Chapter 102 – Zombie Banquet

“It seems that the Zombie King knows of my arrival.”

Yang Tian followed the path and soon saw a spacious cave. The cave was decorated like a room where humans live.

After reaching the top of the mountain, Yang Tian changed back to his normal form.

“Big brother, you are here.”

Yang Tian heard Xiao Xiao’s voice and turned to see her riding on the neck of a middle-aged “man”, but Yang Tian could sense the zombie energy coming from his body. He is definitely not human.

“Big brother, this is the grandfather that has been taking care of Xiao Xiao, he became so young now!”

Xiao Xiao introduced Yang Tian!

“Little friend, you and I are meeting for the first time, why not we sit down and talk?”

Undoubtedly, it was the Zombie King!


It pointed at the location where there was a set of stone table and stone chairs. Yang Tian went over and without hesitating, he sat down.


The Zombie King placed a teacup on the table in front of Yang Tian.

“You know how to drink tea?”

“I did not know before, but now I do.”

The Zombie King said faintly, its words were peaceful and measured, Yang Tian was unable to see a trace of a zombie on it. If not for the zombie energy on it, Yang Tian would have thought he was some kind of powerful expert in seclusion.

“Xiao Xiao, go play first! I have something to discuss with big brother.”

“Okay, Grandpa!”

After Xiao Xiao sprints away to play, the Zombie King looked at Yang Tian and said:

“I think you should be able to guess a couple of things!”

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Xiao Xiao said that the Zombie King was the old grandfather who took care of her in the village. If Yang Tian guessed correctly, after the grandfather died, his body went through a mutation and became the Zombie King of the present. However, it had the rare phenomenon of having memories of its past life, memories about Xiao Xiao.

This was also one of the reasons why the Zombie King was looking for Xiao Xiao.

“Xiao Xiao’s memories have always been in my mind. Do you know what this means to a zombie?”

“Of course I know.”

Because of this memory, Xiao Xiao became the closest human being to the Zombie King.

“This is a thank you gift for your help in taking care of the Xiao Xiao for me.”

Golden Silkworm Gloves Rank 4 Weapon

Passive: The wearer’s attacks can ignore 50% of physical armor.

Active: Vajra Break, increase the passive effect to 70%.

Golden Silkworm Gloves is an excellent weapon that can superimpose its effects with other weapons.

“In that case, I will be blunt.”

“No need to be polite.”

The Zombie King casually replied.

“Zombie King, I still have a question to ask you. F city and Z city is the closest to this place, and there are large-scale zombie waves on both ends. As a Zombie King, why did you not participate in it? ”

“The emergence of zombies around the world means that a leader will emerge to lead the zombies, but the Zombie Kings of each place has different goals. Who will be willing to serve them? Isn’t the reason why they mobilize the zombies to occupy a place, is so that they could be the overlord of a territory?”

This Zombie King in front certainly knew quite a lot, but towards Yang Tian, ​​a human being, it would not be explaining everything and only gave Yang Tian a part of the information.

“Won’t you, have a coronation?”

“Ha ha ha, what a joke, all of them proclaimed themselves as kings, but they are all pseudo-kings! There are real kings in the otherworlds, and kings are also born amongst humans. So, do the zombie race really have an advantage? If that’s the case, I would rather guard over this small piece of territory, at least I will survive.”

It was comprehensive about its thoughts, this made Yang Tian somewhat surprised! The zombies have yet to give birth to a real king, this was indeed not a good thing for them.

“Zombie King, what level are you at? Can you reveal it?”

“I obtained some opportunities and am now stronger than a captain-tier, but weaker than a general-tier,”

Very strong, Yang Tian can only say that it is powerful!

It felt even stronger than the general-tier commander that Yang Tian encountered in F city, but yet it says that it is weaker than a general-tier. Yang Tian found it hard to understand the details.

The Zombie King in front of him is a humanoid zombie. A Zombie King that became a zombie that retained the body of an ordinary human, this was something Yang Tian had rarely seen.

“If little friend encounters any trouble, you can come to find me.”

“Thank you.”

The Zombie King poured tea, brewed, into Yang Tian’s teacup.

What a refreshing tea fragrance.

“Good tea.”

Yang Tian drank the tea in front of him and the aroma of the orchids lingered in his stomach.

Hmm? His mental power was rising slowly.

In his past life, Yang Tian had eaten many different things that can improve his mental power, but this was the first time that drinking tea could improve his mental power.

“Drink more, drink more.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen greedily smelled the tea, it was evident that the tea fragrance was also beneficial to it.

“Little friend, the insect in your arm is quite interesting.”

The Zombie King looked at Yang Tian’s arm and lightly said!

Violent Corpse Worm Queen realized that it was exposed, and immediately shut up.

“You’re too polite.”

Although his mouth spoke as such, he did not hold back on drinking the tea.

Nearly the entire pot of tea was emptied into Yang Tian’s belly.

“Zombie King, I will come back to visit in the future.”

“Then I shall not send little friend off.”

Yang Tian entered the Venom form and quickly left the back mountain.

“That zombie is quite something, it could actually discover me.”

After moving some distance away from the back mountain, Violent Corpse Worm Queen spoke.

“The zombies are strong due to their powerful bodies, but this Zombie King did not seem to be like that! Its mental power is very powerful, and its body structure seems more like that of a human.”

To be able to discover Violent Corpse Worm Queen that was hiding in Yang Tian’s arm, it showed how powerful its mental power is.

“That tea was also something rare. I only inhaled some of the tea fragrance, and my mental power increased. You drank so much, the effects must be excellent!”

“I still lack an opportunity and then I will reach Rank 3.”

Drinking that pot of tea had allowed Yang Tian’s mental power to reach the peak of Rank 2, putting him on the verge of entering Rank 3.

“Why did that zombie treat you so well, is it really just to repay the gratitude for taking care of that little girl?”

In fact, Yang Tian was also wondering, but he could not find any problems with anything.

With Yang Tian’s vigilance, he did not notice any problems with the tea, and there was no problem with the Golden Silkworm Gloves as well.

“Let’s return first.”

Yang Tian was sprinting when a bundle of soil protruding from the ground was approaching Yang Tian.



The soil broke open, and Yang Tian saw a creature.

Zombie King Mouse

How come it came to find him?

Squeak Squeak

The Zombie King Mouse was holding a key in its hand, it handed it to Yang Tian.

Bronze Key

How did the Zombie King know that he needed a bronze key, it did not pass it to him just now, but let the Zombie Mouse follow him all the way?

“Thank you the Zombie King for me.”

Squeak Squeak

The Zombie King Mouse replied with two squeaks before burrowing back into the ground.

“This Zombie King is not simple.”

Yang Tian looked at the bronze key in his hand and looked at the direction of the back mountain!

Is this the Zombie King displaying its prowess to Yang Tian?

The Zombie King actually knew that Yang Tian got a bronze treasure chest in Cloud Town.

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