Chapter 636: Heavenly Demon King (2)

In Undersea Forest, the clear blue seawater appeared transparent; the treetops were swaying left and right along with the current. It was a very magnificent scenery. In addition, with various colors fishes swimming back and forth, the entire Undersea Forest had a peaceful and joyous atmosphere.

Long Yi and Karl quietly swam over to the periphery of Undersea Forest and secretly set up a transmission magic array. Once the Heavenly Demon King awakened, all the experts of the sea and continent would quickly come here via this transmission magic array and destroy the physical body of the Heavenly Demon King.

After everything was laid out, they two quietly left.

“Your Majesty, I wish to enter the body of the Heavenly Demon King, but everyone should heed my command in this operation.” Long Yi looked at the Sea Emperor and over a hundred experts wearing sea cloak standing behind the Sea Emperor and requested. Just from their momentum, one could see that they were indeed not weak.

“You are more familiar, so naturally, everyone should heed your command.” The Sea Emperor didn’t refute.

“That’s good, now we will enter the body of the Heavenly Demon King. No one is allowed to act presumptuously without my orders. This concerns the safety of the entire world. I hope no one will be swayed by their personal feelings.” Long Yi looked at those over a hundred experts standing behind the Sea Emperor with a baleful look and warned coldly.

At that time, the entire space suddenly shook violently and the seawater outside the barrier that shrouded Undersea City also fluctuated violently. Then, a strange evil and sinister aura drilled straight into the bones of everyone present, making these experts shudder.

“Not good, the Heavenly Demon King is about to break out of the seal!” The Sea Emperor exclaimed.

“Blue Waves Second Team, follow me,” Long Yi yelled loudly. Niur transformed into her dragon form and wrapped around the waist of Long Yi. She then watched Long Yi with her beautiful eyes without blinking.

In this team of experts that was going into the body of the Heavenly Demon King, there were several women of Long Yi. No need to mention Barbarian Bull and Li Qing, Murong Bo, Aunt Ou, Holy Priest Judith and Karen, PuXuisi who had already advanced to Fire God realm, more than thirty old experts that lived in seclusion, and numerous experts of Dragon Race were also present. Altogether, there were 110 peak experts of the continent. Among them, the lowest realm was Master Archmage or Swords Saint, so one could well imagine how luxurious and formidable this line up was.

Just when Long Yi was about to lead everyone to the transmission magic array, a peculiar feeling suddenly appeared in his heart. He frowned and looked back, only to see a graceful figure shrinking back in the midst of his women. Seeing Long Yi had turned back, she timidly looked at Long Yi.

“Liuli?” Long Yi glared at her. This girl truly was too disobedient. She actually followed secretly.

But, sensing that evil and sinister aura was getting denser and denser, Long Yi had no time to teach her a lesson. He directly led everyone into the transmission magic array.

In a passage within the body of the Heavenly Demon King, a dazzling white light flashed and the experts of Sea Race and Blue Waves Continent appeared in succession.

“Everyone, restrain your aura and follow me.” Long Yi lowered his voice and led everyone to the cavity where the Heavenly Demon King’s soul was sealed.

In the boundless dark region, the soul of the Heavenly Demon King was floating. It was concentrating all of its energy to arouse God’s spirit to break the divine seal that had already trapped him for no less than 100,000 years.

100,000 years was a very long period of time. He couldn’t wait to make both divine and mortal worlds to pay the price for what they did. He wanted to completely extinguish all life of this heaven and earth. There was no benefit in letting these races exist.

Feeling that his majestic power was gradually recovering, the Heavenly Demon King’s soul that was full of resentment got excited. He laughed voicelessly. Once Heavenly Demon befalls, not even a blade of grass will be left! He had never thirst for the taste of blood like this before.

At this moment, more than 200 best experts who had retracted their aura had surrounded the entrance to this cavity. Their nerves were stretched taut by looking at that layer of golden light at the center of this cavity. Demonic qi was seething out from it. Even before Long Yi said anything, they understood that this was the place where the soul of the Heavenly Demon King was sealed.

“Crackle!” “Groan!” A strange ear-piercing sound wave burst out and several experts with the lowest level of power immediately paled.

Gradually, that seething demonic qi began to condense into a form, and that layer of golden light slowly disappeared.

The pupils of Long Yi suddenly shrunk, and he clenched his right hand. After that, the momentum of over 200 experts suddenly congealed.

The instant that golden light disappeared completely, Long Yi suddenly waved his right hand, causing countless sword qi and magic spells to fly toward that condensing demonic qi.

When the Heavenly Demon King was just about to inhale the air of freedom after such a long period of time, he suddenly suffered powerful attacks. He roared with rage and transformed his demonic qi into a huge claw. Then, waving this claw, a bone-piercing chill spread all around.

The barrier Long Yi had prepared in advance was unexpectedly unable to withstand even for a second and shattered into pieces. Ten experts were too late to dodge and instantly melted into a pool of blood on the spot under this demonic qi attack.

“So powerful…” Long Yi gritted his teeth, wore Lightning God Armor, and summoned Long Two, Fire Qilin and other god beasts.

“Divine Thunder Destroys Demons!” A silverish purple lightning flickered all around Long Yi and the huge Lightning God Hammer transformed into more than ten-meter-thick lightning and struck the Heavenly Demon King who had yet to condense completely. Long Two, Fire Qilin, Little Three, and Violent Lightning Beast also attacked like crazy.

The Heavenly Demon King miserably screamed, and the demonic qi blocked by that lightning suddenly rose. Long Yi just felt like his qi had stagnated. He was hit on the chest and the radiance of Lightning God Armor dimmed.

“Inheritor of Lightning God, very good!! Today, all of you nobodies will be buried here.” The Heavenly Demon King’s sinister and strange voice resounded.

“I return those words back to you,” Long Yi smirked. He then put away Lightning God Armor, and a seven-colored light circulated around his body, then six spirit tablets shot out from his glabella, trapping the soul of the Heavenly Demon King at their center.

That demonic qi surged crazily, wanting to struggle free from the encirclement of these six spirit tablets, but was unsuccessful in the end. In addition, that large amount of divine power made the Heavenly Demon King feel fear. In the past, it was those seven Main Gods that had sealed him for 100,000 years.

“Still not attacking quickly.” Long Yi shouted loudly and the other experts came back to their senses as if awakening from a dream. Then, powerful attacks cascaded down like heavy rain on the Heavenly Demon King.

Niur flew over and floated above the Dark Spirit Tablet. She then began to crazily absorb the energy of the Heavenly Demon King. Little Three, Fire Qilin, and Violent Lightning Beast were also standing in front of their respective spirit tablets and were attacking with all their might.

The remaining experts also displayed their skills in succession, vowing to destroy the Heavenly Demon King here.

Since the Heavenly Demon King had just broken out of the seal, his current strength was just twenty to thirty percent of 100,000 years ago. In addition, he was restricted by these six spirit tablets, and these lowly creatures were attacking him like crazy. Although their strength was low, just as how a lot of ants could bite an elephant to death, he could feel that his energy was being depleted little by little. He roared and struggled fiercely. As for those rapidly spinning six spirit tablets, they trembled.


At this moment, several tens of thousands of experts were using all their strength to attack the huge physical body of the Heavenly Demon King in Undersea City. When the huge body’s disgusting tentacles slammed on the ground, those experts who were unable to dodge in time would have their bodies smashed and bones crushed.

Now, everyone had discovered that the entire Undersea Forest was just growing on the physical body of the Heavenly Demon King. In other words, the physical body of the Heavenly Demon King was as big as the entire Undersea Forest.

This battle was very tragic. The blue seawater was already dyed in a variety of colors and there was a dense stench of blood. Every minute, someone would die a tragic death. The Heavenly Demon King’s tentacles weren’t left unscathed either – some were smashed into pieces.

Today was destined to be a bloody day in the annals of Undersea City.


When many experts were having a tragic battle against Heavenly Demon King who had broken out of the seal, the various places of Undersea City were also having a bloody drama.

Shark Clan, Whale Clan, and Shihun Clan, these three strongest forces of Undersea City were under the siege of the army composed of various sea clans. The war had spread throughout the entire Undersea City. The number of casualties was increasing.

As for within the underground base below the Land of the Holy Spirit, Demon Shark, the patriarch of Shark Clan, was already killed under the joint attack of Golden Shark, Iron Shark and over one thousand experts. The trusted subordinates of Demon Shark were also killed, not even their corpses remained. At this moment, Iron Shark and Golden Shark were controlling all the available heavily armored guards, preparing to enter the war.

At that moment, the neatly organized armored guards suddenly roared and went to the restricted area in succession. That strange magic array Iron Shark had buried using sand and stones dazzled with purple light again, then those heavily armored guards jumped into the magic array and disappeared instantly as if they were being called by someone.

Iron Shark felt dizzy. His Master had ordered him repeatedly to destroy this magic array, but he was unable to destroy it whatever means he used, so he just used sand and stones to bury it completely. But, to his surprise, it was still useable.

There was a group of shark guards that jumped into this magic array, but they just screamed miserably and died.

And at that moment, the experts that were crazily attacking the Heavenly Demon King suddenly noticed many heavily armored soldiers appearing out of thin air in this cavity. They rushed into this deathtrap without any hesitation.

“Divide into a group of ten and create a barrier. As for the rest, continue to attack.” The eyebrows of Long Yi jumped up as he loudly instructed.

The barrier was erected quickly, but under the continuous appearance of heavily armored soldiers out of thin air inside the barrier, more and more experts needed to separate themselves to attack these heavily armored soldiers inside the barrier. Like this, the attack on the Heavenly Demon King decreased by nearly one-third.

In the underground base, Long Yi had placed over a thousand experts with Red Lady and Mad Lion Mo Yan as leaders.

“Iron Shark, what is going on here?” The sturdy big hand of Mo Yan grabbed Iron Shark and asked ferociously. At this moment, he could only watch these heavily armored soldiers recklessly jumping into that magic array and disappearing. He was basically unable to stop this. If such a number of heavily armored soldiers attacked them, then they basically wouldn’t be able to withstand.

“I also don’t know.” Iron Shark was also very depressed.

“Mo Yan, release him first.” Red Lady made Mo Yan release Iron Shark, then asked, “Is there a magic array that is engraved inside the body of the Heavenly Demon King?”

Iron Shark nodded his head. Long Yi had indeed set up a magic array that was connected inside the body of the Heavenly Demon King in his residence.

The beautiful eyes of Red Lady shone. If her guess was correct, then these heavily armored soldiers should be summoned by the Heavenly Demon King for help. She knew that there were only 200 or so experts within the body of Heavenly Demon King, so they must be needing help.

Within the body of the Heavenly Demon King, over a thousand experts and several thousand shark guards–under the lead of Iron Shark and Golden Shark arranged in underground base by Long Yi–appeared in succession via transmission magic array to help Long Yi and others to withstand the attacks of those heavily armored soldiers.

That cavity where the soul of the Heavenly Demon King was sealed wasn’t big. Therefore, after Red Lady and others joined the battle, those experts who had separated to block those armored soldiers immediately returned and began attacking the Heavenly Demon King again.

The Heavenly Demon King struggled crazily. He was absolutely unwilling to fall under the attacks of these no names. Long Yi who was directly enduring the struggle of the Heavenly Demon King had already gone pale. His mouth, ears, eyes, and nose were already bleeding. Even his sweat had blood in it. One could well imagine how much pain he was enduring.

“Boss.” Barbarian Bull frantically brandished his Greenstone Rule seeing the current appearance of Long Yi.

“Young Master.” The phantom outside the body of Li Qing was also clear as he continuously brandished his ice sword using his divine power.

“Father.” Niur also opened her dragon mouth wide and crazily absorbed the energy of the Heavenly Demon King. Although she already felt like her body was swelling and was about to explode, and even felt like vomiting, she still crazily absorbed the energy of the Heavenly Demon King.

The women of Long Yi were even more anxious. They were all attacking desperately.

The golden hair of Liuli was fluttering chaotically as she forcibly used the Sixth Note of Soul Locking Seven Notes. She was enduring pain while gritting her teeth.

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Leng Youyou, Wushuang, and other women of Long Yi were also squeezing out all their powers. They would rather suffer pain by themselves. They were unwilling to see their beloved suffering so much.

The six spirit tablets under the control of Long Yi were shaking violently, but they didn’t collapse in the end. As for the restricted Heavenly Demon King, he sensed his energy was depleting rapidly and the attacks of these nobodies were hurting him. If this were to continue, he knew that might truly fall here.

“Lowly creatures…”

Suddenly, the demonic qi of the Heavenly Demon King shrunk and exploded. All the experts as well as the heavily armored soldiers within his body were sent flying by this bone-piercing, sinister, demonic qi explosion. The six spirit tablets also swayed and transforming into light rays and automatically returned to the sea of consciousness of Long Yi.

As for Long Yi, he spat out a mouthful of blood, coughed, and sat on the ground. He then looked at the direction where the Heavenly Demon King had disappeared with bloody eyes in a daze. No one knew what he was thinking.


“My husband!”

“Young Master!”

“Crown Prince!”

Different kinds of addresses resounded almost at the same time. Numerous exhausted experts of Blue Waves Continent gathered around Long Yi. Many were severely injured due to overexertion.

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“The soul of the Heavenly Demon King is annihilated, but his physical body is recovering. We must attack from the inside. We must completely destroy him!” The Sea Emperor screamed with blazing eyes.

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