Chapter 103 – Double Illusion

The bronze key did not resemble a normal key, but a bronze ball. When placed on a bronze treasure chest, the bronze treasure chest would automatically open up.

“The Zombie King knows that you have a bronze treasure chest, and it has a bronze key, which means that it could have monopolized the treasure contained within the bronze treasure chest but it gave it to you instead. The only explanation was that it was not interested in the treasure inside the bronze treasure chest.”

“I might as well head to Cloud Town now.”

Yang Tian has the bronze key with him and he really wanted to see what kind of magic treasure would be inside the bronze treasure chest.


Dark Storm Eagle received Yang Tian’s call and immediately came, arriving at Yang Tian’s side.


With the speed of the Dark Storm Eagle, they soon arrived at Cloud Town.

The zombie wave had affected Cloud Town, but it had not suffered a devastating blow.

After Yang Tian landed, he quickly rushed to the location of the supermarket. The bodies on the floor of the supermarket were still there and were now emitting foul odors, but they did not become zombies.

There was not much food left on the shelves, but these were not what Yang Tian was bothered about now.

Opening the door of the underground warehouse, the former actresses have either starved to death or committed suicide, the only one who was still alive was Fan Xiaobing.

“Master, you are back.”

Fan Xiaobing respectfully bowed towards Yang Tian.

“Treasure chest?”

“It’s here.”

The bronze treasure chest was still at where it should be, there was no trace of any movement.

“You are now free.”

“This… thank you, master.”

Fan Xiaobing has long been tired of this small place, and the Violent Corpse Worm inside her body has been expanding her desire. In the civilized age, she can be regarded as the Queen of the entertainment circle, she does not want to lose to anyone in the post-apocalyptic era as well. She was weak and helpless before, but the Violent Corpse Worm has given her something to rely on.

Fan Xiaobing broke open the door of the underground warehouse and left.

“The Violent Corpse Worm is only Rank 2, and she is just an ordinary person, her highest combat power will only be Rank 2.” The Violent Corpse Worm Queen felt that Fan Xiaobing’s actions were foolish.

“Her? I don’t think she is to be underestimated! The difference between humans and other creatures is our wisdom.”

“But in the post-apocalyptic era, power is the basis for survival.”


Whether she would grow and develop would have to depend on herself. Yang Tian would at most waste a Violent Corpse Worm.

The next step is to open the bronze treasure chest.

The bronze key was placed above the bronze treasure chest, and the two items started to glow together.

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The light of a six-sided star appeared underneath the bronze treasure chest, the bronze treasure chest and bronze key quickly disappeared. Replacing it was a fiery red stone.

Fire Stone

This Fire Stone is only Rank 2, but for some creatures, its effect is equivalent to a Rank 3.

A Fire Stone came out of the bronze treasure chest, it is not an exceptionally good item, and can be considered as average.

“Charmander can evolve to Charmeleon.”

The first thing that comes to Yang Tian’s mind when he got the Fire Stone was Charmander, as the Fire Stone was a good choice for it.

Moreover, the dragon blood within Charmeleon should be more concentrated, it can be used to break a part of the seal on the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

“Yes, it can also make my Violent Corpse Worms evolve to Rank 3.”

When Violent Corpse Worm Queen saw the Fire Stone, it thought of the Violent Corpse Worms with fire attributes. However, Yang Tian would undoubtedly reserve it for Charmander. After all, Charmeleon’s abilities would be much stronger than the Violent Corpse Worms.

Stepping out of the supermarket, Dark Storm Eagle was still waiting for Yang Tian at the same spot.

The aura of a Rank 3 elite beast had caused all the weak creatures nearby to spread out and they dared not approach.

There were not many human beings left in Cloud Town. The mutated beasts and the otherworld creatures were also very few. The entire region had become desolate.

“Let’s go!”

Returning to the manor with the Fire Stone, Charmander naturally sensed the energy of the stone.

Char Char

Charmander did not know how to absorb the Fire Stone, but Yang Tian can use his mental power to help it absorb the Fire Stone.

The Fire Stone slowly entered the body of Charmander, its body began to radiate the light of evolution. The body of Charmander started to transform within the light of evolution.

Evolution complete.

Standing in front of Yang Tian now was no longer Charmander, but Charmeleon. Compared to the cute Charmander, Charmeleon appeared to be mighty and domineering.

Charmeleon Early-Stage Rank 3 Pokemon

In addition to the original fire attribute skills, Charmeleon acquired an additional Dragon attribute skill: Dragon Breath.

Being able to possess the dragon attribute skill represents the existence of dragon blood within Charmeleon. Yang Tian considered it delightful matter.

“Charmeleon use Dragon Breath in the sky.”

Char Char

Charmeleon still kept its previous way of speaking, but when it displayed Dragon Breath, its voice turned into a dragon’s roar.

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Dragon Breath s*** into the sky and just by looking at it, one could feel the power of the dragon.

“The attack is powerful”, Xu Dafu was also admiring the Dragon Breath’s power.

A satisfied Yang Tian nodded, but what Yang Tian was satisfied with was the dragon attribute within Charmeleon and not the might of the skill.

At night, Yang Tian was alone with Charmeleon when he got a bowl of blood from Charmeleon.

“The blood this time is certainly better than last time.”

Yang Tian was very satisfied with the blood in his hands, he did not seek to break the seal entirely, but the amount of seal broken would surely exceed the previous time.

Using the same method, a bowl of blood was emptied.

The color of the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror had obviously become much clearer than the last time. Yang Tian held the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror and could sense the subtle dragon roar coming from within.

“Let me see what unlocked this time.”

Yang Tian’s mental power penetrated into the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror and then his face revealed a faint smile.

It was evident that the harvest this time was excellent!

Double Illusion

If the enemy’s mental power were weaker than Yang Tian, ​​Yang Tian would be able to pull the enemy into the Double Illusion within the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror. If the double illusion were not broken, the enemy would be trapped inside the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror and become nutrients for the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

Yang Tian had suffered a big loss in his previous life because of Double Illusion. Fortunately, at the crucial moment, Yang Tian broke through Double Illusion and escaped, but he was covered in injuries by doing so and almost died in the hands of the group hunting him.

Now that Yang Tian has the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, he must also use the Double Illusion to torture those people in his previous life!

Him! Yang Tian’s hatred for him has reached deep into his marrows.

The person Yang Tian love, the people who he wants to protect! Everything was taken away from Yang Tian by him! In the eyes of the world, Yang Tian was a great demon who has committed unspeakable evils, while that person was the warrior who eradicates the great devil.

Opportunities would also find him. He was the real Child of Heaven, and Yang Tian was just an obscure and ordinary beast tamer. Yang Tian relied on himself and step by step, he became a legendary beast tamer; the price he paid was unimaginable for an ordinary human being.

No one knew how Yang Tian had to grow from an ordinary beast tamer to a legendary beast tamer!

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