Chapter 106 – Arrangements

“When did the secret treasure started moving?”

“Just now.”

So coincidental? Even Yang Tian felt an inexplicable meaning. How could the secret treasure begin to move just when the military team had entered this area?

“Lei Xing, have you heard of the origin of the secret treasure?”

“I am not very clear about it, but this is the second time that I have seen such a strong activity from the device. The first time it did not attract this much attention, so the secret treasure was obtained by a centurion of the army. The strength of the centurion rose sharply in a short period due to the treasure and became the strongest person within the military. That was why when a strong activity appeared the second time, no one wanted to give it up.”


Yang Tian summoned Dark Storm Eagle.


Dark Storm Eagle quickly came over and landed inside the manor.

“I am going to take a look.”

When Dark Storm Eagle jumped into the sky, the fierce rolling winds startled Lei Xing.

Another powerful one has appeared!

This manor was getting more and more mysterious in Lei Xing’s heart; Yang Tian, ​​the owner of the manor, was like a thick gauze shrouding his eyes.

Up in the sky, Yang Tian immediately saw the military vehicles.

Fifteen medium-sized armored vehicles, this was the team sent by the military.

“The place they were heading…  is the territory of the Wolf King.”

Ah Woo

The invading military team had caused the wolves to be on the alert.

Mutated wolves continuously appeared and had the armored vehicles surrounded.

The increase in the number of wolves has forced the armored vehicles to stop.

The teams on the armored vehicles disembarked, they were equipped with a lot of firearms, but some of them were also holding cold weaponry.

With a howl from the wolves, the battle started.

Two-thirds of this military team consisted of Rank 1 metahumans, while the rest was Rank 2 metahumans. The Rank 1 metahumans relied on the guns in their hands to suppress the mutated wolves in battle.

Ah Woo

Ghost Blade Wolves

Yang Tian saw Ghost Blade Wolves amongst the wolves.

Seeing such a large amount of soldiers, the Wolf King must have regarded them as invaders aiming for his territory.

The Ghost Blade Wolves were Rank 2 elite beasts, while the Rank 2 metahumans of the military team were only common tier. In the battle, the Ghost Blade Wolves could absolutely suppress the Rank 2 metahumans. However, the advantage of the military was that their Rank 2 metahuman outnumbered the ten Ghost Blade Wolves.

Ah Woo

The invasion by the army continued to anger the Wolf King; more wolves were coming out increasingly from the back mountain, applying significant stress on the military team. Their personnel was continually decreasing, while the wolves were steadily growing. If this continues, the military team would likely be swallowed up. 


The military gave the order to board the vehicles, getting ready to leave the back mountain.

During the retreat, it was inevitable to experience some casualties.

Once on the armored vehicles, they immediately retreated. Of the fifteen armored vehicles, only ten vehicles drove away, five were left behind.

The battle also caused heavy casualties to the wolves. The mutated wolves were after all not as powerful as armed Rank 1 metahumans in the battle.

Many of the Ghost Blade Wolves were also injured, even as elite beasts, they would not be able to stand against so many people and remain unscathed.

The retreating military team did not know that they were being observed by someone in the sky. Even the place where they stopped to rest and recuperate was also clearly identified.

“It seems that they still have no plans to give up.”

When Yang Tian saw that they were resting somewhere near the back mountain. It can be seen that they still refused to give up on the secret treasure.

“Let’s go back first.”

They were still some distance from the manor, and even if there were another battle, it would not affect Yang Tian and the rest.

“Boss, a mouse gave me this.” when Xu Dafu spoke the sentence, he was still finding it unbelievable that a mouse had thrown something at him, and even spoke human to ask him to pass the item to Yang Tian.

When Yang Tian returned to the manor, he received a Mental Imprint.

From the Zombie King?

The zombie energy within has already told Yang Tian the identity of the sender. Moreover, the Zombie King Mouse could now speak human, this meant that it has reached Rank 3.


The Zombie King’s message informs Yang Tian to destroy the military team, it also told the latter that what Yang Tian wanted was inside the military team’s vehicle.

“The Zombie King had no reason to lie to him, but this is a hornet’s nest.”

Yang Tian was hesitant. After all, his strength still needed to improve. He did not know if he wants to stir this hornet’s nest.

“I also sense that there is something special in the vehicles.”

When Violent Corpse Worm Queen noticed Yang Tian’s hesitation, it suddenly said.

“Let’s try it.”

Yang Tian thought about it and decided to act, as long as no one is left alive, it will be hard for the military to pin anything on him.

“Dafu, prepare to act tonight.”


“I want to kill everyone inside that military team.”


Early Rank 3 forces: Brain-Eating Terror Hog, Charmeleon, Dark Storm Eagle.

Rank 2 forces: Wilderness Wolfmen, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, Carnivore Xu Dafu and Black Widow Wang Yu.

This is the fighting force that Yang Tian had decided to dispatch tonight. He did not intend to leave a single person within the military team alive.

“Boss, I want to go too.”

The one talking was Lei Xing. He also wants to fight with Yang Tian and the rest. Only by demonstrating his fighting capabilities would he be able to obtain recognition from the others.


Almost everyone would take action tonight, only Crazy Vine remained behind to protect the manor.

As the distance between the manor and the military team was quite far, Charmeleon moving out with them would consume Yang Tian’s mental power if the latter wants it to remain active on Earth. He needs to make it efficient.

“Wang Yu, you and Lei Xing head out first, set up traps around the military team’s escape routes to prevent them from escaping.”


Being a Black Widow, it was elementary for Wang Yu to set up traps. Moreover, Lei Xing had brought along several mines that could be used as traps as well.

Three hours later, Wang Yu and Lei Xing returned.

“Boss, everything has been arranged.”

“When it gets dark, we will act.”

Regarding the night operation, Xu Dafu was strangely excited. For the past few days in the manor, Xu Dafu had only been hunting and killing mutated beasts and otherworld creatures, it has been a long time since he last killed humans.

The resentment factor hidden within Xu Dafu’s blood was stirring and ready to move.

“He… has a little problem?”


The mental power of Violent Corpse Worm Queen had detected something wrong with Xu Dafu, but seeing that Yang Tian did not stop him, it did not continue to comment.

Xu Dafu has been bottling up for too long and needs to fight to vent his frustrations.

The last light in the sky disappeared, the operation begins.

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At this moment, the military team remained unaware that danger was approaching them, they were still healing their injuries from today’s battle.

“Lei Xing, your show.”


Yang Tian looked at Wang Yu with slight surprise. What did Lei Xing have in store?

Boom Boom

Along with a huge explosion, there was a colossal collapse of the ground where the military team had positioned.

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