Chapter 107 – Research Institute

The military team fell into a big pit.

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Becoming like trapped fishes.

“Good job.”

When Wang Yu and Lei Xing were setting up the traps, Lei Xing had a sudden idea. He selected several fulcrums points of the terrain and installed bombs at those locations. When the points are blown up, it would cause a huge pit to be created at the military team’s position.


Upon receiving Yang Tian’s attack command, Xu Dafu and the beasts charged into the pit.

“Don’t let anyone escape.”

Xu Dafu shouted, his eyes were gradually replaced by red.


Every icicle would reap the lives of several metahumans inside the big pit. On top of the icicles, there was also acid, which were lethal for Rank 1 metahumans.


Rolling storm

Rage Boost

Particularly the Early Rank 3 Tamed Beasts; once they entered the crowd, they began to crazily harvest.

Yang Tian had also entered the Venom form, but instead of charging into the big pit, he loitered near the edge of the pit to see if any metahumans had been missed.

“There are seven metahumans in the shrubs.”

Yang Tian transformed his arms into blades and charged into the shrubs to kill the seven metahumans.


The images in his surroundings all appeared in Yang Tian’s mind. There were still some metahumans sparsely spread out in the vicinity. They rushed back after hearing the violent explosions but what greeted them was Yang Tian’s blade.

As long as any metahumans approached the pit, whether if they were from the military or not, all of them will be killed by Yang Tian.

The situation inside the pit could be said to be war-torn, there were no Rank 3 to hold the fort, causing it to be a one-sided massacre.


Yang Tian sensed a dangerous aura coming from the pit and returned to the edge of the pit.

A pale blue flame appeared in the middle of the pit.

Early Rank 3 Flame Mage

“Beast fire.”

Yang Tian recognized the blue flame that was revolving around the Flame Mage, it was not an ordinary flame, but the beast fire of fire-type creatures.

The beast fire allowed the Flame Mage to reach elite level.

The creature that once possessed the beast fire was undoubtedly an elite level when it was alive.

The Flame Mage’s goal was not the Rank 3 tamed beasts, but the Rank 2 Dark Crimson Fire Wolf. He has to first kill the Rank 2 tamed beast and reduce the army’s casualties before he could fight the Rank 3 tamed beasts.

Unfortunately, there was only one of him.

Yang Tian would not allow him to achieve his goal, so Yang Tian ordered his three Early Rank 3 Tamed Beasts to engage the Flame Mage.

The sudden attack of three Early Rank 3 tamed beasts placed an enormous pressure on the Flame Mage.

“What happened? Why was there a powerful explosion, why are we under attack?”

There were many questions in the mind of the Flame Mage. This battle looked as though it had been specially set up, but the other party was just a group of unknown creatures!

The Flame Mage was ganged up on and could not exert his advantages.


Brain-Eating Terror Hog saw an opening and slammed its huge fangs into the Flame Mage’s chest, causing the latter to fly away.

The Flame Mage vomit out a large mouthful of blood.

The physique of a mage is inherently weak, being attacked by the Brain-Eating Terror Hog ruined his body.

He was currently extremely weak.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a black monster descending from the sky.

The black monster’s huge claws grabbed his head and lifted him up.

“You are…”

Before the Flame Mage could finish his words, terror covered his face.

The beast fire in his body was slowly flowing out of him through Yang Tian’s arm. This was what the Flame Mage was terrified about. Half of his combat power relied on the beast fire.

If he loses that beast fire, his combat power would drop to that of an ordinary Rank 2 metahuman.

“Let me go.”

But what greeted him was Yang Tian’s silence.

The Flame Mage was not willing to die just like that, the panic on his face was gradually replaced by madness.

“Dream on!”

The Flame Made wanted to detonate the beast fire inside his body. He wanted to drag Yang Tian and the rest to die together with him.

It was a pity that he encountered Yang Tian, ​​who used his strong mental power to directly cut off the connection between the Flame Mage and the beast fire.

“No… no!”

With the beast fire extracted by Yang Tian, the level of the Flame Mage begun to decline, and he was turning back into an ordinary Rank 2 Flame Mage.

Blue Plains Wolf Beast Fire

It was also a wolf-type beast fire, suitable for Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to absorb.

The current battlefield was literally being engaged by Xu Dafu alone.

“Knock him unconscious.”

Xu Dafu’s eyes were red, crazed from the killing; Yang Tian could not allow him to continue.

Soul Shock

Violent Corpse Worm Queen shocked Xu Dafu, causing the latter to collapse on the ground.

Wang Yu knew about Xu Dafu’s situation and quickly placed Xu Dafu on the back of Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

There weren’t many metahumans left after the rest were killed by the Wilderness Wolfmen. Yang Tian walked to the armored vehicles.

The Zombie King said that the armored vehicles have something that Yang Tian wanted.

The first armored car, it was filled with firearms and some food. The second was also the same, so was the third one. Until the tenth, Yang Tian still did not find anything that he will want. 

Is it in the other five vehicles?

The other five armored vehicles were still at the back mountain, the territory of the Wolf King. Yang Tian did not know if the Wolf King had obtained it or not.

“Lei Xing, Wang Yu, gather the spoils.”

Yang Tian handed it to Wang Yu and Lei Xing to deal with it and rode Dark Storm Eagle towards the back mountain.


There are several mutated wolves next to the five armored vehicles.

Wind Blade

Dark Storm Eagle sends out several wind blades in succession, killing all the mutated wolves near the armored vehicles.

There were traces of wolf claws outside the armored vehicles, but the interior was not destroyed.

Yang Tian successively searched the armored vehicles. When he reached his fourth one, Yang Tian saw a container.

The container was filled with a greenish liquid, within the liquid was a blade of crystal grass.

“What do you think is this?”

It was the first time Yang Tian had ever seen such an item; it did not look like it was natural, more like artificially made.

“The green liquid is emitting Life Energy. As for the grass inside, it is the first time I have seen such a thing as well.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen has never seen a plant like this as well, this is the thing the Zombie King was referring to?

“Life Energy is beneficial to all creatures, I must have been attracted to it earlier on.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was also full of uncertainty! It was truly because this grass was too different, completely breaking away from its knowledge.

“See if there is anything else.”

There was nothing special left on the fourth armored vehicle, but on the fifth armored vehicle, Yang Tian encountered several humans in white coats.

They were just ordinary humans.

Only allowed on

“Who are you?”

They had all been tied up by ropes and Yang Tian had to take off the tape on their mouths.

“We are scientists from the Research Institute.”

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