Chapter 114 – T-Rex

Any museum could be said to be a treasure trove during the post-apocalyptic era. Within were many treasures that have been passed down from ancient times, these treasures were unable to display their might in the civilized age due to the absence of Reiki. However, their true worth has been brought out with the arrival of the post-apocalyptic era.

“Stop here.”


The armored vehicle stopped outside the museum, Yang Tian and Lei Xing entered the building.

Of course, not all articles within the museum have value, some of them were simply ordinary items.

“Take a look around the museum and see if you can find anything you need.”

Yang Tian got Lei Xing to search alone; with the keen senses of an Archer, he might be able to quickly locate some good materials within the museum.


Lei Xing relied on his senses as he swept through the museum. As for Yang Tian, he relied on his mental power to check every corner of the museum.

“Wait a minute.”

When Yang Tian arrived in front of the skeleton of a T-Rex, Violent Corpse Worm Queen sent him a message. 

“What is it?”

“This skeleton is still active.”

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Yang Tian understood what Violent Corpse Worm Queen meant.

Violent Corpse Worms could be implanted into the T-Rex, to forcefully revive it.

“We can give it a try.”

Front limbs, hind legs, skull, backbone…

Yang Tian implanted all the Violent Corpse Worms he had into the T-Rex skeleton, the frame began to emit a faint red glow.

Next, the activity within the frame has been aroused and merged with the Violent Corpse Worms. This required delicate control of mental power, just Yang Tian alone was not enough, Violent Corpse Worm Queen also assisted with the process.

“Are you up for it?”

“Rest assured.”

The two mental powers connected with the entire skeleton, establishing a connection between each Violent Corpse Worm within it.

Blood vessels slowly appeared on the frame, these blood vessels gradually connected with each other. Next, meridians appeared, connecting the meridians was the most important segment and was also the part that exhausts the most mental power.

The mental power required for the process of connecting the meridians was extremely taxing on Yang Tian and fine sweat began to appear on his forehead.

“Why is this skeleton consuming so much mental power?”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was taken aback, a normal skeleton would require a massive amount of mental power to connect the meridians, but the combined amount of mental power that the both of them possess should be more than enough. However, the skeleton was consuming their mental power with no end in sight.

“Look at its belly.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen did as told and saw an egg growing within the belly of the skeleton.

“That egg is also active?”

“Likely so.”

It was no wonder the mental power consumption was this great as they were not only reviving the T-Rex but also the egg within it.

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“But we do not have enough mental power to revive both creatures.”

“Just for the egg within its belly, I feel that I need to revive it.”

Abyss Taming

An evil, violent energy erupted from Yang Tian.

A grey six-pointed star appeared on Yang Tian’s chest, the evil energy came from there. Moreover, when the reviving T-Rex skeleton detected the energy, it slowly moved.

The uniqueness of the Abyssal World was the ability to bring the dead back to life, this was also why the Abyssal World was mostly made up of undead creatures. Abyssal Taming was a secret skill that Yang Tian obtained when he was in the Abyssal World, it was a skill he rarely used.

Once Abyssal Taming was used, it was inevitable that the user would be tainted by the Abyss Energy and be watched by the Abyssal World. Yang Tian was a Legendary Beast Tamer in his previous life and did not have such considerations, but he was only a Rank 2 Beast Tamer now, being watched by the Abyssal World would not be a good thing.


The grey mark of Abyss Taming flew from Yang Tian into the skull of the T-Rex.


A roar reverberated throughout the museum.

A skeleton affected by the Abyssal World would usually remain as a skeleton. However, there were Violent Corpse Worms within the T-Rex, plus Yang Tian’s goal was the egg within the T-Rex. Yang Tian would not allow the T-Rex to stay as a skeleton, a new body must be created.

Pop pop pop

Grey flesh began to appear on the skeleton of the T-Rex, the blood and tissue started to connect with each other.

A grey T-Rex eventually stood within the museum.

Mid Rank 3 Captain-Class Commander Creature, Half Undead Lifeform.

Skill: Dragon Roar, Fire Dragon Claw, Giant Dragon Ram.

The moment the grey T-Rex was revived, all the information regarding the creature appeared within Yang Tian’s mind. Although it was a Half Undead Lifeform, the Violent Corpse Worms within its skeleton were fire element creatures, it was inevitable that the T-Rex would possess a fire attribute as well.


T-Rex roared another time before its giant frame slowly shrunk.

This was Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s hand.

“Using this secret Shrinking Skill of my Insect World, you can use your mental power to adjust its size.”

“Pretty good.”

This secret skill would significantly reduce the signature of Yang Tian’s group, else it would be very conspicuous when T-Rex moved about in Z City in its original size.

Other than by Yang Tian and Violent Corpse Worm Queen, it could now also controlled its body size as well.

T-Rex turned into the same size as Yang Tian.


Lei Xing had been startled by the roar earlier and had quickly returned to Yang Tian’s side. However, he was dumbstruck when he saw a T-Rex standing beside Yang Tian.

“What is… this?”

“A new companion. What did you discover?”

“Over here.”

Lei Xing took out all the materials he found.

The most valuable one would likely be the Firecloud Rock, by grinding the Firecloud Rock into dust and combining it with the Octa Hornstone, it could be used to craft arrowheads and bullets that will have fire attributes.

“Continue searching.”

Yang Tian was still unsatisfied with Lei Xing’s gains, half a day and the best he had discovered was the Rank 2 material, Firecloud Rock. The other materials were all Rank 1.


Lei Xing resumed his search, Yang Tian also went to another location to find more treasures.


“Who is it?”

Upon arriving on the third floor, Yang Tian heard the sound of something falling onto the ground.

The source of the sound came from a black box in from of him.

Yang Tian slowly approached the box.


There were eight humans inside the box, three of them were Rank 1 metahumans. Yang Tian was not interested in them, but at the item in their hands.

“Shatter it.”

Yang Tian ordered T-Rex. Having a smaller body did not mean that its strength had been reduced.


With a swipe of its claw, the black box turned into dust.


The eight humans appeared in front of Yang Tian.

“I will fight you to the death!”

A male metahuman raised the broadsword in his hands and attacked Yang Tian.

It was this broadsword that has been protecting them and allowed them to survive until now.

Mid Rank 3 Weapon

Yang Tian was able to confirm the grade of the broadsword, even if these people were unable to display the real might of the weapon, they were still able to wield it enough to ensure their safety. At the very least, the weapon allowed them to damage Rank 2 zombies.


Before the male metahuman could reach Yang Tian, T-Rex slapped the man away with a claw. How could a Rank 1 metahuman’s physique be able to handle the attack of a Mid Rank 3 creature?

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