Chapter 331: High School, I’m Quitting

While the two officers were quietly discussing among themselves, Ye Jian ran to the phone shop that was up ahead to make a phone call to Principal Chen, “Uncle Chen, I don’t think studying in First City High is an option anymore, Ye Zifan’s influence has reached all the way to the school. There’s a problem with my enrollment.”

“Tell me more about the details.” Today was also the first day of school for Fu Jun town, and Principal Chen was also quite busy. But as soon as he received Ye Jian’s phone call, his expression became serious and he put aside the work at hand, “There’s no need to rush, speak slowly.”

Ye Jian then told him what her guesses were in order, and after explaining it, she laughed, “No wonder Ye Zifan dumped those threats at me this morning, saying that I would only be able to contend against Ye Ying in my dreams. So he planned for this all along and was just waiting for me to fall into his trap.”

He had frequent contact with the leadership of the province. Causing disruptions to her enrollment process with just a little stretch of his hand was indeed possible.

“Indeed, his influence has extended quite the distance. How about this, little lass, you continue enrolling, and get an idea what’s going on and what they’re intending to do. Also, I’m going to make a call to the leadership of First City High; we’ll talk more after you’ve finished enrolling.” Principal Chen did not know that Ye Jian had already decided not to continue studying in City High. While he was talking on the phone, he took out the phone directory to make a phone call to the school’s leadership.

Ye Jian hesitated for a bit, then she pursed her lips and said, “Uncle Chen, since Ye Zifan is trying to make it hard for me to study in peace, then I don’t intend to let Ye Ying live a peaceful life as well. There’s no need for you to call the leadership of the school now. If they’ve accepted his actions, then it’ll be useless even if you did make a phone call.”

“Are you sure of it?” Principal Chen always honored Ye Jian’s decisions. He lowered his voice, “If you miss this enrollment opportunity, lass, then it’s very likely for you to also miss your chance of studying in a senior high school this year.”

His intention was to remind Ye Jian to consider it more thoroughly. Who knew that once Ye Jian with slightly locked brows heard it, a glint of light flashed in her dark pupils, and they immediately shimmered like the stars in the sky, “What if I don’t go to school this year, retake the exam next year, and go straight to the second year, what do you think?”


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From the handset came silence. After the silence lasted for at least 3 minutes, Principal Chen’s guffawing could be heard from the other side, “Little lass Jian, you know what you seem like? ‘There’s a fish in the Northern Sea, it’s a mystical fish. The size of this mystical fish spans thousands of miles. It morphed into a bird; it’s now a mystical eagle. The back of the mystical eagle spans many thousands of miles. Only when it has enough strength will it take flight; its wings are as large as the clouds in the sky.’ And you, you are that mystical fish; in the future, you’ll become the mystical eagle that is able to ‘move water three thousand miles with the beat of its wings and fly ninety thousand miles up into the air!’”

“I will not stand against your decision as long as you believe that you are capable of finishing high school curriculum while training. Then, I won’t even have any qualms even if you decide to quit school for two years!”

His laughter was strong and powerful, yet it did not lose any of his kindness and was transmitted across the headset. Even Ye Jian started laughing with him. With an elder having her back, she now had the capital to have more freedom.

After laughing, the expression on Ye Jian’s face became more restrained and serious. Although her lucid voice was soft, it was filled with power, “In a year’s time, I won’t be lacking compared to them, definitely not!” Not going to school for a year wasn’t a difficult task for her.

“Uncle, please don’t call them first. After I’ve clarified what’s happening, I’ll tell you. In any case, we still have to let someone know that the strings that he’s pulling will never be able to threaten me.” With someone supporting her decision, even Ye Jian’s voice sounded much more cheerful, “If he thinks that he can control my life through controlling my education, then let him dream on.”

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He, of course, naturally referred to Ye Zifan.

After ending the phone call, Ye Jian returned to the grocery store. This time, she saw someone wearing a long-sleeved shirt and even had a necktie on in such hot weather. He even wore spectacles … A middle-aged man that seemed like the school management was looking around while standing under the tree’s shade.

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