Chapter 99 – Secret Treasure


After devouring the brain matter of the Fourteen-Arm Irasdicible Zombie, Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s energy crystal was likely affected. It was also probably the reason why it was unable to reach Rank 3.

“Boss, be careful. We were nearly injured by it several times.”

Xu Dafu reminded Yang Tian.

“No need to worry.”

Yang Tian casually waved his hand at Xu Dafu and also instructed them to not follow him.

Standing in front of Brain-Eating Terror Hog, Yang Tian gave the sleeping hog a kick!

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Being startled awake, Brain-Eating Terror Hog was looking to vent its frustration, but when it saw Yang Tian, its anger was immediately retracted!

As Yang Tian’s contract beast, the contract would create a powerful suppression when it displays hostility towards Yang Tian. The Brain-Eating Terror Hog was currently in such a state.

Yang Tian placed his hand on Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s head and used his mental power to check the energy crystal inside its skull.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s energy crystal was initially white, but tendrils on red were now spread across its energy crystal, this was what’s preventing Brain-Eating Terror Hog from ranking up.

“Do you know anything about this?”

“Of course.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen has a good understanding of zombies, after all, the two species were old enemies.

“Like its name, the Irascible Zombie is filled with violent emotions. After eating its brain matter, it is only natural that it will be affected. Moreover, it was only a Rank 2 elite beast! The red tendrils on the energy crystal are the violent emotions of the Irascible Zombie.”

“If you want to remove the violent emotions, you will need to use your mental power to extract it.”

This was Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s suggestion, but Yang Tian did not think that it was the best method.

“The Irascible Zombie converts their violent emotions into power, this is their advantage. You actually have a better suggestion, and you do not need to deny the superiority of a zombie, only by understanding and accepting everything about the zombie race would it allow you to possess a greater ability to win them!”

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Violent Corpse Worm Queen could only remain silent when it heard Yang Tian’s words. Yang Tian was right, it’s pride had prevented it from admitting the superiority of zombies.

The violent emotions was also a form of power, Yang Tian would not waste it, and would instead help Brain-Eating Terror Hog refine and absorb this power than to extract it.

As for how to refine power? That is Yang Tian’s specialty.

Yang Tian immersed his mental power inside the energy crystal of Brain-Eating Terror Hog, activating the red colored violent emotions.

The violence appeared on Brain-Eating Terror Hog again, but as it was facing Yang Tian, the Brain-Eating Terror Hog could only endure the pain brought by the violence.


Brain-Eating Terror Hog released a low roar due to the pain, but from Yang Tian’s perspective, it was worth enduring pain for the sake of power.

Yang Tian increased the transfer of mental power, magnifying the pain felt by Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

The emotions came from the soul, Brain-Eating Terror Hog was currently experiencing pain on its soul. However, due to Yang Tian’s exquisite control of his mental power, he managed to control the pain at the maximum that the Brain-Eating Terror Hog was capable of and allow it to achieve the most significant benefit.


Xu Dafu and the rest were showing worried expressions, especially when they saw the painful expression of Brain-Eating Terror Hog. On one side, they were worried that Yang Tian might accidentally harm Brain-Eating Terror Hog, on the other hand, they were worried that Brain-Eating Terror Hog was unable to endure the pain!

Fine sweat covered Yang Tian’s forehead, the process was also taking a great toll on Yang Tian.


The energy crystal of Brain-Eating Terror Hog now had a red hue after being forged by Yang Tian.

Without anything obstructing it now, Brain-Eating Terror Hog immediately ranked up.


Rank 3 Elite Beast, Brain-Eating Terror Hog

Reaching Early-Stage Rank 3, Brain-Eating Terror Hog obtained a new skill after refining the power of violent emotions: Rage Boost

The ability that was used by the Irascible Zombie in the past, it dramatically enhances the user’s physique. If Brain-Eating Terror Hog reaches a higher rank, Rage Boost could even boost all its attributes.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s size also increased after ranking up, now it was about the size of a large truck. Its body was no longer smooth and bare, a layer of fine hair was growing on it.

“Woah! It became so big!”

Xi Dafu and Charmander approached Brain-Eating Terror Hog, such a huge size was rare! Moreover, they no longer saw the ill-tempered and violent behavior on the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, it has become much amiable than before. They could still sense a trace of violence being emitted from it, but it was negligible!

“Right, where is Wang Yu?”

Yang Tian had not met Wang Yu ever since he returned and was feeling strange.

“I forgot to tell you Boss, a large river appeared near the manor. During the night, a strange glow would emerge from within the river, it seems to have attracted people from the army! I got Little Yu to investigate.”

“Oh? Except for the army, are there any other creatures?”

“There are many, there were also metahumans from other places as well!”

That’s strange! Why did a large river suddenly appear out of nowhere? Hearing Xu Dafu’s description, there might be treasures within the river!

In his previous life, Yang Tian only became a powerful individual during the late period of the post-apocalyptic era, he was only an ordinary beast tamer during the early period and did not know many things.

“Let us wait for Wang Yu to return first!”

Black Widow metahumans excel at scouting, that was also why Xu Dafu sent Wang Yu out to investigate.

Wang Yu only returned when night fell.

“Little Yu, the boss is back.”


Wang Yu saw Yang Tian’s figure when she returned and respectfully greeted the latter.

“How’s the investigation?”

“Boss, I saw a group of powerful people from the army, and it seemed like they are planning to keep the secret treasure all to themselves.”

The army cleared away all the mutated beasts and otherworld creatures the moment they arrived at the river bank, either by killing them or expelling them from the area.

“Did you find out what the secret treasure is?”

“That I did not know, but any creature that went into the river never manage to return alive.”

Wang Yu had seen many people and creatures covertly entering the river, but none of them came out of the river again.

Since the army dares to occupy the area despite knowing the dangers, it meant that they have means to acquire the secret treasure within the river. Yang Tian touched his chin as he pondered something.

“Time for me to take a look as well.”

Yang Tian rode Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and got the two Wilderness Wolfmen to follow behind him. Wolves are nocturnal creatures and will become more agile during the night.

After leaving the manor, Yang Tian followed Xu Dafu’s instructions and head towards the river by following the landmarks.

“There’s light?”

In the dark night, a light would always attract the attention of creatures!

Since the secret treasure glows during the night, is it that direction? Yang Tian headed towards that direction on Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

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