Chapter 635: Heavenly Demon King (1)

After Long Yi walked out of the imperial palace of the sea, his steps slowly stopped, and after thinking for a bit, he walked towards the residence of Miluo Clan.

Long Yi discussed with Miluo Patriarch for a long time. As for what they discussed about, no one knew. Long Yi then met Bifei and Xiaomi and rushed back to the discarded mine at the outskirts of Sea Emperor City.

At this moment, the discarded mine was crowded with people. They were more than ten thousand experts of Blue Waves Continent. For them who had never been in Undersea City, everything here clearly seemed mystical.

“Your Majesty the Crown Prince.” Seeing Long Yi had returned, the experts greeted him in succession.

Long Yi divided these more than ten thousand experts into three groups. One group went into hiding in the underground base below the Land of Holy Spirit and waited for the opportune moment to go into action. There were roughly one thousand people in this group. The second group would follow Long Yi to enter the body of the Heavenly Demon King and attack his spirit the instant he breaks out of the seal. There were roughly one hundred experts in this group, but all of them were peak experts. The final group consisted of all the rest, roughly ten thousand experts. They were to enter Undersea Forest to destroy the physical body of the Heavenly Demon King.

After the arrangement, Long Yi led the first group into the underground base below the Land of Holy Spirit via transmission magic array.

“Iron Shark, did anything unusual happen?” Long Yi asked Iron Shark after making these one thousand experts go into hiding wearing the heavy armor.

“Replying to Master, after Demon Shark returned, he mobilized some shark guards. It seems he wants to make the move,” Iron Shark replied.

Long Yi smiled. Perhaps, since the Heavenly Demon King was about to break out of the seal, Demon Shark was preparing to cooperate with the Heavenly Demon King to clean up the entire Sea Race.

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“Iron Shark, guard this underground base properly and follow all my instructions to the letter. You must not make any errors,” Long Yi gave orders to Iron Shark.

“Master can rest assured, this Iron Shark will accomplish the task Master instructed even if I need to give up my life,” Iron Shark pledged.

Long Yi nodded his head. He then looked at that crater where people were still busy about doing their task and frowned unconsciously. He didn’t know why but there was an inexplicable and obscure feeling of stifling in his heart.

After returning to the residence of Iron Shark, Long Yi thought to use transmission magic array to immediately return to that abandoned minefield, but upon seeing the restricted Sea Princess Martha, he thought to undo her restriction. In the beginning, he had planned to use her as a bargaining chip, but since the Sea Emperor had even killed his own wife for Blue Sea Divine Soul, how could his daughter be precious enough? He could sacrifice her for benefit without a second thought.

Martha saw Long Yi, but she continued to indifferently watch the stone wall in a daze.

“After the matter of the Heavenly Demon King, I will release you,” Long Yi said to Martha.

Martha, however, didn’t utter a word as if she basically didn’t hear his words.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows, but said nothing, and then prepared to enter the transmission magic array.

“I can give you the method to control Sea Swallowing Beasts, but I hope you will be magnanimous and let my father emperor off.” Martha suddenly opened her mouth. There was no emotional fluctuation in her voice and also didn’t look at Long Yi as if she was speaking to the empty void.

Long Yi slightly narrowed his eyes, the method to controls Sea Swallowing Beasts? This was a tempting offer. But, he had to admire the wisdom of Martha, and he was even surprised. It seems it was not that she didn’t understand the nature of her father, rather she had never dared to believe it.

“How did you know that your father emperor will be defeated by me for sure?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Intuition, my father emperor is not your opponent,” Martha indifferently replied.

“If your father emperor is willing, then I can spare his life, but before that, you first have to tell me the location and number of Sea Swallowing Beasts,” Long Yi sat opposite to Martha and said with a smile.

“I don’t know,” Martha replied without hesitation.

“I find it very hard to believe. If you don’t know, then how were you able to create the method to control Sea Swallowing Beasts?” Long Yi enquired.

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“If you don’t believe it, then I also can’t do anything about it,” Martha indifferently responded.

Long Yi stared fixedly at Martha and said with a smirk, “You are very intelligent. If I can’t find Sea Swallowing Beasts, then it’s useless even if you tell me the method to control Sea Swallowing Beasts, but here, you are also presenting a condition for it. Moreover, if the method you gave me lacks some details, then when your father attacks with Sea Swallowing Beasts, then the method you gave me will be even more useless than a fart. Martha, you always have some hope for your father. You hope that he would be the final winner. Hehe, but I am afraid you will be disappointed.”

A hint of fluctuation finally appeared in the indifferent expression of Martha. She then looked at Long Yi as if she was trying to see through Long Yi.

“Long Yi, I still underestimated you,” Martha said.

“Don’t overrate me, otherwise, I will be shy,” Long Yi rather complacently laughed.

“Long Yi, does the condition mentioned now still hold? I promise to give you 100% real method to control Sea Swallowing Beasts,” Martha said.

“Okay.” Long Yi said with a smile. There was no loss for him in this exchange. If the Sea Emperor was stubborn on bringing about his own destruction, then that wouldn’t be him breaking the promise.

And after obtaining the method to control Sea Swallowing Beasts, Long Yi instructed Iron Shark to properly look after Martha. He then returned to the discarded minefield via transmission magic array.

“Boy, he captured this sea person. He answered that he is your friend.” Murong Bo carried a sea person and threw him in front of Long Yi.

“Karl, how come you are here?” Long Yi helped Karl up and a hint of happiness flashed through his eyes.

“My father made me come here. He instructed me to guide your experts to Undersea Forest to attack.” Karl winked his eyes to Long Yi as he replied.

Long Yi smiled. Sure enough, it was like this. He knew that this Miluo Patriarch who was neutral publicly but had already joined the Sea Emperor’s camp in secret was unwilling to be a mediocre patriarch. He also had wild ambition. Moreover, it was a very big wild ambition, merely, he had hidden his ambition very well.

“Did your father say something?” Long Yi asked in a low voice.

“Father said that you can rest assured. He has a sense of propriety,” Karl also lowered his voice.

“It’s naturally the best to have a sense of propriety. Otherwise, it’s just the road to ruin.” Long Yi smiled while talking, but Karl felt an indescribable chill.

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