Chapter 634: Charging into Undersea City

The bloody rain finally stopped at the dawn of the next morning, and the bloody clouds in the sky also dispersed slowly. However, the thick smell of blood in the air and puddles–resembling a pool of blood on the ground–were still there.

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At the moment, the entire Blue Waves Continent was in a panic. Bloody rain was the sign of the doomsday. Some old people spoke about it to other people.

Ximen Nu, the Blue Waves Emperor, quickly gave a speech in public to prevent the rumors from spreading, saying this bloody rain was a normal phenomenon. Numerous scholars also supported him in succession, and jointly made an announcement, making people feel at ease a little. This was the use of a powerful unified nation.

In the imperial palace of Soaring Dragon City, Long Yi was caressing the stomach of Nangong Xiangyun that had not clearly protruded yet. But, he could clearly sense his bloodline inside.

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“Kid, stay properly in the stomach of your mother, don’t toss and roll around. Wait for your father to return with victory, then your father will stay close to you.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“My husband, our baby will still be in my stomach, so how will you stay close to him?” Nangong Xiangyun asked with a smile. Her entire body was emitting a kind of gentle motherly radiance.

“I will stay close to my little Xiangyun, isn’t that also staying close to this kid?” Long Yi said with a bad smile.

“So hateful.” Nangong Xiangyun pounded Long Yi with her soft fist, but her breathing was getting rapid. Because of pregnancy, she was a bit more eager to ** than before, but she knew that the first three months of pregnancy was the most dangerous time. So, she didn’t dare to mess around. As for Long Yi, he just smiled and hugged her. Currently, she was gentle like a virtuous woman, but in the past, she used to be an infamous fierce miss. Just thinking about how wild, unruly, and full of pride she was in the past, Long Yi couldn’t help sighing with emotion; years truly flow like water.

Hearing the sigh of Long Yi, Nangong Xiangyun looked up and asked what happened.

Long Yi told her what he was thinking, and Nangong Xiangyun burst into laughter, then her gaze looking at Long Yi turned tender and soft like water.

“Yes, so many years have passed. At that time, Nu’er was still a child, but now, he has become a General. Thinking about it, it truly feels like a dream.” Nangong Xiangyun replied with a smile.

“Life is but a dream. As long as we grasp the present, we will definitely be happy.” Long Yi affectionately kissed the forehead of Nangong Xiangyun.

When these two people were deeply attached to each other, Ximen Nu had sent someone over to call Long Yi.


“Yu’er, I leave everything regarding this matter to you,” Ximen Nu said.

Now, the hall was filled with first-rate experts of the entire Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi stepped onto the platform of this hall. Looking below at everyone, he started, “This mission concerns the survival of the entire world. That bloody rain is the sign of the doomsday, we must kill the danger when it is still a bud. The Heavenly Demon King is about to break out of the seal, do you all dare to go with me to kick the butt of a tiger?”

“There is nothing we don’t dare, the Heavenly Demon King is just a **, if anyone is afraid, then you might as well return to your mother’s womb and stay there.” A middle-aged man who had already reached the Sword Saint realm loudly replied.

“Hehe, if a tiger comes across us, it will obediently turn into a cat.”

“Your Majesty the Crown Prince, just say what we need to do, if this father even frowns a little, then this father is a coward.”

Hearing the rough words of people below, Long Yi smiled and replied, “Since no one is afraid, then listen to my arrangement. We will teleport to Undersea City in groups, then we will see who is a hero and who is a coward at that time.”

In the group that was going to Undersea City, there were Li Qing, Barbarian Bull, Tyrant Bear, Mercenary King Mo Yan, Wushuang, Sibi, Long Ling’er, Ximen Wuhen, Sui Ruoyan, Leng Youyou, Feng Ling, Linna, the Shaman of Winged Clan Ou Yala, Patriarch of Fox Clan Bertha and others. Most of Long Yi’s women were going because they were extremely powerful. Nalan Ruyue who still needed to manage Nalan Empire and Beitang Yu who had to stay behind to bring up the rear with the army, however, were not participating in this mission.

 “Since you all are going to Undersea City, how can this big sister be absent?” Suddenly, a pleasant voice resounded as a woman wearing fiery red skintight clothing and carrying a fiery red huge bow on her shoulder walked in. She, however, was none other than Red Lady Long Yi had not met for a long time.

“It turned out to be elder sister! This younger brother has been searching for you for a long time, but there was no news of you.” Upon seeing Red Lady he had not seen for a long time, Long Yi was pleasantly surprised in his heart, but he went over and welcomed her with a smile.

“It seems this younger brother is not admitting a fault, didn’t you forget this big sister after you became the Crown Prince?” Red Lady chuckled, causing her big bosom to shake. This, in turn, attracted the eyes of all men that were present.

Come to speak of it, Red Lady had already disappeared from public eyes for several years, but everyone in this place, in addition to hermits, was a senior of Blue Waves Continent, and many of them had enjoyed talking about the legend of the first S-ranked female mercenary.

Mercenary King Mo Yan and Red Lady were both S-ranked mercenaries, so they naturally exchanged pleasantries.

“My husband, my mother, and I also want to join!” Yet another voice resounded in the hall, and Lu Xiya and her mother Elf Queen wearing elven armor came in. The Elf Queen was carrying a longbow on her back – it was the Great Nature Sigh found in Lost City.

“Lu Xiya, Your Majesty the Queen, I thought that you were not coming.” Long Yi held the hand of Lu Xiya and glanced at the Elf Queen with shifty eyes. His ambiguous expression made the maiden heart of Elf Queen jump.

But, before Long Yi had time to speak more with this cute Elf Princess Lu Xiya, he heard a little girl shouting “father”, and immediately afterward, a little chubby girl had already rushed into his bosom. All the experts of Dragon Race who had returned to Dragon Island to make preparations had arrived. Among them, there were Liuxu, Midi’er siblings, Crystal, and Sharman. Even Fandi husband and wife duo who had yet to completely recover had also rushed over to cheer.

When everyone had arrived, the sound of war drums resounded throughout Soaring Dragon City and all the soldiers of major legions were neatly lined up in rows. In the huge square of the imperial palace, more than 10,000 experts of various races of Blue Waves Continent were given a farewell dinner.

“Young Master, Liuli also wants to go.” A beautiful mermaid said with a firm look.

“Although God’s spirit might have already been refined, you have to stay behind for just in case.” Long Yi caressed the beautiful hair of Liuli and replied.


“Listen to me, Liuli.”


 Everyone ate and drank to their heart’s content. Some were excited and some were serious, but all of them walked toward the hall where the main transmission magic array was set up under the lead of court magicians without any hesitation.

Long Yi had enlarged this transmission magic array, so it could teleport one hundred people at a time. Even like that, to send these more than 10,000 people, this transmission magic array should be used more than one hundred times. This made Long Yi think: if I could set up a transmission magic array that could teleport 10,000 people at a time, then wouldn’t it be a lot easier in the future wars? This was a good idea, but it was simply impossible to truly set up this kind of ultra large magic array because of the fact that the combination of magic array’s lines should be very precise. If a magic array should be enlarged a hundred times, then the lines should also be expanded a hundred times without a single error. A single person couldn’t do such work.

The first group that was teleported to Undersea City was Long Yi and the best experts of all races.

Because Long Yi had set up the magic array of Undersea City at the enormous abandoned mine of Miluo Clan, it was not difficult to accommodate more than 10,000 people.

“Undersea City is really mystical.” Murong Bo watched the blue sea and various fishes swimming in it outside the isolation barrier and sighed with emotion.

“Old man, wait until we annihilate the Heavenly Demon King before you sigh. Now, I will go to contact the Sea Emperor, the rest will continue to guard this place,” Long Yi spoke to Murong Bo and the others.

When the experts of Blue Waves Continent were coming one group after another from the transmission magic array, Long Yi was already sitting face to face with the Sea Emperor in the sea imperial palace.

“Did you bring the experts of Blue Waves Continent?” Sea Emperor enquired.

“Of course, I wonder how Your Majesty’s arrangements are,” Long Yi asked a question in reply.

Sea Emperor waved his hand and a map appeared in his hand. He spread out this map on the table and said, “This is the map of Undersea City. Look, these are the territories of Shark Clan, Whale Clan, and Shihun Clan. When we launch the attack, my people will besiege the territories of these three clans from these directions. As for the clans affiliated to these three clans, I will dispatch another army to impede them.”

“Your Majesty, the Land of Holy Spirit is already under my control. We have to separate a portion of experts to ambush the underground base below the Land of Holy Spirit, and another portion should directly enter via the transmission magic array I set up, and the rest should go to Undersea Forest and destroy the physical body of the Heavenly Demon King,” Long Yi pointed at the Land of Holy Spirit and then at Undersea Forest and put forth his ideas.

“Okay, let’s do that!” The Sea Emperor nodded in agreement.

“Then, I will go and arrange our experts first. Your Majesty should also arrange yours as fast as possible,” Long Yi said and left the secret room.

Sea Emperor looked at the disappearing back view of Long Yi and suddenly smiled coldly as a pallid light flashed through his eyes. He then opened his mouth and a ball of dark green light flew out from his mouth and floated in front of him.

“Long Yi, why didn’t you just obediently hand over Blue Sea Divine Soul? This emperor’s empress died. Moreover, you emptied this emperor’s treasury. Now, how do you think this emperor should treat you?” Sea Emperor muttered with a cold face. He then spread open his right hand and the Blue Sea Divine Soul floated above his right palm. Under the illumination of the green light, he looked very sinister.

As for Long Yi, after he left the secret room, he paused and a hint of a sneer appeared on his face. He then disappeared from inside the sea imperial palace.

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