Chapter 329: Student, You Seem Odd

The boy with Ye Jian was from the Zhang family, and his name was Jingyi. Shuikou village had many with the surname Zhang, that was why people with the surname Zhang was quite common.

As soon as he realized that he needed to follow the police, no matter how gutsy he was, he was still a high school student who had just left home to a faraway place. Hearing the officer’s words, his legs immediately started weakening, “Wh-… why do we… why do we have to follow you off the bus?”

He even started to stutter.

Ye Jian saw that and turned around to smile at him, “You’re still a student, and you didn’t do anything wrong. So why are you afraid? There’s definitely something happening at the school; the officers are here to protect the students and parents.”

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“Girls definitely are more attentive to details than boys. Your schoolmate hit the nail on the head. Now hurry up, we shouldn’t occupy more of the bus driver’s time.” After the officer, who was standing at the bus door, heard their conversation, he turned back to smile at them, “It’s not something that students like you are related to, now hurry up and get off the bus.”

Not related to students? Unless it’s a matter that involves the school … and the parents? Ye Jian’s gaze focused for a moment. To experience something like this on the first day of school definitely didn’t give one good feelings.

After getting off the bus, Ye Jian and Zhang Jingyi were led to a grocery store on the streets. The store clerks inside were imposed by the officers to temporarily act as their volunteers.

A group of students and parents also surrounded the grocery store. The officer walked really quickly; he squeezed through the crowd and lowered his head to say something to his colleague who was on duty before he immediately came out and waved his hand towards Ye Jian who had yet to enter the store. “Come, the sun is blazing outside, come here and stay under the fan. Also, you two can pass your acceptance letters to this teacher, Teacher Fu. He will help you two carry out the admission procedures.”

It turned out that the school was unable to properly carry out the admission procedures, so in order not to delay the start of the school days, each of the temporary admission registration points was manned by two officers and a school teacher to help process the paperwork.

This was one of those registration points. There were two others out there.

The parents were causing a disturbance at the school’s main gate, but the school’s admission procedures were still proceeding as normal and weren’t majorly affected by the disturbance.

Ye Jian took out the acceptance letter from her bag and handed it over. The officer that took the letter, opened it and glanced at it. His gaze landed on the two words “Ye Jian” before he raised his head and passed the acceptance letter to Teacher Fu. “There aren’t any students with the same first name and last name right? Didn’t a girl called Ye Jian already come here earlier?”

Although they were conversing very quietly, Ye Jian had gone through hellish training. After all, as someone who was very close to the level of a world-class marksman, even the slightest rustle of grass in the wind couldn’t escape her senses.

Moreover, the teacher and the officer were conversing right under her nose, so how could she not hear everything clearly?

“I am Ye Jian. Teacher Fu … It seems that there is a problem?” Ye Jian spoke courteously with a smile and neutral expression, “I came here to enroll on the date written on the acceptance letter, and I have also prepared all the other necessary documents.”

She originally didn’t want to ask too much about it, but she suddenly remembered the crude words Ye Zifan had thrown at her early that morning, “Ye Jian, you’re still too inexperienced! If you want to contend with Ye Ying, you’ll first have to go through me!”

His words … Clearly, he wasn’t intending to let her live peacefully in City High!

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Now, she was asking for more information. If she really did manage to find out something more, hey, City High, if I can’t study here, then so be it.

Teacher Fu glanced at Ye Jian. His expression became very difficult to read. He stood up with the strictness of a teacher and replied, “You can sit down near the sides, I’m going to make a phone call to the Principal.”

It was only a matter of seconds before his expression changed, but that was enough for Ye Jian’s pupils to become gloomy.

Based on the current situation, she was 80% certain that Ye Zifan really did do something to cause this.

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