Chapter 104 – Lei Xing


There was a sudden shock inside the manor.

Yang Tian quickly collected the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror and promptly went outside.

“What happened?”

“Boss, someone did something underground of our manor, but it seems to be blocked by Crazy Vine.”

Crazy Vine had also sent information about the explosion to Yang Tian: Several humans installed explosive below the ground of the manor, it was what caused the shock.

“Humans nearby?”

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Were they from the military? Other forces were also possible.

Yang Tian activated Examine and quickly discovered who was behind it.

The assassination squad that had previously attacked the military at the riverbank.

“It turns out that they have not left yet, what are they planning to do?”

They were still alright by going against the military, but against Yang Tian, ​​it was entirely not enough!

Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Charmeleon were now Early Rank 3, both could easily crush them.

“Captain, why are we digging tunnels here?”

“The device sensed another secret treasure here, but these vines have a tough lifeforce! It must be the guardian of the secret treasure. We are not its opponent, so the best alternative is to dig a tunnel, and leave after taking the secret treasure.”

“I see, but the device is not displaying anything now.”

The female assassin in the squad did not see the mark of the secret treasure on the circular device.

“How come it disappeared?”

The captain of the assassination squad was surprised! He had just seen the notification on the device but it had disappeared after a short while.


A second later, they regretted it.

Dozens of small holes broke through the walls of the tunnel, crazy vines emerged from the small holes and restrained the assassination squad.

The tunnel has limited the mobility of the assassination squad. When facing against the resilient crazy vines, it was impossible for them to break free with just the knives in their hands.

In just ten minutes, all of them were turned into green dumplings, leaving only their heads exposed.

“Pull them out.”

Upon receiving Yang Tian’s order, Crazy Vine threw everyone from the assassination squad above ground; backpacks and some of their equipment included.

When the people of the assassination squad saw Yang Tian and the beasts behind him, they were shocked.

“What… what powerful creatures.”

The captain of the assassination squad was able to feel tremendous pressure coming from Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Charmeleon.

“Wang Yu, check the devices.”

Fortune Boat University was still considered a famous university of F City. Her understanding of equipment should be much better than that of Yang Tian and Xu Dafu.

“Understand, boss.”

“Just you people, would not be able to find out much.”

The people in the assassination squad found Yang Tian’s behavior laughable.

“Oh? Then no need to check, just bring it to me.”


The devices were placed onto Yang Tian’s hand and soon, he knew what was wrong.

These were technological products from other planes that flowed into Earth.

The technological level of mankind in the late period of the post-apocalyptic era was enhanced by the technical products from other planes that have flowed into Earth.

“It seems that you have a large organization behind you.”

The Celestial Empire was not as simple as it was on the surface. There would always be some special organizations that existed in the civilized age; it was just that with the arrival of the post-apocalyptic era, they all started to come out into the open.

“So what?”

Facing Yang Tian’s questioning, none of them were afraid, not even a tiny trace of nervousness existed.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it anyway, I don’t intend to get any information from your mouths.”

Yang Tian understood this type of people.

They don’t know much, yet their mouths were very tight.

“Kill them.”

A simple order. There were traces of unwillingness in the eyes of the assassins. They were feeling unwilling to just die like that.

Yang Tian placed Soft Bone Blade in Xu Dafu’s hand.


Yang Tian left, the Soft Bone Blade in Xu Dafu’s hand emitted a cold light.

“Of all places to go, you guys actually dared to come to our place?”


An assassin died under Soft Bone Blade.

Pierce Pierce Pierce

Soon after, all the Rank 2 metahumans were dead. Crazy Vine had absorbed a lot of Rank 2 energy crystals, its current toughness was comparable to that of a Rank 3.

Xu Dafu once again wielded the blade, preparing to get rid of all the remaining Rank 1 metahumans.


Yang Tian stopped Xu Dafu, mainly because one of the Rank 1 metahumans had left a deep impression on the former.

Being able to kill a Rank 2 metahuman with a gun by himself, he could see that the person was a talent.

“I can see your unwillingness. I can give you two choices; one: followed me, two: die for your loyalty. Choose yourself!”

Yang Tian gave Xu Dafu a look. Xu Dafu immediately understood Yang Tian’s intent and killed the other Rank 1 metahumans.

“What’s next is up to you.”

The eyes of this metahuman were filled with hesitation, as what Yang Tian had said. He knew that he was a genius and he didn’t want to die just like this.

“I… will follow you.”

“Good, release him.”

Crazy Vine loosened the bond on him.

“You let me go just like that?”

“Why, not happy?”


His eyes were hovering, he felt inconceivable that Yang Tian had let him go so easily.

“Why don’t you implant a Violent Corpse Worm inside him?”

“The attributes of the Violent Corpse Worms we have right now do not match him.”

“That’s all? You do not worry that he will betray you?”

“He is a smart person.”

After releasing him, Yang Tian told him to find a place to rest.

“My name is Lei Xing.”

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“Okay, got it.”

Lei Xing found a remote location, he was just a Rank 1 metahuman who does not even know what his ability was. He only knew that he could absorb energy crystals like other metahumans but without an ability, the organization behind him would not give him a lot of resources.

However, his understanding of firearms was much better than the metahumans in the other teams. He was able to use guns to defeat opponents stronger than him.

Unfortunately, even with such skills, he did not get the attention he deserved.

“Even if I return, I would still be punished. I might as well stay here.”

Lei Xing mumbled a few words to himself.

“Boss, you so sure of that fella?”

Xu Dafu was surprised that Yang Tian was so tolerant in his treatment towards Lei Xing. Yang Tian had always been a vicious person, this was the first time he saw Yang Tian being so tolerant of an enemy.

“He is a talent, you will understand in the future.”

Having heard Yang Tian said as much, Xu Dafu did not speak any further and left.

Yang Tian handed over the device of the assassination squad to Wang Yu. Wang Yu acted as though she was possessed and kept studying the device; when Xu Dafu saw Wang Yu’s actions, he followed her as well.

“Xiao Yu, what did you find out?”

Wang Yu majored in mechanics at Fortune Boat University and always had an interest in mechanical stuff, especially machinery that surpassed Earth’s science and technology. It was as if another world had opened up in front of her.

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