Chapter 330: Even Enrolling Has Its Obstacles

When Teacher Fu started leaving with her letter, out of instinct, Ye Jian hastened her footsteps and strode forwards, blocking Teacher Fu’s path with a smile on her face, “Teacher, I think it’s better for you to return the letter to me for now. It’s fine for you to continue processing my application after you are done with your phone call.”

Zhang Jingyi was stunned, Ye Jian was gutsy … but that was just way too bold, she even dared to block a teacher’s path.

“Ye Jian, you…” He had no idea what he should say, but he realized that the atmosphere around him felt wrong and he called out without restraint before falling silent again.

The students and parents outside doing the paperwork for the enrollment procedures did not notice anything out of the norm; they were still squeezing to the front of the other teachers, trying to get their applications processed first.

The officer that brought Ye Jian here did not understand what was going on, but he, too, knew the importance of the acceptance letter for a student. Then, he smiled, “Teacher Fu, go ahead. I’ll keep the acceptance letter for now. It’s the same thing if my colleague helps her process her application.”

“No, there’s no need for that for the moment, wait for me to finish my call.” Teacher Fu did not expect a student to dare block a teacher’s path. After being stunned, he became slightly flustered when the policemen wanted to intervene. After shoving the acceptance letter into Ye Jian’s grasp, he hurriedly said, “Please wait here.”

Holding the slightly crumpled acceptance letter, Ye Jian let out a gentle sigh in her heart, it seemed like some things couldn’t be decided by her will alone.

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Ye Zifan’s abilities once more exceeded her imagination; to her surprise, he could even intervene all the way in the city.

In her last life, Ye Zifan’s political career was smooth sailing, from a normal politician to a Deputy Governor. If he doesn’t have any abilities, how would he be able to become the Deputy Governor of a province?

Furthermore, Grandpa Gen reminded her once again not to face Ye Zifan head on so easily; giving him a suitable warning will suffice. From the looks of it, Grandpa Gen also knew of Ye Zifan’s ability and potential.

When one didn’t listen to their elders, they were bound to suffer disasters. Ye Jian was now rejoicing that her relationship with Ye Zifan wasn’t currently one where they were openly hostile to each other.

First City High, it was definitely a place where she couldn’t stay any longer.

“Zhang Jingyi, you go ahead, we were both preoccupied to get to school and did not call home. I’m going to make a phone call first.” Once Ye Jian finally made up her mind, she completely gave up on the notion of studying in First City High. Then, she told the officer, who till now didn’t understand what was happening,  “Hello, I’m going to leave for a bit, I’ll be back soon.”

Although he hadn’t made heads or tails about the situation, he could feel that something wasn’t quite right, so he did not stop her. After Ye Jian had left the premises, he asked his colleague, who was also responsible for working on admission procedures, “What’s all that about?”

“I’m not sure. Around 9 o’clock, a school leadership looking guy came here. He said that if we saw a new student called ‘Ye Jian’ trying to enroll, he asked us not to fret too much about it, saying that there was a problem with her exam or something along the lines.” The policeman in charge of enrolment too wasn’t very sure of what was going on and shook his head, “School matters are not something that we can understand.”

They had their own responsibilities. If it weren’t because there were parents protesting at the school, it wouldn’t be possible for desk job officers like them to be helping the school with their admission procedures.

The officer who had brought Ye Jian here furrowed his brows, “Something like that happened? If there’s really a problem with her exam, she still managed to get the acceptance letter sent to her? Hm, don’t you think that girl looked quite familiar?”

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“She’s the incredible girl that big sister Zhang mentioned before, the one who represented our country to participate in the Olympiads in Australia, the only girl from our representatives, Ye Jian. Of course you’ll find her familiar – we’ve even seen her in the newspapers. Such an incredible student, how would there be something wrong with her exam?”

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