Chapter 110 – Life Burn

While Yang Tian and his group were engaged with Metal Devouring War Wolf, the wolf pack and Ghost Blade Wolves have mostly retreated.

“Want to escape?”

Yang Tian does not want to allow Metal Devouring War Wolf to escape easily, so, he focused his firepower on restraining the latter.

However, the metal shield defense was simply too strong, making it hard to break it.


A bone claw suddenly appeared and attacked the metal shield. The bone claw attack had corroded the originally indestructible metal shield.

“It’s… the Zombie King’s energy!”

Yang Tian detected the energy of the Zombie King from the bone claw.

“Doesn’t matter, focus on killing Metal Devouring War Wolf first.”

With the removal of the metal shield, Yang Tian ordered Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Storm Eagle to increase the pace of their attacks; they need to bring down Metal Devouring War Wolf within this short window.

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Rage Boost

Brain-Eating Terror Hog enhanced its four limbs this time, allowing it to possess an extended fighting endurance, while Dark Storm Eagle continued to harass their target from the skies.

The Wilderness Wolfmen, too, had joined the battle; the merged Wilderness Wolfman has yet to activate the power of the Violent Corpse Worms within their body as the price to wield such power is too high and could not be casually used.

Flame Tackle


Covered in powerful flames, Wilderness Wolfman was the first to reach the corroded metal shield and then shattered it, exposing Metal Devouring War Wolf within.

Ah woo

Metal Devouring War Wolf howled, expressing its dissatisfaction at the traitorous Wilderness Wolfman. However, the latter’s current loyalty to the pack has become really low due to the influence of the Violent Corpse Worms. Metal Devouring War Wolf’s howl had only caused some minor discomfort in Wilderness Wolfman.

Wind Blade

Dark Storm Eagle unleashed a barrage of wind blades from the sky, pressuring Metal Devouring War Wolf and preventing it from wielding its maximum fighting power.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog had also arrived, Metal Devouring War Wolf had no choice but to block the large tusks this time.

War Blade Form

Yang Tian arrived at the side of Metal Devouring War Wolf and used his black war blades to attack.

However, Metal Devouring War Wolf ignored Yang Tian’s attack, the former did not think that it was as dangerous as the incoming Brain-Eating Terror Hog.


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As expected, Yang Tian’s war blades were unable to pierce through Metal Devouring War Wolf’s defenses, the tough wolf fur had blocked Yang Tian’s attack.

Metal Devouring War Wolf whips its tail to push Yang Tian back.

After that, it used its powerful front limbs to block Brain-Eating Terror Hog, in terms of strength, Metal Devouring War Wolf was not weaker than  Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

Ah Woo

Another howl with intimidating effect was released, causing Brain-Eating Terror Hog to pause for a second; the one second allowing Metal Devouring War Wolf to launch a counterattack.


Bran-Eating Terror Hog was pushed back by a swipe of Metal Devouring War Wolf’s claw. Metal Devouring War Wolf used the opening and bit off a chunk of flesh from Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s chest.


The injured Brain-Eating Terror Hog half collapsed on the ground, blood gushing out from the injury on its chest.

Even without its metal shield, Yang Tian’s team was missing a powerful enough attack.

Ah woo

Metal Devouring War Wolf jumped into the sky and after reaching the highest point of its leap,

Lightpluse ray 

A golden light appeared in the mouth of Metal Devouring War Wolf; looking at its form, it was planning to kill Dark Storm Eagle. As Metal Devouring War Wolf was unable to fly, it had to continually defend against attacks from the sky and that caused it to be placed into a passive position.

The best approach was to snipe and kill Dark Storm Eagle.

However, Dark Storm Eagle did not give it that opportunity.

Rolling Storm

Dark Storm Eagle did not retreat but chooses to attack Metal Devouring War Wolf instead. Dark Storm Eagle did not believe that it would lose to Metal Devouring War Wolf in a battle in the skies.

Yet, the results were not as such, the Lightpulse Ray that Metal Devouring War Wolf used in mid-air had produced an attack power that was not inferior to Rolling Storm.

Rolling Storm was dispersed upon touching Lightpulse Ray, causing Dark Storm Eagle to collide with the attack in its face.

Dark Storm Eagle’s feathers charred due to Lightpulse Ray and had also lost its luster.


Yang Tian vomited a mouthful of blood, he clearly sensed that Dark Storm Eagle’s life force was dangerously low. As the master of Dark Storm Eagle, Yang Tian had also received a backlash due to this.

Dark Storm Eagle was about to die.


The large body of Dark Storm Eagle dropped onto the ground.

Metal Devouring War Wolf stood above the heavily injured Dark Storm Eagle and looked at its surroundings proudly.

Ah Woo

Metal Devouring War Wolf howled towards the sky to flaunt its battle trophy.

“Since it is dying, I will not let it go to waste as well.”

Yang Tian looked at Metal Devouring War Wolf with eyes that were turning a turbid black, causing the latter to sense a terror which seemed to be coming from hell.

Metal Devouring War Wolf moved back, a strong sense of danger had enveloped it.

Life Burn

Yang Tian used his mental power to burn the remaining lifeforce of Dark Storm Eagle.

Dark Storm Eagle, who was formerly on its dying breath, suddenly became spirited. It charged towards Metal Devouring War Wolf while emitting a powerful energy.

Dark Pierce

Countless dark spikes appeared in front of Dark Storm Eagle, each spike was filled with the power of darkness.

Swoosh Swoosh

The dark spikes were exceptionally quick and Metal Devouring War Wolf had no chance to avoid them.

Ding Dang

Dark Pierce struck the body of Metal Devouring War Wolf.

Dark Pierce contained the corrosive trait of darkness, tainting the fur of Metal Devouring War Wolf black. On the surface, Dark Pierce did not seem to have injured Metal Devouring War Wolf, but the harm it created was not wasted.

Ah Woo

Metal Devouring War Wolf half kneed on the ground, its eyes were wavering. The injuries from Dark Pierce would fester and worsen the longer it was not dealt with.


Yang Tian ordered Dark Storm Eagle to use all its power in the Dark Pierce attack so the full-powered Dark Pierce this time was much stronger than the previous one.

Swoosh Swoosh

Ah Woo

Its metal shield was destroyed and would require at least a day before it could be used again. However, Metal Devouring War Wolf had no choice but to ignore the side effects and forcefully create a new metal shield.

After using Dark Pierce, Dark Storm Eagle could no longer withstand, it collapsed onto the ground without any traces of life.


The death of a tamed beast meant that its master would get hurt as well, Yang Tian vomited blood once more, the backlash of mental power had caused Yang Tian to be dispirited.

On the other side, Metal Devouring War Wolf managed to block Dark Pierce, but its situation was not good as well.


Wilderness Wolfman was still able to fight and remained a threat towards Metal Devouring War Wolf.


Wilderness Wolfman gathered all the power of its body on its claws and attacked Metal Devouring War Wolf.


As expected, Metal Devouring War Wolf was not in a good state and could only watch the attack land on its body. Metal Devouring War Wolf was sent flying by Wilderness Wolfman; after landing, the former vomited a mouthful of blood.

Wilderness Wolfman received Yang Tian’s order and launched another attack at Metal Devouring War Wolf.

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