Chapter 115 – Ravenous Wolf Blade


The weapon dropped onto the floor while the metahuman that was struck flew away and died on the spot.

Yang Tian currently only has one weapon, the Soft Bone Blade, which no longer satisfied his needs. While this Mid Rank 3 Weapon could coincidentally fill up the void he felt was lacking.

Yang Tian picked up the broadsword from the ground.

“Hmm? A heavy weapon.”

The broadsword weighs at least 25 kilograms, it did not suit a metahuman without a strong physique like Yang Tian. However, in Venom form, it would be possible for him to bring out the full might of the broadsword.

“Give me the shield.”

“Yes… yes, here.”

Mid Rank 3 Defense Equipment

Yang Tian detail observed the broadsword and shield in his hands with great detail and noticed that they were a set.

Ravenous Wolf Sword

Ravenous Wolf Shield

Equipping them at the same time would activate the Ravenous Wolf buff: Boost agility by 20%.

“This is the equipment of the Qing Dynasty general, General Ravenous Wolf!”

Seeing Yang Tian taking away the Ravenous Wolf set, an old man amongst the seven shouted out. However, he was quickly held back by a youth beside him. Yang Tian had finally decided to leave, they did not want to attract death onto themselves because of the old man.

Seeing the metahuman lying within a pool of blood, they did not want to turn into another him.

The museum has a total of five floors, Yang Tian was now on the fifth floor.

The fifth floor of the museum was where all the rarest treasures were displayed, but it was empty now. It looks like someone had swept through this place before he was here.

Yang Tian returned to the first floor again, after waiting for some time, Lei Xing brought back a bountiful harvest and met up with him.

This time, Lei Xing managed to collect an additional five types of Rank 2 materials and one type of Rank 3 material.

“Burning Stone?”

Yang Tian was able to instantly recognize the Rank 3 material that Lei Xing brought back.

Weapons made from Burning Stones would be able to emit a temperature as high as 270 degrees Celsius, amongst Rank 3 materials it was also relatively rare.

“This is for you.”

Yang Tian tossed a silver bracelet to Lei Xing. Yang Tian discovered this storage bracelet earlier on, the space within was not really large, only ten cubic meters. 

Yang Tian briefly explained to Lei Xing how to use the storage bracelet, the latter quickly mastered it.

“What a mysterious treasure.”

If Lei Xing wanted to become a Gunmaster, a storage equipment would be a necessity.

“Okay, let’s continue our journey.”

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When they left the museum, Yang Tian saw a large number of zombies surrounding the museum. The roar of T-Rex earlier on must have attracted these zombies.

Rank 1 Zombies

All of them were Rank 1 Zombies, and looking at the density, at least several thousands of them.

“Get rid of them quickly.”

Yang Tian got T-Rex to return to its previous giant size, it was much easier to deal with small fries with a large body.


The giant T-Rex appeared, with each stomp of its legs, several zombies would be crushed. With a sweep of its tail, large groups would be wiped out.

“Oh? Interesting ones are appearing.”

Rank 2 Common Zombie, Self-Destruct Zombie

They function as their namesake, Self-Destruct.

Yang Tian observed and saw twenty Self-Destruct Zombies had appeared. The might of their self-destruction would be equivalent to an Early Rank 3 attack and these zombies have surrounded T-Rex.

Poof Poof

One, two… twenty Self-Destruct Zombies grabbed onto T-Rex’s body.

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Boom Boom

The shockwave created by twenty Self-Destruct Zombies have forced Yang Tian to enter Venom form to be able to resist it, Lei Xing was pulled behind Yang Tian and thus also avoided the shockwave. The zombies closest to T-Rex turned into smithereens while the zombies at the edge of the blast were torn into pieces.


Perfectly fine.

The attack of twenty Self-Destruct Zombies did not even leave a mark on T-Rex, the latter shook its body, waving away all the white dust and revealing the tough grey skin underneath.

“Crap, the vehicle is ruined.”

Lei Xing immediately ran to the armored vehicle, the shockwave of the attack had destroyed all the surface armor of the vehicle.

“How is it?”

“Fortunately it was resilient enough, only the armor is destroyed, most of the internal facilities are still intact. However, it still needs some minor repairs.”

After a long time, Lei Xing finally came out from underneath the vehicle and gladly reported.

“We might need to stay here today.”

“This is the city center, there should be several car workshops around here, there is no need to fret about repairing the armored vehicle.”

T-Rex turned back into human size. After displaying its might, the zombies in the vicinity no longer dared to approach. Their current location could be considered temporarily safe.

“I will go up ahead to take a look.”

Lei Xing roamed the street and soon returned with a pile of parts.

“I could not find any car workshops, but there are a lot of wholesale shops selling car parts.”

Lei Xing took these spare parts from the wholesale shops. With Lei Xing’s mechanical skills, repairing the armored vehicle was an easy matter, all he lacked were the necessary parts to proceed.

“Boss, there seem to be several survivors within the museum.”

During the night, several human figures were seen moving out of the museum, Yang Tian chose to ignore them.

“No need to bother about them.”

Yang Tian took out some food from his Bronze Archaic Ring. Ten meat jerkies, two bottles of milk and two pieces of bread, this would be the dinner for the two of them tonight.

As for T-Rex’s food, Yang Tian ordered it to search within the sewers. There should be many mutated beasts hiding within the sewers, with T-Rex’s fighting power, it should not encounter any problems while hunting those.

“Rustle rustle.”

While Yang Tian and Lei Xing were eating, the sounds of movement increased, they were all attracted by Yang Tian’s food.

Yang Tian took Lei Xing’s shotgun and shot the nearest person, in the head.


With an example created, the other figures slowly retreated. Although they were yearning for Yang Tian’s food, they were even more afraid of losing their lives.

Yang Tian returned the gun to Lei Xing and continued to eat.

After completing their meal, the two of them split up to search for more spare parts.

“Found it.”

Yang Tian saw a car workshop in front of him, and since Yang Tian does not know the parts that the armored vehicle will require, he simply kept everything inside the Archaic Bronze Ring.

The huge workshop was swiped clean, just like that.

“These should be enough.”

Yang Tian quickly returned to the museum, but Lei Xing has yet to return. Moreover, there were still a group of people who were unwilling to leave due to the allure of food. Seeing that Yang Tian did not have a gun with him now, their guts got bigger.

“Bro, can you share some of your food with us?”

Several wanderers with greedy expressions in tattered clothing appeared in front of Yang Tian. 

“It looks like you guys are seeking death.”

They were just Rank 1 metahumans, it would be fine if they were bullying ordinary folks, but in front of Yang Tian, they were just a pile of corpses.

Yang Tian quickly drew Soft Bone Blade; without giving them a chance to react, a wanderer’s head was instantly hacked off.


They were all astounded by Yang Tian’s speed, but they did not believe that they will lose to Yang Tian and were showing no intention to retreat. On the contrary, they looked at Yang Tian with dangerous eyes.

However, in the next instance, a black monster appeared right in front of them.

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