Chapter 100 – Assassinate


Yang Tian suddenly stopped Dark Crimson Fire Wolf from advancing, the latter also notice something’s wrong and instantly stopped running.

In the bushes ahead of them, Yang Tian saw a few dozen vague human figures. Yang Tian also saw that they were carrying powerful shotguns on their backs.

Those people were undoubtedly not people from the army, and from the vicious aura being emitted from them, these people were either vicious murderers or international wanted criminals! Only such individuals would be able to exude this type of aura!

“There are also some foreigners.”

Yang Tian saw a few blonde Caucasians amongst the group.

“It looks like they are also here for the secret treasure and from their attitudes, they will likely act tonight as well.”

Seeing that, Yang Tian to just let them fight it out and reap the benefits of the aftermath.

The bushes they were hiding were actually specially modified contraptions that moved with them as they walked.

And in front of them were eight sentries, all metahumans who were armed with firearms.

Yang Tian instructed Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and the Wilderness Wolfmen to crouch on the ground and observe the situation.

The bushes were moving very slowly, as it was night, it easily evaded the detection of the soldiers.

As the bushes got closer and closer to the sentries, the soldiers quickly noticed something amiss and aimed their guns at the bushes.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh

Eight darts flew out from the bushes and shot the eight sentries before they could react.

One shot one kill.

The people hiding within the bushes were not ordinary metahumans as well, they had undoubtedly trained in the past and after the apocalypse, they became metahumans. Their fighting power was also stronger than others, this could be seen from how they managed to instantly kill the eight soldiers.

Zombie waves were happening around the country, yet the army still dispatched men to this place to seek treasure, this showed how precious this treasure was. Moreover, the group hiding within the bushes were also not simple characters.

To be able to reach here despite the large scale zombie waves happening everywhere, these people were undoubtedly capable!

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The entire river was currently emitting golden light, especially the area where the army had set up camp, it was the brightest.

“Captain Li, if the headquarters do not send us aid, we might not be able to hold this place any longer.”

“That’s right! Captain, we not only need to stop mutated beasts and otherworld creatures, the many hidden forces hiding around are also starting to act.”

“I have already sent people to inform headquarters, we can only endure for now.”

They need to be on an even higher alert at night than in the day because the bright light during the night easily attracted mutated beasts to them. They have camped here for several days, and the attacks they experienced during the night was several times higher than in the day.

“Why have the soldiers outside gone missing?”

They were inside the tent and could see the shadows of the sentries from inside the tent, but now, the shadows of the sentries were no longer there.

“Crap, every one into battle positions.”

The attacks of mutated beasts would be simple charging and would rarely attack sentries specifically, this situation would only mean that one of the hidden forces has taken action for the treasure.

When the people in the bushes saw the figures within the tent disappearing in an instant, they knew that they had been exposed and immediately charged out of the bushes.

Raising the firearms in their hands, they shot at the tent.

Bang Bang Bang

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The tent turned into tatters, exposing both parties under the light. The light from the river has made this area as bright as day.

“How dare you attack us, tell me who is the one backing you.”

This assassination squad was obviously well trained, they were emitting a vicious aura yet they were very well coordinated.

“Looks like I have underestimated them.”

Yang Tian thought that they were murderers or wanted criminals, but it seems like they were more than that.

However, the army was not an easy target as well; while the assassination squad was silent, the metahumans on the army side attacked first.

All thirteen of them were Rank 2 metahumans, while the assassination squad was not on par; they only had seventeen people, ten Rank 2s and seven Rank 1s.

The assassination squad was not looking any weaker than the soldiers as they fought and was, in fact, displaying a slight advantage over them.

Bang Bang

The Rank 1 metahumans were using shotguns against their opponents, due to the might of the shotguns, the Rank 2 metahumans have no choice but to defend themselves.

The Rank 1 metahumans relied on the control of the shotguns and managed to fight equally with their Rank 2 opponents. The army was supposed to have an advantage, but the assassination squad managed to suppress the army thanks to their shotguns.

“What a powerful team, the people backing them are well prepared.”

Yang Tian could not help but praise this team, their coordination had virtually suppressed the army!


A shotgun shot landed on the shoulder of a metahuman, the might of the attack had crippled his shoulder.

With a successful attack, the shooter aimed at his opponent’s heart while the other members of the assassination squad restrained the rest.


A Rank 1 metahuman singlehandedly killed a Rank 2 metahuman.

Relying solely on the shotgun in his hand.

The other Rank 1 metahumans were also holding the same shotgun like him, but none of them were able to kill a Rank 2 metahuman singlehandedly as he did. Moreover, he did not call for help from his teammates, and his teammates seem to have great confidence in him as well! As though this situation was as expected of him.


The people from the army were shocked, they knew that this would be a difficult fight, but they never expected someone would fall so quickly.

“You better watch out for yourselves.”

Someone within the assassination squad suddenly spoke. However, the words spoken were nothing good, as their next action caused the soldiers to feel fearful.


Yes, grenades, three grenades appeared in their hands. It looks like they were planning to end this battle as quickly as possible.

The army squad had also brought along many resources with them, but unfortunately, they have been mostly depleted! The assassination squad only appearing now, must be because they knew that their resources have been mostly depleted.

Boom Boom

Three violent explosions appeared on the river bank, a portion of the army’s metahumans managed to avoid being mortally wounded by the blast, but they were still heavily injured!

“Tell… tell me who… are you people?”

The captain of the squad dragged his injured body and grabbed the pants of an assassin, speaking with unwillingness.

“Ask hades!”

The assassin drew a handgun from his belt and added a few bullet holes into the squad captain, killing him completely.

“Check for survivors and make sure that they are dead.”

Those who had survived the blast would still die under the guns of their enemies.

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