Chapter 105 – Archer

“It’s amazing, it’s not the same as any mechanical item I’ve seen before.”

Xu Dafu was at middle school education so he did not understand anything that Wang Yu said! But to be able to help, he pretended to understand while he stood next to Wang Yu.

“Ya, yes, that’s right.”

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“Keke… Do you really understand?”

“Of course! Of course, I understand!”

Wang Yu looked at Xu Dafu’s confused expression, but she did not expose the latter.

“You come here and hold this for me.”

“Place that thing there.”

Wang Yu did not let Xu Dafu participate in the work, but simply let him do some small tasks.

Overnight, Wang Yu relied on her expertise and managed to obtain some basic understanding of these devices.

Yang Tian went to find Wang Yu early the next day.

“Boss, I found that there is a special metallic stone within these devices. This type of stone has a strong ability to sense secret treasures, but I have yet to find out how the stone worked through the machine, I will need more time to understand.”

“The organizations who got these devices would likely not know as well! Being able to understand how these devices work is already very commendable.”

These devices appeared in his previous life as well, mastery over the technology behind these devices only appeared during the late period of the post-apocalyptic era, so one could only imagine the difficulty to achieve it.

“Boss, that kid is coming over.”

When Lei Xing saw Yang Tian, ​​he came to his side.

“You can call me like how they did from now on.”

“Under… understand, boss.”

Towards Yang Tian, ​​his new leader, Lei Xing still felt a little unfamiliar.

“Do you only rely on guns to deal with your opponents?”


“Do you think this will be enough to deal with otherworld creatures?”

“Not enough.”

Lei Xing was also aware that guns alone would not be able to threaten otherworld creatures.

“Do you know what is your ability?”

“I do not know.”

Lei Xing could only tell the truth. He never knew what his ability is and even the organization behind him was unable to determine it.


It was undetectable on the surface, but it was only a trivial matter for Yang Tian. Moreover, Lei Xing was also an archer with a unique understanding of firearms.

Archers have very high concentration and they are most suited for the unique profession, Gunmaster.

The Gunmasters in the army did not use Earth’s firearms, but weapons from high-tech planes, building the most suitable firearm for themselves to use.

Every Gunmaster has his own unique set of equipment.

“Bow, arrows, and firearms are your abilities. You are different from other metahumans.”

“Is that considered…?”

This was the first that Lei Xing heard about this, but it was also true that he was much better at using firearms than other metahumans.

In the latter part of the post-apocalyptic era, high-tech planes would also invade Earth. The planes they were from were starting to disintegrate due to the misuse of their resources. To survive, they could only seek new planes to live on, and Earth became their target.

“Give him some Agility energy crystals.”

Yang Tian asked Xu Dafu to pass Lei Xing energy crystals so that the latter could reach Rank 2. The three primary energy crystals that Gunmasters are most suitable with are Agility, Speed, Focus.

However, Focus energy crystals are even rarer than Mental Power energy crystals. Most Gunmasters would use Mental Power energy crystals in place of Focus energy crystals.

“Thank you.”

Due to his own ability, Lei Xing was not nurtured by the organization behind him, which led him to remain as a Rank 1 metahuman all this time. However, it had not even been a long while since he and Yang Tian had met, yet the latter gave him so many energy crystals to let him reach Rank 2.

“Boss, there are not enough Agility energy crystals.”

Xu Dafu only has a few Agility energy crystals left with him.

“Is there any Speed energy crystals?”

“There is.”

“Give those to him.”

Lei Xing received the energy crystals from Xu Dafu and immediately sat down to absorb the energy crystals.

After spending a few hours, Lei Xing successfully advanced to a Rank 2 metahuman.

“How do you feel?”


Advancing to Rank 2, Lei Xing had also successfully acquired his first skill: Sprint.

Only allowed on

Sprint: Increases the user’s movement speed by 30% over a short time.

It’s a rather weak skill when compared to what other metahumans acquired, but it’s an excellent skill for an Archer.

“I will pass these things to you to handle, hope you will not let me down.”

Yang Tian threw all the guns from the assassination squad to Lei Xing. Yang Tian was able to see the burning desire for firearms within the eyes of Lei Xing.


Lei Xing had received proper training from an early age, his love for firearms surpassed most ordinary people. Moreover, with his innate talents, he had long surpassed ordinary people and was highly valued by the organization behind him. However, after the descent of the apocalypse and the rise of metahumans, Lei Xing gradually faded away from their attention.

But it was undeniable that he is a gun genius.

In the assassination squad, there were many excellent parts and powerful guns, enough for Lei Xing to arm himself and reach his current level of power.

“I won’t let you down, but boss, those people are not easy to handle.”

Lei Xing was referring to the organization behind the assassination squad.

“You can just relax.”

Those so-called hidden organizations, Yang Tian did not put them to heart. During the late post-apocalyptic era, the so-called hidden organizations would eventually attach themselves to the military in the end for the sake of survival.

Seeing that Yang Tian had spoken as much, Lei Xing did not have anything else to say and he focused his attention on the equipment.


The sound of the vehicles was heard, and there were a large number of them.

When Yang Tian heard those sounds, he knew that something was happening.

When Yang Tian stood on the platform, he saw soldiers. The death of the soldiers stationed at the riverbank, coupled with the military refusing to give up the secret treasure; it was expected for them to send so many troops.

“There are still many places in the Celestial Empire where there are zombie waves. If you have time for secret treasures, you might as well support the other areas.”

Yang Tian has a negative opinion of the army. From Yang Tian’s perspective, they were just another organization that focuses on their own interests.

“Boss, do you want to kill them?”

“Killing them is like stirring a hornet’s nest, and our current strength is not enough to go against them. Moreover, the secret treasure at the river bottom was not something that anyone could acquire.”

Yang Tian stopped Xu Dafu who was planning to take action. The current combat power of the manor could completely wipe out these soldiers, but the military will not be easy to trifle with.


Yang Tian discovered that their goal was not the river but was heading to the back mountain.

The Wolf King and Zombie King were in the back mountain. This action taken by the military was no different from courting death.

“Boss, look at that.”

Wang Yu called Yang Tian while ​​pointing to the secret treasure device of the assassination squad.

When Yang Tian saw the indication on the device, he understood why the military went to the back mountain. The secret treasure within the river was moving and it was heading towards the back mountain.

“Is it the Zombie King?”

Yang Tian’s first thought was Zombie King. In the back mountain, only the Zombie King had the ability.

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