Chapter 101 – Message

Bang Bang

A few more gunshots and a few more bloody holes appeared on a metahuman who collapsed on the ground.

It was hard to imagine that the obviously stronger military had been exterminated by the assassination squad without suffering any losses.

“Take it out.”


The preparation of the assassination squad was also excellent. It could be said that they have never thought that they would lose to the army. Even the equipment to extract the secret treasure was prepared!

A box made of aluminum alloy was taken out from the grasses.

“Well prepared.”

Yang Tian, ​​who was hidden in the dark, observed them.

Yang Tian knew nothing about the secret treasure inside the river. Instead of killing them now, it was better to wait for them to take out the secret treasure from the water before taking action.

However, after Yang Tian saw their equipment, he frowned.

Just three sets of special diving suits.

They should have studied the characteristics of the river, and there were many mysteries in the post-apocalyptic era that science could not explain. At most, they could only acquire some data.


Three assassins wearing the special diving suits dived into the river without hesitation.

After the sound of entering the water, there was no other movement detected.

“What happened? These diving suits were developed by the professor according to the data of the river. Why is it still useless?”

“The three of them are not coming back, we will withdraw first.”

Seeing that the operation had failed, the assassination squad did not stay around and quickly evacuated.

After they left for some time, Yang Tian came to where they were before. Looking at the shining river, Yang Tian had an inexplicable feeling!

“Can you see whats the mystery in there?”

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“The river blocks mental power exploration, it is impossible to see what is inside, I can’t see through it. From the previous phenomenon, this is not a good place! However, danger and opportunity coexist, I have nothing else to add.”

Yang Tian certainly understood what Violent Corpse Worm Queen was saying,

However, Yang Tian also has his concerns. For this kind of situation, without sufficient strength, there was no way to deal with the dangers that were hiding under the river.

“Lets go back first!” Yang Tian thought about it and decided to leave.

After all, the ground was covered with the bodies of military personnel. If they were to be discovered by others, it will be hard to explain.

Yang Tian rode Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and was about to leave when he saw dozens of green eyes.

Quite a few mutated beasts were looking over here. The explosion earlier might have deterred them from approaching, but now that the explosions were gone, they were beginning to slowly move towards here.

Yang Tian left and the mutated beasts came to the riverside, cleanly devouring the bodies of the military personnel.

Next, some could not help but be tempted and jumped into the river. However, they disappeared along with the splashing sounds.

“Boss, you are back.”

The sky was currently releasing faint light. Upon hearing movement outside the manor, Xu Dafu knew that Yang Tian was back.

“Boss, did you discover anything?”

Xu Dafu asked curiously, he had been to the big river, but he could not find anything with his limited knowledge. Moreover, he was unable to sneak near as well.

“There is a big problem with that river, it is best not to get involved with it.”

Yang Tian asked Xu Dafu and Wang Yu to stop thinking about secret treasure. After all, people from the military had died. If Wang Yu or Xu Dafu were discovered by the people investigating, it would only attract trouble to themselves.

“Understood boss.”

“Boss, the number of edible insects are reducing recently, we are unable to continue stocking up on bug meat now.”

In addition to regular food, there was also edible bug meat kept within the manor. This was a hidden resource. As the creatures invading Earth became more powerful, these edible insects would become lesser. In the middle period of the post-apocalyptic era, food became very precious. Even those meat that contained a slight amount of toxin also held a lot of value.

“Take me to see.”


Xu Dafu constructed a smaller warehouse next to the warehouse, all the dried bug meat were kept in it.

“Not bad.”

To be able to accumulate so many bug meat, Yang Tian has acknowledged Xu Dafu’s capability now.

“Boss, what is the use of collecting so many bug meat?”

Compared to the food of the civilized era, bug meat was actually better at fulfilling the needs of metahumans. As it was difficult for ordinary metahumans to find food now, being able to eat bug meat was a pretty good alternative. During the later period of the post-apocalyptic era, food from the civilized age became extremely expensive, something that only individuals of higher echelons were able to eat. 

“How do you find the taste of bug meat?”

“Boss, are you asking me? I think that all meat tastes about the same.”

Xu Dafu scratched his head and replied with a silly expression. As a Carnivore, any meat is delicious food when placed in his stomach. He was not the right person for Yang Tians question.

“I should ask Wang Yu!”

“Actually, I feel that it is okay. Compared to normal food, the protein contained within bug meat is obviously better. It was somewhat repulsive when I first started eating it though.”

It was natural for a human to feel repulsive when eating bug meat. However, when you are hungry, it was no longer a matter of being delicious or not, but a question of whether it is edible or not.

“Bug meat will be a type of rich resource in the post-apocalyptic era, just collect as much as possible.”

“Okay, boss.”

“Right, these Rank 2 energy crystals are for you guys.”

Yang Tian handed the Rank 2 energy crystal collected in F City to Xu Dafu, it was unfortunate that there were no mental energy crystals.


“Okay, you guys go get busy!”

“Yes, boss.”

After Xu Dafu left, Yang Tian immediately entered the warehouse. Yang Tian noticed a subtle spiritual fluctuation coming from inside the warehouse.

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“Who is it?”

Yang Tian was very familiar with such subtle fluctuations, a creature has left a message for Yang Tian inside the warehouse.

A pentagram mark was placed on the door of the warehouse, Yang Tian placed his index finger on it.


“The Zombie King is looking for me?”

The Zombie King had left the imprint for Yang Tian. The main content was to express his gratitude to Yang Tian for taking care of Xiao Xiao.

However, when Yang Tian first encountered Xiao Xiao, she was being besieged by a group of Nightwalker Bats. There were no zombies in the vicinity that appeared to protect her and Xiao Xiao was also an orphan, how did she establish a relationship with a zombie? Can it be that Xiao Xiao possess the bloodline of an ancient general, and now this general was looking after Xiao Xiao?

This was the reason that Yang Tian found to be most likely.

“Let’s go find out!”

Yang Tian also felt that he should take a look, and check up on Xiao Xiao along the way. If the Zombie King really wants to deal with him, there would be no need for it to use such low-level methods to deceive him.

The Zombie King now lives in the back mountain and Yang Tian decided to go there alone.

Entering Venom form, Yang Tian’s running speed became very fast.

The territory of the Zombie King was heavily guarded by zombies, and the zombies seemed to have received orders to give way to Yang Tian when he arrives.

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