Chapter 109 – Reencounter 

“These tree saps possess rare properties; they hold great medicinal value.”

The healing effect of the red fruits was more magical than any medicine Ouyang Ge had ever seen; it could quickly heal wounds, something Ouyang Ge has never seen before.

Bang Bang

While Yang Tian was observing Ouyang Ge researching, the sound of landing was heard inside the manor.

Xu Dafu had jumped in from outside the manor; he had made those sounds when he landed.

“Boss, Lei Xing was surrounded by wolves, the Wilderness Wolfmen were also trapped, only I managed to run back.”

Xu Dafu’s body was covered in several bloodstains; one could see that those were from attacks left by Ghost Blade Wolves with a glance.

Earlier, Yang Tian had gone to the back of the mountain and it had caught the attention of the wolves. When Lei Xing went, he just happened to encounter the wolves that had just arrived. Although he managed to kill many mutated wolves with the help of his equipment, even managing to seriously injure three Ghost Blade Wolves, he was still unable to overcome the increasingly dense wolf pack.

When Xu Dafu arrived with the Wilderness Wolfmen, the remaining seven Ghost Blade Wolves attacked these hateful traitors of the wolf pack immediately. Xu Dafu also knew that the situation was not turning good. When he found an opportunity, he came back to report to Yang Tian.

As the Ghost Blade Wolves’ attention were on the Wilderness Wolfmen, the Wilderness Wolfmen were unable to escape and with Lei Xing also being held back, the situation was perilous for them.

“Then let’s go meet them again.”

Yang Tian did not have a good temper. If the Wolf King is not going to appear, then the wolves would be slaughtered by Yang Tian tonight.

Riding on Dark Storm Eagle, Yang Tian took the lead to go to the back hill. At the same time, Xu Dafu set off with Brain-Eating Terror Hog. As for the others, they were ordered by Yang Tian to remain in the manor.

At a high altitude, Yang Tian soon saw Lei Xing and the Wilderness Wolfmen who were being besieged by wolves on the ground.

The two Wilderness Wolfman have already merged, but the situation was still terrible.

Wind Blade

Several dozen wind blades gathered under the wings of Dark Storm Eagle.

Swoosh Swoosh

The wind blades struck the vicinity of Lei Xing and the Wilderness Wolfmen, killing the wolves nearest to them.


The bullets in Lei Xing’s hands were almost used up, the ones that Yang Tian passed to Lei Xing were taken from an armored car.

With more bullets, Lei Xing re-loaded his guns and launched a counterattack.

With the support of Dark Storm Eagle, their pressure has been dramatically reduced. The seven Ghost Blade Wolves who were besieging the Wilderness Wolfmen have realized that their situation was turning bad, but they were unwilling to give up on the traitorous Wilderness Wolfmen.

Xu Dafu arrived at the battlefield on Brain-Eating Terror Hog; with an Early Rank 3 fighting power, Xu Dafu was unimpeded when within the wolf pack.


A huge icicle condensed above Xu Dafu’s head and shot at the nearest Ghost Blade Wolves.

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Rage Boost

Brain-Eating Terror Hog increased its charging force, a tiny shockwave on the fangs of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, it was formed by the powerful charging force.


Brain-Eating Terror Hog slammed into the wolves, breaking the formation of the Ghost Blade Wolves.

Ah Woo

The Ghost Blade Wolves quickly readjusted their positions after being scattered, but they did not charge again. They felt threatened by Brain-Eating Terror Hog and so they stayed out of the attack range of the latter.

However, Dark Storm Eagle was above them, they want to escape?

Rolling Storm

Dark Storm Eagle, covered in a powerful storm, then attacked the Ghost Blade Wolves on the ground.

Xu Dafu saw Dark Storm Eagle descending from the sky and immediately fled with Brain-Eating Terror Hog. Rolling Storm has a powerful impact force that covers a large attack range.


The moment Rolling Storm impacted, the seven Ghost Blade Wolves tried to escape its impact range. The four Ghost Blade Wolves that were closest to the center were the first to die; especially the Ghost Blade Wolves at the center, it was crushed into pieces.

Although the Ghost Blade Wolves on the outer regions was also affected by Rolling Storm, they did not lose their lives and were still able to continue fighting.

However, with only three Ghost Blade Wolves, how will they be able to face the Rank 3 Brain-Eating Terror Hog?


Brain-Eating Terror Hog used Roar and stunned the three Ghost Blade Wolves in the middle of the field. The large body of Brain-Eating Terror Hog coupled with its mad charging created a shocking momentum.

Ah Woo

Metal Guard

The Wolf King, Metal Devouring War Wolf, appeared.

Mid Rank 3 combat power, Captain-Class Beast.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog struck a metal shield and created a loud impact.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog was stopped, and the three Ghost Blade Wolves quickly recovered. Only when seeing Metal Devouring War Wolf in front of them, did they understood how dangerous it was.

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Ah Woo

Under the command of Metal Devouring War Wolf, the Ghost Blade Wolves and the wolf pack began to slowly retreat.


However, Yang Tian also wanted to experience the fighting power of the Metal Devouring War Wolf. As for the Ghost Blade Wolves and the mutated wolves, they did not matter in Yang Tian’s eyes.

Rolling storm

Rage Boost

Yang Tian and Xu Dafu jumped onto the ground to allow Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Storm Eagle to display stronger fighting powers.

Two powerful impacts reached in front of Metal Devouring War Wolf.

Metal Reinforcement

The body of Metal Devouring War Wolf turned into metal, even the wolf fur on its body has become extremely hard.

Ah Woo

The roar of a Commander Tier Beast possesses an intimidating effect, causing the attacks of Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Storm Eagle to slow down by a beat.

Metal Guard

After using Metal Reinforcement, Metal Guard’s defense was significantly enhanced. The two powerful attacks did not cause much damage when they reached.


This was the strongest attack of Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Storm Eagle, but it was unable to hurt Metal Devouring War Wolf. Moreover, Metal Devouring War Wolf was looking at the entire situation calmly.

After blocking its opponents’ attacks, Metal Devouring War Wolf also launched its own attack.

Two powerful wolf claws containing the keenness and sharpness of metal struck towards Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Storm Eagle. Easily repelling them while leaving three deep gorges on their bodies.

Yang Tian immediately entered the Venom form and joined the battlefield.

Dragon Claw Hand

A faint dragon-shaped illusion appeared behind Yang Tian as he displayed Dragon Claw Hand, causing Metal Devouring War Wolf to feel threatened.

Dragon Claw versus Wolf Claw

As the rank of Metal Devouring War Wolf was higher than Venom, plus its physique was also stronger than that of Yang Tian, ​​their confrontation resulted in a fifty-fifty result.

The first hit resulted in a draw, Yang Tian continued to use the other moves of Dragon Claw Hand. Yang Tian only cultivated Purple Sun Art, it was not compatible with a staunch martial art technique like Dragon Claw Hand. Even with the dragon claws transformed by Venom, only a portion of the power of Dragon Claw Hand was exerted.

The reason why martial arts could exert greater power in the hands of Martialists was that they used matching inner cultivation methods. It was impossible to rely solely on physical strength. Otherwise, won’t any metahuman be able to replace Martialists?

There was a reason why Martialists are strong.


The sound of a gunshot was heard, Lei Xing was shooting at Metal Devouring War Wolf, but unfortunately, the shot did not have any effect after landing on the metal shield.

“What a hard shield.”

Yang Tian was able to use Dragon Claw Hand to defeat the Spectral Zombie previously, but it was not possible when fighting against Metal Devouring War Wolf. Mainly because of their different attributes, the Spectral Zombie focused on speed while Metal Devouring War Wolf had more defense.

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