Chapter 108 – Ouyang Ge

“You are… Ouyang Ge?”

There’s a total of eight scientists, Yang Tian recognized one of them; a famous scientist during the late period of the post-apocalyptic era – Ouyang Ge.

He had researched a gene potion that could allow ordinary humans to wield the power of metahumans, allowing the bottom-most tier of humanity to become stronger.

Yang Tian had also heard many legends about Ouyang Ge in his previous life.

Could this be the first version of the gene potion that Ouyang Ge was researching?

Yang Tian looked at the container in his hand.

“What is this?”

Yang Tian turned back into normal form and asked after showing Ouyang Tian the container.

“This is the result of our research, but we were captured before we could test it.”

Ouyang Ge had requested to research about developing the potential of the human body during the civilized age, but it was rejected. However, Ouyang Ge did not give up and due to good fortune, his research had caught the attention of some big shots. They assisted him and built a research institute for him to complete his research.

After the apocalypse his research reached completion and it was the very container Yang Tian was holding. Ouyang Ge originally wanted to submit his results to start human trials, but his team was being targeted by the army. The research institute was attacked, and the scientists in Ouyang Ge’s team were all captured.

“The people who captured you are all dead, everyone will have to come with me now.”


Since it was still being captured, it makes no difference to them who their captors are.

Yang Tian placed Ouyang Ge and his team on the back of Dark Storm Eagle and flew back to the manor.

The rest had yet to return, only Crazy Vine was in the manor. Ouyang Ge and his team only saw an empty manor when they arrived.

“Where is this place?”

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Dark Storm Eagle’s appearance had already toppled their understanding of the world, now that they only saw an empty manor, they could not help but feel terrified.

“Everyone is to remain here.”

Yang Tian instructed Dark Storm Eagle to watch them before entering Venom state and ran back to the back mountain.

Yang Tian decided to bring the five armored vehicles back with him.

When Yang Tian returned with the third armored vehicle, Xu Dafu and the rest had returned to the manor. 

When they saw the tied up Ouyang Ge and group inside the manor being watched by Dark Storm Eagle, they guessed Yang Tian had a hand in it.

“Boss, who are they?”

“Interesting people.”

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Yang Tian’s tone revealed his rare good mood, Xu Dafu glanced at Ouyang Ge and his team a few more times.

“Lei Xing, head to the back mountain and drive the remaining two armored vehicles back here.”

“Boss, the pit still has undamaged equipment, I want to…”

“Go ahead then!”

Yang Tian would not reject any valuable resources that can be brought back to the manor. Moreover, with Lei Xing and Ouyang Ge, those items would be able to display a greater value in their hands.

“Sir, about that…”

“Feel free to speak your mind.”

When Yang Tian saw the stuttering Ouyang Ge, he had a rough idea of what the latter was hoping. There were many mutated plants of the post-apocalyptic era in the manor, they have caught the attention of Ouyang Ge.

“I want to extract some tree sap.”

“Except for that tree in the center, feel free to do whatever you want with the rest.”

The Exploding Fruit Tree was still in a half-dead state and could not afford to be touched.

“Understand, understand.”

Yang Tian released Ouyang Ge and let him extract the tree sap of the mutated fruit trees. The value of the mutated fruit trees might even be magnified several times after going through the hands of Ouyang Ge.

Ouyang Ge was a famous person in the post-apocalyptic era, he used his genius mind to produce many things that were comparable to the items made by high-tech planes.

Human genetics study has reached the highest it could be in the hands of Ouyang Ge.

The civilized age was unable to satisfy Ouyang Ge, but the post-apocalyptic era was Ouyang Ge’s heaven.

The mutated fruit trees were not violent, allowing Ouyang Ge to extract what he needed without mishaps. Three different plant saps were now inside the containers in his hand.

However, Ouyang Ge had already noticed Crazy Vine on the walls and his instincts were telling him that those vines were not ordinary.

“Sir, about those vines, can I…”

Yang Tian instructed Crazy Vine Matrix to stretch out a vine in front of Ouyang Ge. Understanding Yang Tian’s intention, Ouyang Ge happily extracted some sap from the vine.

Ouyang Ge looked at the four small containers in his hands as though they were some kind of rare treasures.

“Teacher Ouyang, we do not have any equipment here and are unable to perform any analysis.”

One of the younger scientists amongst the eight was Ouyang Ge’s disciple. When the latter saw Ouyang Ge’s happy expression, he could not help but reminded him.

“I have the computer chips with me, all we need is some machinery and we have new equipment for researching. However, before that…”

Ouyang Ge looked at Yang Tian, after all, these things all belonged to Yang Tian.

“Sure, as long as you are willing to stay here.”

“Of course, I am willing, as long as you can provide me with enough research material, I will not move even if you want me to.”

Ouyang Ge was also a science madman, he noticed the manor was different. There were many things that he had never seen before that were worth researching in this place; in the end, it was Ouyang Ge’s unwillingness to give up on all these rare research objects.

The remaining scientists were obviously in fear, they were not Ouyang Ge.

The armored vehicles had equipment that the army had taken from the research institute and that saved some trouble for Ouyang Ge and the others. 

“The few of you come and help me.”

The remaining scientists were released as well, under Xu Dafu’s threats, they could not object to assisting Ouyang Ge.

“Why is Lei Xing still not back yet?”

Wang Yu noticed that Lei Xing has yet to returned after so long and said worriedly.

“Did that fella run away?” Xu Dafu thought Wang Yu was implying that Lei Xing had run away and shouted.

“Something might have happened to him, bring the Wilderness Wolfmen with you and investigate.”

Yang Tian did not feel that Lei Xing would run away, he got Xu Dafu to check the situation.

“Eh… okay.”

Since Yang Tian instructed, Xu Dafu could only bring the Wilderness Wolfmen to the back mountain to investigate.

“Boss, will Lei Xing have encountered any accidents?”

“If he dies just because of a small situation, then there is no meaning for him to continue existing.”

Being talented will also require one to be capable, Yang Tian admires Lei Xing, but he does not need a vase.

After Xu Dafu left, Yang Tian approached Ouyang Ge, who was researching.

As expected of a science madman, he only has eyes for his experiments and thus did not notice that Yang Tian was beside him. As for the other scientists, when they saw that Yang Tian was here, their actions have all slowed down for a moment.

Yang Tian admires only Ouyang Ge, if not for the Ouyang Ge, the rest would have been exterminated by Yang Tian.

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