy, she wouldn’t even be sitting on the position as a princess of the Demon World.

Besides, what Diaz needed the most was a partner to accompany her in playing those disgraceful games with Bella. This Golden Dragon Race’s Princess Laceman was the most suitable candidate. She had an indestructible body and was much more capable in enduring those various sick games than a Demon World Princess like her.

Lisha had this innocent expression while observing from the side. She had been with Bella for a long time and had unknowingly got used to Bella using various methods to violate beautiful girls. Furthermore, there were many occasions where Lisha would feel an ineffable excitement from the depths of her heart when seeing such scenes. At this moment, Lisha was still unable to describe what this throbbing sensation, in her heart, was. Lisha didn’t know that after staying beside Bella for such a long time, she had this strange darkness which awakened in her heart.

“Princess Laceman. I might not lack any mount, but your strength doesn’t seem to be strong at all? You aren’t even a match for my six pets and had been frightened by them so much that you escaped. Looks like you should set your mind to become my…”

“Mistress Bella, I can only be a mount. I beg you to let me go. I can forge another contract with your Little Sister Lisha. This time, there will be a 5-year restriction and I guarantee that I will not break it! I can swear to the Radiant God!”

Laceman had countless grievances in her heart, but she couldn’t say it. If those Abyss Demonic Kings were to be serious in a battle, even a Dragon King might not be able to survive, let alone a Dragon Race Princess like her who didn’t have any accomplishments. That kind of strength was called a pet? Furthermore, didn’t Bella mentioned that she didn’t like to bully girls and would be very gentle to them? Why did she suddenly flip out so quickly?! Seeing Bella’s evil eyes, Laceman instinctively felt that it would be safer for her to be a mount. If she were to choose something else, she might just be broken after being played by this witch!

“Lisha, do you still want her? I think it will be good for Laceman to return to being your dedicated mount. It will be easier for you to explain yourself to that old geezer during the holidays.”

“There is no need. I already have Big Sister and I think you will protect me. I shall leave Sister Laceman for Noble Sister to deal with!”

“Then let’s cheerfully make a decision. Good Little Sister, I will protect you. Why? Do you have other opinions?!”

“Mistress Bella, please then don’t torture me anymore. I really can only be a mount and I do not have other opinions. I just beg you to not turn me into anything strange!”

Laceman wanted to object, but Lisha and Bella actually skipped her opinion and didn’t ask if she agreed to Bella’s possession. This was just too excessive for a dragon. Laceman ultimately didn’t voice out any objection, as Bella’s hand was already on a certain position of her body. If she were to object, she was probably going to get “spanked” multiple times.

“How did this lass realize that I am perverted… no, how did she realize that I am going to turn her into… a certain “virtuous” pet?”

Bella looked around and saw Lisha looking at her innocently. Diaz probably knew the evil plans in the depths of Bella’s heart and had embarrassedly turned her head away. The relationship between a master and a familiar demon was very subtle. When the master had some thoughts, the familiar demon would somehow be able to predict it. Just like what was happening right now, as Diaz intentionally shifted her face to the other side, but the redness on her face had betrayed her.

“If that is the case, I will reluctantly take you in first. You better be thankful, if not, you would have been captured by that evil uncle earlier on!”

“Thank you, Mistress Bella, for the rescue. Then, Honorable Mistress Bella, can you first loosen the spiderwebs on me first. If I am bound up like this, I do not know how will I be able to provide any service to you. Please give me an opportunity to perform!”

Laceman resisted the urge of vomiting and said all those words against her will. During normal situations, she would always put on a haughty tone. She would never speak in such a coquettish kind of manner! Right now, Laceman felt that it might probably be better for her to be captured by that evil uncle, but she wondered if this were just her misperception.

“It is best for you to remain like this first! Princess Laceman, I never rescue anyone for no reason. Right now, I need to obtain some reward.”

“Mistress Bella, what kind of reward do you want? I will… wait, don’t come so close with your face, stop… mmm mmm.”

Laceman’s golden eyes became despondent. The reward that Bella wanted was actually her kiss. As a professional “veteran”, Bella took hold of the authority in this french kiss. She didn’t dare to kill Laceman earlier in fear of getting bitten. Right now, Laceman’s willpower to resist had already been exhausted and the risk of Laceman resisting Bella’s kiss was greatly reduced. Thus, it was time to redeem the “rewards for her victory”.

This was naturally Laceman’s first kiss and she was at a loss when Bella had kissed her. Bella’s tongue had been taking the initiative since she was a veteran in this aspect. Not including Sophia who was from the Half-God Race, Laceman was the second special race’s beauty to have her first kiss stolen by Bella, the first being Demon World Princess Diaz.

Bella wasn’t doing something as simple as kissing. When Laceman regained her senses, she could feel strange energy that was being transferred into her body. When she wanted to break free, it was all over, as her body was hugged tightly by Bella and there was no way to escape. That kiss lasted for a long time and Bella only released Laceman’s swollen little lips after she was satisfied.

“Mistress… Bella, you just…”  

“Baby Laceman, I had just injected a demon’s energy into you just now. From now on, I will find time to feed you the energy every day! After a period of time, you will be completely converted into a member of the Darkness Camp. Are you happy?!”

“Mistress Bella, no… can you let me go first…”

Before Laceman could finish what she was going to say, Bella used the small gag and stuffed it into her mouth again. Laceman had no choice but to look on as Bella took advantage of her. Laceman didn’t think that Bella would use such methods. She originally thought she could just curry favor with Bella, which would cause Bella to drop her guard, giving herself an opportunity to escape.

“Princess Laceman, you better don’t think about tricking Mistress. I have tried it and it is useless. You better obediently listen to her!”

Diaz forced a smile and consoled Laceman, as she had seen shadows of herself on this Golden Dragon Race’s princess. Laceman looked at Bella with the eyes of fear, as she didn’t know what this witch was going to do next.

“Seems like there are guests. Diaz, help me take this lass and hide in your familiar demon’s spatial zone. Take good care of her, but don’t punish her without my approval. I will be back later to accompany her.”

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“Understood, Mistress.”

Diaz received Laceman who was tied up obediently and brought into her familiar demon’s spatial zone. As Laceman was already injected with demon’s energy by Bella, she could already enter such spatial zones. Laceman final plan for escape had been officially declared as a failure. After she was brought into the familiar demon’s spatial zone by Demon World Princess Diaz, Laceman had already become one of Bella’s possessions.

“Bella, Lisha, you girls are here! Fortunately, you are done. That’s right, Teacher Ingrid came looking for us, saying that a formidable enemy had infiltrated this place. She asked us to rendezvous with her and that this mount selection shall be delayed.”

Luce and Irene walked out of the forest. The corpses earlier had been cleaned up by the shadow demons, while the leaves covered up the traces of blood. Therefore, they couldn’t see any anomaly. Irene was already considered to be on Bella’s side, but Luce had yet to join their group. Hence, the matter of Bella being a Demon King had to be temporarily kept a secret from this second sister of hers.

“Second Sister Luce, what is the rush? It hasn’t been an hour since we entered this place.”

Bella carefully probed at Luce. It was not possible for this to be related to her kidnapping Princess Laceman, right? The Dragon Race’s efficiency shouldn’t be that great. Moreover, the “things” that Bella consumed would never be spat out. Bella would never hand over Princess Laceman no matter what, but she might consider turning Laceman into her own people.

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“I am not very clear on the exact details, but it seems like a Human Race’s hunter group had infiltrated the forbidden Haywood Cavern in the Holy Dragon Valley. After they had been wiped out, it was said that they released some horrific evil beings out. This place had already been surrounded by Octavia Empire’s Holy Dragon Knight Legion, which is led by one of the Four Great Knights, and a huge group of Dragon Race’s members is here too!”

Bella cursed at the subordinate which was sent by those 12 Demon Kings. They even went into the forbidden grounds and even people of their own side. There would be great vengeance from this. Was there even a need!?

Bella wasn’t as concerned about the Dragon Race, she was only worried that someone from the Holy Dragon Knight Legion would recognize Felia’s identity, which would be troublesome

Ingrid might not have seen Felia’s real face, but the Holy Dragon Knight Legion might have. In Felia’s incomplete memories, she went on a pilgrimage to one of the Holy Dragon Knight Legion’s garrisons. She wasn’t wearing her mask at that time and they must have seen Felia’s real face and Bella would have no excuses.

Irene and Luce knew that Bella didn’t want the trouble from getting recognized, so they already prepared a knight’s mask. When the time comes, they would think of an idea together with Lisha and try to deceive others about Bella’s true identity.

In the dark familiar demon’s spatial zone, there was a room called the “Pure Black Sky”, which Laceman was hidden in. The familiar demon spatial zone had a mirror-like observation surface which could see the outside world and also the master’s situation. Of course, this must be approved by the master, in order for the familiar demon to view it. If the master didn’t want the familiar demon to see it, the special mirror would turn dark. Just like the time when Bella had brought President Maria and the four Holy Maidens onto the bed. Diaz managed to see the foreplay, but she wasn’t allowed to see the strange contents afterward.

“Laceman, your skin is really nice and smooth as compared to mine. Mistress Bella will like you so much. I am a little envious now. During this period of time, I reckon that Mistress will adore you.”

Demon World Princess Diaz had placed Laceman into the central baths of the familiar demon room. Afterward, she removed all her clothes and entered the baths to shower with Laceman. As Laceman had been tied up and couldn’t move at all, Diaz carried Laceman in according to how Bella carried her when she was tied up previously. She then carried on to help Laceman wash her body.

Laceman was unable to resist and was fuming in her heart. The way this Demon World Princess carried and rubbed her was exactly the same as that Witch Bella. It was no wonder Diaz was Bella’s familiar demon, as even her methods were exactly the same. Diaz naturally didn’t know what Laceman was thinking, had she known about it, she would be screaming of being accused. She was also a victim of this method and she had learned it all from Bella.

“Laceman. Don’t be angry, the angrier you get, the more intense your struggle and the more excited Mistress Bella would be! That’s right, the water in this pool was all obtained from the Darkness Sacred Region’s Darkness Sacred Spring. Once you have been washed in this place multiple times, you will be able to become good sisters with me in the future!”

Laceman looked at Diaz with despair, as she knew that she was truly going to completely fall into Bella’s hands. She might not know what was the use of this water from the Darkness Sacred Spring, but she could clearly feel the plenty of dark energy, which was surging into her body through skin contact. She had been bound up very tightly and there was no way for her to resist, as she looked on helplessly as she got “corrupted” by the dark energy.

Diaz naturally didn’t worry about Laceman wanted to commit suicide, as she was had personally “experienced” it herself. She knew that everything was futile as she too wanted to use death to break free from this fate! But in the end, she was educated by Bella the bad mistress with various humiliation until she eventually submitted.

As such, when Diaz was helping to clean Laceman’s body, she was especially meticulous and didn’t miss out any area. As Diaz washed Laceman, she took various dark energy medicine from the side of the baths and fed it to Laceman. Laceman’s petite mouth was gagged, so she had no choice but to let the Demon World Princess pour down various strange medicines into her throat. Laceman couldn’t even vomit them out even if she wanted to and she was about to cry out.

Had it not been for Mistress Bella’s prohibition, Diaz wanted to use her mouth to feed Laceman the medicines. Diaz didn’t realize that she was already unconsciously being “turned” by this Mistress Bella. A familiar demon was something that would be heavily influenced by their master’s personality, hence, Diaz had already awakened a strange attribute in her. Diaz had this indescribable excitement when she was able to bully beautiful girls, just like her master, Bella. Just like right now, she was having an urge to violate Laceman.

Although Laceman was feeling a drastic increase in power in her body, it was actually increasing due to the dark energy. She might crave for power, but she didn’t wish to obtain such dark energy. Right now, Laceman was being “forcefully injected” with energy. How could she be willing!? Once she turned into the Darkness Camp’s Demonic Dragon Race, she would no longer be able to turn against and take revenge on her mistress, the Superior Demon King Bella, and there was nothing else more painful.

“Laceman, stop being in a bad mood. Bella is actually a very nice individual and you will understand once you stay beside her long enough. Her actions might seem a little bad, but as long as you listen to her and be a good girl, she normally treats good girls in a very gentle way. Eh? What happened to you? Did you see something terrifying…”

Diaz was planning to carry out a “brainwash” on Laceman and suddenly realized that Laceman’s golden eyes were so wide open with a terrified expression, while looking at the observation surface. Laceman was trembling drastically in Diaz’s arms and this fear wasn’t something that could be pretended.

Diaz used both her hands to gently pat on Laceman’s smooth back, as she tried to comfort Laceman, although it didn’t relieve Laceman’s anxiety at all. But it was better than doing nothing right!? Laceman didn’t even realize that Diaz was actually comforting her, as her vision was entirely focused on the image in the mirror, at the shrub behind Bella and the others.

Laceman could only see that shrub shaking as something seemed to have crawled out. The sound that came from the shrub was probably very soft, hence, Bella and the others didn’t notice this strange intruder.

Finally, a strange little hand reached out from the shrub. It was an abnormally fair hand which didn’t seem like it belonged to a living being. This hand might be delicate and looked like a fine piece of artwork, but it was emitting a cold and evil aura, which Laceman could sense even though she was in another spatial zone.

“How could it be her! Why isn’t the seal at the forbidden Haywood Cavern working? It actually let her out? It’s all over, this fellow is very dangerous.”

When Laceman clearly saw the face of that mysterious intruder, her heart was in extreme fear, which was an instinctive fear from the depths of her soul. The sense of fear was much more than what Bella brought to her, disallowing her to say the things in her heart. Diaz was currently enjoying Laceman’s soft body and had yet to realize the severity of this problem.

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